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T^ Qt>\/^l^xM^ td PcAcc 

Copyright © 1971 by The Free Church of Berkeley 
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-120338 
Standard Book Number 0-8192-1115-X 
Printed in the United States of America 

All rights reserved. Except for 
brief passages quoted for review 
purposes, no portion of this book 
may be reproduced in any form for 
any purpose without the written 
permission of the publisher. 

The authors and publisher wish to thank The 
Macmillan Company and Collier-Macmillan Ltd. 
for permission to reprint part of the Preface 
to Night Flight to Hanoi: War Diary with 11 
Poems by Daniel Berrigan. Copyright © 1968 
by Daniel Berrigan. 



A traditional formula determines what the prayer 
book of any community should contain: tex ovandi 
lex ovedendii the rule of faith Is the rule of 
prayer. The only standard of our prayer book must 
be the standard of our commitment. As the bleeding 
witnesses to peace and liberation multiply, we feel 
an overwhelming urgency once again, for our time, 
to put together texts that will point a wandering 
Church back toward its Pole Star. We can't help it 
if the message we're committed to is the two-edged 
sword of the God who is a consuming fire. We are 
in conscience bound to warn users that they are 
playing with fire; but also that in the end we will 
all, whether by a decisive act or by repeated inde- 
cision, fall into the hands of the living God. 

This is a prayer book for all those groups, in Amer- 
ica and elsewhere, committed by their Gospel and the 
needs of the planet to the struggle for peace, jus- 
tice, and environmental renewal. It has been pre- 
pared by or\e of those groups, the Free Church of 
Berkeley, in large part out of words we heard on the 
street. Men who are neither hot not cold sometimes 
ask us, "Are you a Christian group or another rad- 
ical political group?" We are unwilling to say 
that we are the Church as distinguished from the 
struggle; we are unwilling to say that we are an- 
other political group. One purpose of this book is 
to challenge the legitimacy of that question. 

The Church of all our groups is one with no national 
headquarters, budget, or membership rolls; it is a 
movement Inside the Churches and inside something 
where the Spirit first stirred in our decades — the 
Movement. The existing structure to which both of 
us in the Free Church happen to sit lightly is the 
Episcopal Church. This Liberation Prayer Book ob- 
viously stands in some relation to the work of 
Thomas Cranmer. In The Living Church of 2 June 
1968, one of us (Jock Brown) criticized the attempts 
of the Episcopal Church to update Cranmer. At that 
time we were challenged to do better; here, with 
complicated emotions, is our response. 

Like Cranmer, we are living in an age of revolution. 
He came down on the side of encapsulating the Church 
into a hierarchic, mercantile society. We have 

6 Preface 

thrown in our lot on the side (which we believe to 
be the side of the prophets and Gospel) of support- 
ing and humanizing the revolution. We are not con- 
cerned to argue here whether expensive church edi- 
fices should stand and be filled on Sundays with 
affluent worshippers. We are very much concerned, 
so long as the edifices and worshippers exist, to 
offer them a specimen of what they ought to be doing 
and saying. 

Cranmer had the supreme advantage of living when 
the English tongue came to full maturity — partly of 
course as a result of the Reformation, which he 
helped to build. Still he went wrong in two ways 
(much more so his bowdlerizers after him): he did 
not print the right selection of biblical texts in 
his book and he interpreted wrongly the ones he did 
print. As a result, his effort to free the English 
church from an authoritarian religious hierarchy 
ended in putting the church to work for an author- 
itarian secular government; he had only exchanged 
one false master for another. Two excuses can be 
made for him. First, biblical scholarship had not 
opened to him the true historical figure of Jesus 
or the prophets; second, he was too remote to hear 
the contemporary people's reformation, which did 
grasp those figures through insight into its own 
world. Neither excuse is available to people who 
want to go on using Cranmer 's work today. 

The understanding of the Bible, of history, and of 
the current crisis which we presuppose has been 
stated in his own way by Jock Brown in The Liberated 
Zone: A Guide to Christian Resistance (John Knox 
Press, 1969). Its working out in an actual youth 
congregation has been the twenty-four hour job of 
Dick York for the past three and one-half years. 
The network of Movement churches — also supported 
mostly by young people — that have sprung up across 
the country like mushrooms after rain is recorded 
in the quarterly issues of Win With Love: A Direc- 
tory of the Liberated Church in America (Free Church 
Publications, Box 9177, Berkeley, California 9^709). 

Our revision of liturgical tradition begins with 
the title. The second half of our Bible calls it- 
self a "New Covenant," a phrase taken from Jeremiah 
by Paul, and applied to the worship of his scattered 
communities. But what makes the covenant new is the 
fact that it carries personal fulfilment, social 
liberation, and environmental renewal. And so 
Ezekiel 34:25 announces it as a "covenant of peace," 

Fveface 7 

berith shalom. Our decision to enter the covenant 
is an act of "choosing life" rather than death 
{Deuteronomy 30:19), a phrase which George Wald 
has bound on us all. That choice is made possible 
when the Power of history at the right time breaks 
through our stubbornness and puts the spirit of the 
Liberator in our hearts, saying "Abba Father" {Gal- 
atians 4:6). This book is built around those three 
texts . 

"From the masses to the masses." We have used that 
maxim from the Little Red Book of Mao Tze Tung in 
putting together this handbook for the Green Revo- 
lution. In all important respects it is user-devel- 
oped from inside the Movement. Nearly everything 
has been tried and revised in the Free Church of 
Berkeley; much of the material records oral impro- 
visation from our people. Our rubrics are not 
legislation but description of what actually has 
been done. Throughout we have done our best to find 
out what people wanted to have said, we have tried 
to root it in its proper tradition, and then we 
have given it back to them again. We should like 
our work to be Judged on our success in that 
enterprise alone. 

What we could not improve on in the tradition, we 
kept: the canticle of Francis, Cranmer's formulas 
for marrying and burying. But as we studied the 
tradition we became more critical of it. Thus we 
dropped the Te deum and greatly modified the Gloria 
in exoelsis y for these are acclamations of an em- 
peror (Roman and Byzantine, respectively) who hardly 
differs from other holders of secular power. We 
replaced them with compositions that define how the 
Liberator is different from other claimants. Our 
version of the Ahha Father is that reconstructed by 
Giinther Schwartz (in Hew Testament Studies XV 
[1968/69], 233-247) as it probably existed before 
Matthew the liturgical compiler went to work on it. 

In our collaboration each has done his own job. 
The dramatic structures, the choice of services pro- 
vided, the range of idioms, come from Dick's needs 
in a street ministry. The choice of biblical pas- 
sages, the new versions, and the final compilation, 
have been Jock's work. This book includes an an- 
thology of the biblical passages that are of central 
importance to us; its index allows it to serve also 
as psalter and lectionary. Our translations use 
liturgical freedom in very different degrees, from 

8 Preface 

highly literal versions to modernized paraphrase; 
they are not specimens of another whole-Bible 
translation. We have tried only to use words which 
communicate the desired sense to our actual audi- 
ences. Thus the two groups of words, both in Greek 
and Hebrew, usually translated Lord and Savior 
mostly come out Liberator . 

We intend our book as both celebration and educa- 
tion. We have aimed at putting the right words 
together into that right order whose highest name 
is Poetry; use will determine where we have suc- 
ceeded. We have tried to avoid celebrating the 
wrong things, like Cranmer, or (worse) celebrating 
nothing at all, like group-sensitivity liturgies 
on the one hand and the COCU liturgy on the other. 
We are celebrating the freedom won by our struggle 
for global justice in community, and brought in by 
the Liberator. So we also wish to be as informa- 
tional and didactic as a newspaper from Viet Nam 
or the Black Panthers. Several texts give a run- 
down of cosmic and planetary history. Our Pente- 
costal theme, and our hope for use in the Third 
World, are symbolized by certain words in foreign 
tongues, with translation: Salaam^ Miruj Hda Btnh. 

We hardly know where to begin or end general ac- 
knowledgements. Ed Kelley gave us the publisher's 
Invitation we were waiting for. Tony Morlet got 
us the bread to write on. Bob Castle's litanies 
have been on our mind. Bits of these liturgies 
have been publicized by Bob Haskell, Tom Pike, Al 
Thomas, Stephen Snyder, Massimo Theodori, John 
Robinson, the Nine for Peace, and the Hawaii 
Resistance. Mike Itkin has done us the flattery 
of ripping off the bulk of these materials and 
reworking them for his own community. We would 
never have thought of guerrilla liturgy if Abbie 
Hoffman had not been himself. As Viv Broughton's 
CHURCH in London has evolved in parallel with the 
Free Church, we have borrowed liturgy back and 
forth. Special thanks, for benefits recorded only 
by the Operator of the universal Switchboard, is 
due to Greg Mack, Glee Bishop, Mike Baxter, Phyllis 
and Otto Smith, Carl Bangs, Joe McCarty, Gail 
Braunstein, Janie Dickinson Allen, Emily, Melinda, 
and the thirty thousand people who marched on Memo- 
rial Day, 1969. From another point of view, with- 
out the work of Lyndon Johnson, Dean Rusk, William 
Westmoreland, Richard Nixon, McGeorge Bundy , Mel- 
vin Laird, John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew, Richard 

Preface 9 

Daley, Charles Hitch, Edward Teller, Ronald Reagan, 
Frank Madigan, and their associates, this book 
would not have been needed in the first place. 

We have not written a weekly office or lections for 
a Sunday cycle. For we are still a Movement, called 
into getting ourselves together from time to time, 
in the style of prophetic confrontation. Our book 
takes the form in which it was shaped by History. 
But in another book we do hope to print suitable 
day-by-day readings for our whole Calendar. 

The Calendar. The general plan arose spontaneously 
when we two were driving with Tom Hayes to Port 
Chicago; Jim Kennedy has contributed many revolu- 
tionary dates. We wish to record our rejection of 
any Perpetual Calendar which would rationalize the 
date of Easter or put patriotic holidays on long 
weekends; the sun, moon, and history all have their 
own integrity. More than half the dates are occu- 
pied by persons or events that call for celebration; 
they are printed in Roman type, with those that are 
major in Berkeley capitalized. Around them are 
political commemorations, printed in italics. Since 
politics is the realm of the ambiguous, these events 
call for a mixture of celebration and penitence, 
which we let each user determine for himself. All 
our commemorations are arranged for liturgical con- 
venience; where our date does not coincide exactly 
with the historical or traditional date of the event 
celebrated, we have tried, with as much accuracy as 
possible, to indicate the original date in paren- 
theses . 

The Litany. This is the oldest element in the lit- 
urgy; it has passed through at least a dozen states. 
Our scrapbook shows it as first used in a solidarity 
event for the Berrigans on 15 June I968. It works 
as a whole public service in its own right; also 
each section is recommended for use by itself else- 
where . 

The Prayers and Celebrations provide a topical sub- 
stitute for a yearly cycle of collects. 

Entering the Covenant. At the Free Church we have 
never yet gotten ourselves together enough to cov- 
enant; but we do use most of the texts here some- 
how or other. We offer the form to our more ad- 
vanced sister communities across the country. The 
November Fifth Statement is our current working 

10 Preface 

The Book of Changes. Cranmer, assuming a passive, 
illiterate peasantry, begins each office with the 
priest telling the people why they are there. Our 
materials, being user-developed, mostly begin with 
the people telling the minister why they are there. 
The understanding of the life-cycle is that worked 
out by Jock in Planet on Strike (Seabury Press, 
1970). The participants are supposed to have this 
book in their hands. 

1. The form for receiving a baby into the covenant 
came from the impromptu blessing of new hippy babies 
on Telegraph Avenue. 

2. Going through the waters is our normal adult 
baptismal form, first used on 11 November 1968; it 
is now combined with an Easter Eve liturgy. 

3. The wedding celebration pages are likely to wear 
out first. The vows are a distillation from hun- 
dreds of couple-written services at which Dick has 
officiated; they also incorporate a suggestion 

from Michael Allen. 

k. The form of commissioning for ministry has the 
texts which Jock preached from at Dick's ordination. 
We take it for granted that any ordinations hence- 
forth will be wholly ecumenical; so this form is an 
outline to be filled in by negotiation among the 
churches taking part. 

5. The form for visiting prisoners is an expanded 
text for what we have long been doing. We prescribe 
the Kiss of Peace with a shall because some jails 
are uptight about it and we want to provide the 
visitor with some leverage on the warden. 

6. The memorial of the dead expands Joe Hill's say- 
ing: "Don't mourn, organize." 

The Freedom Meal is a revision of the tattered mim- 
eographed sheets which have already gone around the 
world; we are moved at the response found by these 
words — not ours but the people's. The Shalom theme 
comes from David Kirk. The nucleus of the Affirma- 
tions, a chain of Movement slogans or bumper stick- 
ers, was first used before two thousand screaming 
kids on k July 1968. We trust communities of the 
Spirit to improvise inside the framework we pro- 
vide — or outside it. 

The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book was compiled in 
consultation with Joe Sonntag and his colleagues 
at the Pacific Counselling Service; it rests on a 

Preface 11 

large base of contact with GI's on duty. Thanks to 
Tim Parkinson in Green Flag for the refrain "Count 
me out"; to Joan Baez Harris and the War Resisters 
League; and to the Order of Saint Maximilian. 

The Medical Cadre Manual has been done up for the 
use of our own medical cadre working with Mike Bax- 
ter; it represents the needs of the Medical Commit- 
tee for Human Rights and other allied groups. 

The Guerrilla Liturgies are designed for outdoor 
or cathedral use with a bullhorn or loudspeaker be- 
fore a hostile or uninstructed crowd. A cadre of 
three or four with prayer books is enough to organ- 
ize the people's responses. Each liturgy is in 
three parts: a preparation at the staging area; a 
liturgy in procession; and a prophetic action or 
takeover. Especially in the third part, what we 
provide is resource material for the leader to se- 
lect from on the spot, in the street, in temples 
filled with money changers, at headquarters of pig- 
gery. Sometimes you will want to proceed directly 
to the action before you split or get busted; at 
other times you will want to claim sanctuary and 
filibuster praying-in until reinforcements arrive. 
If there is time for guerrilla theater, each text 
has an interlude that takes up hostile criticism 
by a straight man who stands for the congregation. 

These liturgies have been designed in a general way 
around the Church and national calendar. But the 
Catholic scheme of a seasonal cycle of observances 
has been modified here into a topical cycle of con- 
frontation. Incarnation, penitence, lament, resur- 
rection, and earth rebirth have been put back into 
history . 

1. The lament for victims and executioners is a 
much modified Good Friday liturgy. The Reproaches 
in this form were first used at Cobo Hall in De- 
troit during the National Council of Churches tri- 
ennial (December 1969), just after censorship of 
the Song My atrocity had been pierced. We owe the 
broken pot to Rosemary Ruether. 

2. Burn out the mark of the Beast is a generalized 
Ash Wednesday text, with borrowings from A Solemn 
Rite for the Public Burning of Draft CardSj printed 
by the Davis (California) Resistance. We owe spe- 
cial thanks to Dan Berrigan, fugitive and prisoner 
for the Liberator, for permission to use his beauti- 
ful meditation, here slightly cut. This liturgy was 

12 Preface 

used on Ash Wednesday 1969 outside the Federal 
Building in San Francisco (where the fountains a 
little later turned to blood), and in 1970 at the 
consecration of Oakland Army Base Chapel to Saint 

3. Successive stages of the Decontamination litur- 
gy were used in exorcising the Pentagon on 21 Octo- 
ber 1967; at the University of California in Berke- 
ley and the Graduate Theological Union on 11 April 
1969; at. the Oakland Conference Against Facism; at 
the National Council of Churches in Detroit; and at 
Saint Maximilian's Chapel, Presidio of San Francisco, 
on 6 March 1970. It now includes a Palm Sunday (or 
Advent) procession. More often the litany response 
has been "Power to the people; out demons out." 

4. The Sanctuary of peace is a new Christmas ser- 
vice; its nucleus was the conversion of the General 
Convention of the Episcopal Church into an AWOL 
sanctuary at South Bend in August I969. i^e are in- 
debted to Raymond Jennings for letting us adapt his 
translation from Kanzo Uchimura. 

5. Earth Rebirth evolved from the consecration of 
People's Park on 11 May 1969; it was used in the 
Berkeley festival of I8 January 1970, and we know 
that a lot of copies have gone out. It is super- 
ficially syncretistic for wide coalition with ecol- 
ogy activists. Thanks to Viv Broughton for "How 
shall we sing the Lord's song"; to Gary Snyder for 
"earth household"; to various straight sources for 
well-known slogans; to Incredible String Band for 
the Benediction; and to Smokey the Bear for kind 
permission to reproduce his Sutra free forever. 

We have tried here to present nothing but the bib- 
lical testimony and we ask Bible churches to take 
our work seriously. Each item carries a clear wit- 
ness against militarism, exploitation, and pollu- 
tion — in a word. Sin. Each is designed to strike 
a clear note of that revolutionary nonviolence, 
whether in personal crisis or social confrontation, 
which is our Good News. We hope to have found the 
narrow way between sectarian withdrawal and harm- 
less generalities. We offer our book as a service 
to the movement for revolutionary change outside 
and inside the Church. We want very much to hear 
from critics, and under the Gospel will do our 
best to satisfy them in any future edition. Our 

Fvefaoe IS 

farthest hope is that some materials here will one 
day become a genuine bond of unity for the New 
Church constantly in birth: that this book will 
actually become that Covenant of Peace it calls it- 

John Pairman Brown 

Richard L. :^ork 

Witness day of Jeffrey^ 
All-isorij Sandy Lee^ and 

Year of our Liberator 

Year not-too-many 
before Feace and 

Preface 5 

The Covenant of Peace 

Calendar 19 

Litany 31 

Liberation Prayers 37 

Entering the Covenant 51 

The November Fifth Statement 58 

A Book of Changes 

1. Receiving a Baby into the Covenant 6l 

2. Going through the Waters 67 

3. The Celebration of a Wedding 86 
k. Commission for Ministry 95 

5. A Form for Visiting Prisoners 101 

6. Memorial of the Dead 110 
The Freedom Meal 121 
The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 129 

Medical Cadre Manual 138 
Guerrilla Liturgies 

1. A Lament for Victims 

and Executioners 1^1 

2. Burn Out the Mark of the Beast 157 

3. Decontamination: The Advent 

of the Liberator l66 

4. The Sanctuary of Peace iBl 

5. Earth Rebirth 191 
Index of Biblical Lections 203 

T^ QoA/jC4'^M^ cl Pc^^iCC 



1 A THE NAMING OF JESUS; Emancipation Pvoclama- 

tion (1863); New Year's Day 

2 b 

3 c 

k d Albert Camus, man of goodwill (196O) 

5 e 


7 g 

8 A Giotto dl Bondone , painter and follower of 

Francis (1337) 

9 b Galileo Galilei, observer of the creation 










THREE PEACEMAKERS: Menno Simons (1559), 
George Fox (I69I), Ammon Hennacy (1970) 

14 g 

15 A Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929) 

16 b 
Antony, hermit in Egypt (356) 

Jan Palach, resister in flames, Prague 

















The conversion of Paul 
Polycarp, martyr of Smyrna (I56) 

28 g Fyodor Dostoyevsky, student of humanity 


29 A 

30 b GANDHI THE MAHATMA , apostle of nonviolence 


31 c 


1 d IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH, visionary and martyr 

(about 115); First sit-ins ^ Greensboro ^ 
N.C. (i960) 

2 e The Presentation of Jesus 

3 f Ansgarius, apostle of Scandinavia (865) 
H g 

5 A 

6 b 

7 c 

8 d Student martyrs of Orangeburg, S.C. (I968) 

9 e 

10 f Caedmon, first poet of England (about 68O; 

moved from 11 February) 

11 g ABRAHAM JOHN MUSTE , peacemaker and organ- 

izer (1967) 

Birthday of Abraham Lincoln (I809) 

Innocents of Dresden (19^5) 

Valentine ' s Day 

CAMILLO TORRES, revolutionary and priest in 

Bolivia (I966) 

















Martin Luther, reformer (1546) 
Michelangelo Buonarroti, artist of humanity 
(1564; moved from I8 February) 
20 b Frederick Douglass, black liberator (1895); 
Chicago Conspiracy sentenced (1970) 
Murder of Malcolm X (I965) 
Birthday of George Washington ^ general in 
First American Revolution (1732) 














1 d 

2 e 

3 f JOHN WESLEY (1791) and CHARLES WESLEY (29 

March I788), street ministers 
^ g 

5 A Boston Massacre (1770) 

6 b 

7 c Perpetua, Felicity, and their companions, 

martyrs In Carthage (202) 

8 d Thomas Aquinas, student of natural order 


9 e 

10 f Harriet Tubman, black liberator (1913) 

11 g James Reeb , martyr In Selma (I965) 

12 A MAXIMILIAN, draft reslster (295) 

13 b Gregory, bishop of Rome and musician (604; 

moved from 12 March) 

14 c Karl Marx, prophet of justice (I883) 

15 d JOHNNY APPLESEED (John Chapman), planter of 

Eden (l845; date uncertain) 

16 e INNOCENTS OF SONG MY (My Lai; I968) 

17 f Patrick, apostle of Ireland (46l) 

18 g 

19 A Joachim of Flores, visionary of the future 


spring equinox 

Isaac Newton, searcher into the creation 


Innocents of Sharpevllle, South Africa 


D.C. Nine destroy Dow Chemical office 


Nikolai Berdyayev, Christian ideologist 
f Selma march ends (I965); Viola Liuzzo shot 
(25 March 1965) 

25 g The Annunciation to Mary; Death of Ishi, 

last native American (I916) 

26 A Ludwig van Beethoven, visionary (1827); 

Walt Whitman, poet (I892) 

27 b Alice Herz, witness in flames (1965) 

28 c Uchlmura Kanzo, founder ol "No-Church" re- 

form in Japan (1930); Rogex' Williams, 
seeker (March or April 1684) 

29 d 

30 e Jesus the runaway (12) 

31 f John Donne, priest and poet (I63I) 












1 g Feast of Fools 

2 A John Frederick Denlson Maurice (1 April 

1872) and Eugene Victor Debs (1 April 
1925) , socialists 

3 b 

^ c MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., peacemaker and 
martyr (I968) 

5 d Boston Massacre (1770) 

6 e Oakland police shoot down Bobby Mutton 


7 f El Greco (Domenico Theotocopoll ) , visionary 


8 g GAUTAMA THE BUDDHA, mask of Christ 

9 A DIETRICH BONHOEFFER, revolutionary (19^5); 

Innocents of Deir Yassin, Palestine (19^8) 

10 b PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, voyager in time 


11 c Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, organizer in Para- 

guay (1653); Emilio Zapata, agrarian re- 
former in Mexico (10 April 1919) 

12 d 

13 e Innocents of Jallianwalla Bagh , India 

Ik f Justin, martyr in Rome (about I67) 

15 g Damien (Joseph de Venster), priest and 

leper (I889); Peace Mobilization (I967) 

16 A Benedict Joseph Labr^, priest and panhan- 

dler (1783) 

17 b Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes, artist 

and war protester (I828) 

18 c Albert Einstein, cosmologist (1955) 

19 d Charles Robert Darwin, historian of life 


20 e Warsaw ghetto revolt (began 19 April 19^3); 

Massacre of Ludlow^ Col.y miners (1914) 

21 f Peter Abelard (1142) and Heloise (II63), 


22 g Thomas Cranmer, liturgist and martyr (1556; 

moved from 21 April) 

23 A 

24 b Genocide of the Armenians (1915) 

25 c Mark, evangelist 

26 d Black Manifesto promulgated (1969) 

27 e Innocents of Guernica (1937) 

28 f Sundar Singh the Sadhu, disappeared on mis- 

sion in Tibet (April 1929) 

29 g Columbia University student revolt (I968); 

Hernan Mery, agrarian reformer in Chile 

30 A Catherine of Siena, visionary and social 

worker (I38O) 




























Joseph the worker; International Workers' 


Leonardo da Vinci, universal man (1519) 

William Shakespeare (23 April l6l6 O.S.) 

Monica, mother (387) 

Student martyrs of Kent, Ohio (4 May 1970) 

Henry David Thoreau, hermit and war resist- 

er (1862) 

Vietnamese victory at Dien Bien Phu (195^) 

Revelations to Dame Julian of Norwich 


Cyril (869) and Methodius (885), apostles 

of Russia 

Ghetto massacre in Augusta (1970) 

Destruction of People's Park, Berkeley, 
Calif., begun (1969) 
15 b Aristide Peter Maurin, Catholic worker 


Student martyrs of Jackson (15 May 1970) 
Catonsville Nine burn draft files with na- 
palm (1969) 

JAMES RECTOR, martyr for ecology, Berkeley, 

Calif. (1969) 

Alcuin, liturgist (804) 

Girolamo Savonarola, reformer (1498) 
Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer (1543) 
Chicago Fifteen burn draft files (I969) 
Antonio Henrique Pereira Netto, apostle to 
youth and martyr in Recife (I969) 
Bede , historian (735) 

Boris Pasternak, poet (30 April I96O) 
Massacre of steel workers, Chicago (1937) 
Signing of the Barmen Declaration (1934) 
























1 e 

2 f Martyrs of Lyons (177) 

3 g POPE JOHN XXIII, apostle of unity (I963) 

4 A 

5 b Assassination of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy 


6 c 

7 d 

8 e 

9 f Columba of lona, holy man (597); First Eng- 

lish Prayer Book (10 June 15^9) 

10 g Innocents of Lidice (19^2); THIGH QUANG 

DUG, resister in flames (11 June 1963) 

11 A Saint-Denis, first gothic church, dedicated 

in Paris (11^^) 

Medgar W. Evers, martyr in Mississippi 


Peasants' Revolt led by John Ball ^ London 









Magna Carta signed (1215) 

17 g 

18 A Denmark Vesey, black liberator (1822) 

19 b 

summer solstice 

20 c 

21 d James Ghaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael 

Schwerner, martyrs in Mississippi (1964) 

22 e Alban, martyr of Britain (304) 

23 f 

24 g Birth of John the Baptizer 

25 A 

26 b 

27 c International Workers of the World founded 


28 d 

29 e Peter and Paul, apostles in Rome (about 67) 

30 f 
















1 g 

2 A Visitation of Mary 

3 b Algerian independence (1962) 

4 c U.S. National Liberation Day {1175', 

holiday ) 

5 d 

6 e Jan Hus , reformer and martyr in Prague 


7 f William Faulkner (6 July 1962) 

Benedict of Monte Cassino, monk (about 5^0) 
Newark ghetto revolt (I967) 

Capture of the Bastille (I789) 
Nine for Peace resign from U.S. Armed 
Forces, San Francisco (I968) 
16 A Meister Eckhart, mystic (I328; date un- 

First Moon landing (I969) 

Albert John Luthuli, peacemaker in Africa 


Mary Magdalen, harlot 

Thomas i. Kempis, mystic (1471) 
James, apostle; Walter Rauschenbusch, ac- 
tivist (1918) 
Cuban Revolution (1953) 

Johann Sebastian Bach (1750) 
Mary and Martha of Bethany 
William Penn, peacemaker (1718) 
Joseph of Arlmathea 
































Ignatius Loyola, organizer (1556; moved 
from 31 July) 

Jean Vianney of Ars, pastor (1859); Anne 
Frank arrested (19^M 


FRANZ JAEGERSTAETTER, draft resister in 
Austria (19^3); Innocents of Nagasaki 

Watts ghetto revolt (I965) 

WILLIAM BLAKE, visionary (1827); Clare of 
Assisi, abbess (1253) 
Florence Nightingale, nurse (I910) 
Maximilian Kolbe, O.F.M., of Poland, volun- 
teer substitute victim (19^1) 

Benjamin Bufano, peace sculptor (1970) 
Blaise Pascal, confessor (1662) 
Jonathan Daniels, martyr of Selma, Ala. 
(1965); First blacks landed at Jamestown^ 
Va.j as slaves (I619) 
21 b Bernard of Clairvaux, visionary (1153; 
moved from 20 August) 

Execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo 

Vanzetti (1927) 

Simone Weil, mystic (19^3) 

Women's suffrage granted (1920) 
William Edward Burghardt DuBois, black lib- 
erator (1963) 

Augustine of Hippo, ideologist (^30) 
Freedom March on Washington (28 August 

Ruben Salazar, Chicano peace martyr (29 
August I97O) 
John Bunyan, tinker and visionary (I688) 

















































1 f Gregorio Allpay, reformer in the Philip- 

pines (19^0) 

2 g James Albert Pike, innovator (I969) 

3 A Death of Ho Chi Minh (I969) 

k b Albert Schweitzer, physician (1965) 

5 c 

6 d 

7 e 

8 f Birth of Mary 

9 g 

10 A 

11 b 

12 c 

13 d 



15 f Dante Alighieri, visionary (1^ September 


16 g Mexican Independenoe (I8IO) 

17 A 

18 b Dag Hammarskjold, peacemaker (I96I) 

19 c 

20 d Delano farm workers begin strike (I965) 

autumn equinox 

21 e Matthew, evangelist 

22 f Nuremberg war-crime verdicts (19^6) 

23 g Sigmund Freud, physician of souls (1939) 

24 A Milwaukee Fourteen destroy draft files 


25 b 

26 c 

27 d 

28 e Louis Pasteur, physician (1895) 

29 f Michael and all angels 

30 g First use of anesthetics (1846) 


Chinese revolution (19^9) 

Student martyrs of Tlateloco, Mex . (1968) 

Woody Guthrie, singer (1967); Fort Hood 

Three resign from U.S. Army (I967) 


Teresa of Avila, visionary (1582; moved 

from 4 October) 

William Tyndale, translator (1536) 

John Woolman (1772) and Jose Clemente 

Orozco (1949), artists and liberators 

Murder of Ernesto Che Guevara (I968) 

Circle of the Earth joined (1^92) 

Presidio Twenty -seven resist murder ^ San 

Francisco (I968) 

David Miller first to burn draft card 


Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, martyrs 

17 c John Brown begins black liberation at 
Harper's Ferry (I6 October I859) 
Luke, historian and physician 
Nikos Kazantzakis, prophet (I8 October 

Exorcism of the Pentagon (I967) 

James, brother of Jesus, Jewish Christian 

Paul Cezanne (I906) 

United Nations Charter in effect (19^5) 

Miguel Servetus , physician and martyr 
(1553); Holy Innocents of the Wars of 

Marcellus, military resister (298); Clar- 
ence Jordan, translator in Georgia (I969) 
David Darst, witness by fire (I969) 





















































2 e ALL SOULS; NORMAN MORRISON, confessor in 

flames (1965) 

3 f 

4 g Sizlren Kierkegaard, lover of truth (I855) 

5 A 

6 b Russian Revolution (24-25 October 1917 


7 c 

8 d John Milton, poet (167^) 

9 e Martin of Tours, pacifist (397; moved from 

8 November) 

10 f Roger LaPorte , witness in flames (I965) 

11 g Execution of Haymarket defendants (I887) 

12 A 

13 b 

14 c Innocents of Coventry (19^0) 

15 d Amos Comenius, educator (I67O); Anti-war 

mobilization (I969) 

16 e 

17 f 

18 g 

19 A Murder of Joe Hill in Utah (1915) 

20 b Leo Tolstoy (7 November I9IO O.S.) 

21 c 

22 d Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy 


23 e 
2k f 

25 g Isaac Watts, musician (17^8) 

26 A 

27 b 

28 c 

29 d 

30 e Andrew, apostle 




















Charles Foucauld, apostle of Algeria 

(1916); International Prisoners for Peace 

Bay; Rosa Parks keeps bus seat^ Montgomery , 

Ala. (1955) 

Sproul Hall sit-in^ Berkeley (1964) 

Francis Xavler, apostle of the Orient 


Clement of Alexandria, pacifist (about 

210); Massacre of Chicago Panthers (I969) 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1791) 

Karl Barth and Thomas Merton, confessors 

John of the Cross, mystic (1591) 
Bill of Rights adopted (1791); Sitting 
Bull, red liberator (I89O) 
16 g Boston Tea Party destroys private property 

First air flight (1903) 

Nonviolent sit-in^ Oakland^ Calif.;, Induc- 
tion Center (I967) 

wi nter solstice 

Thomas, apostle 

John Muir, naturalist (191^) 


Stephen and other victims of lynching; 

Joseph L. Hrom^dka, socialist (I969) 

JOHN, apostle and visionary 



(29 December I890) 

29 f John Wycllf, reformer (1384; moved from 28 


30 g 

31 A 


















I. The Opening of Perception 

Our fingers, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, all windows 

of perception, open our senses to sink us in 

the glory of the world: Open our senses. 
Birds and bats, moths and bees, and all fliers; 

fish and dolphins who travel the whale's 

road; all animals that share our being: Open 

our senses. And so on. 
Flowers and green things, redwood trees and all 

forests, mantle of the living globe: 
Folded mountains and the sand of the shore, rocks 

and all hard things : 
All bridges and temples stepping on the hills: 
Salmon-filled rivers and lakes, waters of life: 
Unaltering Sea, the wave of drowning and mother of 

us all: 
Earthquake and volcano, uneasy continents, and 

wandering Icecap: 
Wind and clouds, thunderstorm and snow and rain, 

breath of this jewel earth: 
Moon and all planets, clocks of the darkness: 
Sun, our Sun, source of life and watcher of our 

days : 
Stars in your imagined constellations, companions 

of shepherd and sailor: 
Milky Way and the ten thousand cubed galaxies: 
Protons and electrons, all units of existence, who 

alone know your own names : 
Cosmos of space and time, island in the sea of 

Universal consciousness, everywhere potential 

since actual in us : 
Power behind space and time. Fountain of matter 

and energy. Organizer of change and revolu- 
tion: Open our senses. 
Open our senses, God of nature and history, so 

that we may serve our neighbor in love, free 

from all dangers and compulsions: Open our 

senses . 

II. Prayer for Deliverance 

From napalm and fallout, from shrapnel, gas, and 

bullet, from poison, torture, and mutilation: 
Good Lord, deliver us. 

32 The Covenant of Peace 

From prison and detention camps, from conscription 
and from unjust sentences: Good Lord, deliv- 
er us . And so on. 

From rats and bedbugs, from crowding and eviction, 
from hunger and unemployment : 

From neglect by parents, from neglect by children, 
from neglect by callous institutions: 

From cancer and stroke, from ulcers, madness, and 
senility : 

From starvation and epidemic, from overcrowding of 
the planet, from pollution of the soil, the 
air, and the waters: 

From poverty and disease, from segregation and 

prejudice, from harassment, discrimination, 
and brutality: 

From racism and affluence; from the concentration 
of power in the hands of ignorant, threat- 
ened, or hasty men: 

From propaganda, fads, frivolity, and untruthful- 
ness : 

From arrogance and unfeeling, narrowness and mean- 
ness, from stupidity and pretence: 

From boredom, apathy, and fatigue, from lack of 

conviction, from fear, self-satisfaction, and 
timidity : 

From retribution at the hands of our victims, from 
the consequences of our own folly: 

From resignation and despair, from cynicism and 
manipulation : 

Through all unmerited suffering, our own and 
others ' : 

Through the unending cry of all peoples for jus- 
tice and freedom: 

Through all concern and wonder, love and crea- 
tivity : 

In our strength and weakness, in occasional suc- 
cess and eventual failure : 

In aloneness and community, in the days of our ac- 
tion and the time of our dying: 

By the needs of mankind and of the earth, and not 
by our own merits or deserving: Good Lord, 
deliver us. 

Deliver us. Good Lord, open our eyes and unstop 
our ears, so that we may see the figures of 
the saints and hear their witness: Good 
Lord , del i ver us . 

Litany 22 

III. Invocation of the Saints 

Bridegroom of poverty, our brother Francis, fol- 
lower of Jesus and friend of the creation: 

Stand here beside us. 
Apostle of nonviolence, Gandhi the Mahatma, re- 
proach to the churches: Stand here beside 

us . And so on. 
Good Pope John, friend of the poor, who longed for 

the unity of all people : 
Peacemaker in America, Abraham J. Muste, father of 

Peacemakers in the world. Dag Hammarskjold, Albert 

John Luthuli, and all your brothers, called 

children of God: 
Mask of the Christ, Gautama the Buddha, fountain 

of compassion: 
Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, John Woolman, 

Eugene Debs, and all freedom fighters: 
Madman in America, Johnny Appleseed, planter of 

Inductee of Africa, Simon of Gyrene, who carried 

the cross of your Liberator: 
Visionary and apostle, John of Patmos, resister to 

the World Beast : 
Visionaries and poets, Caedmon, Dante, William 

Blake, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, pilgrims of 

the inner light : 
Faithful harlot, Mary Magdalen, first witness of 

new life: 
Priest and panhandler, Benedict Joseph Labr^, fool 

for Christ : 
You who speak the soul's language, Johann Sebas- 
tian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig 

van Beethoven, and all your brothers: 
Students of the earth, Charles Darwin and Pierre 

Teilhard de Chardin, voyagers in the past and 

in the future : 
Children of the synagogue, Albert Einstein, Karl 

Marx, and Sigmund Freud, divers in the sea of 

humanity : 
Vanguard for the Liberator, John the baptizer, who 

condemned the crimes of princes: 
Witnesses in England, John and Charles Wesley, 

street ministers: 
Reformers and leaders of protest, Amos of Tekoa, 

Paul of Tarsus, Jan Hus, Martin Luther, 

Uchimura Kanzo, and all your companions: 
Explorers in the Gospel, Menno Simons and George 

Fox, generals in the warfare of the Lamb: 

34 The Covenant of Peace 

Free men in chains, Maximilian and Franz Jaeger- 
staetter, draft resisters: 

Confessor in Africa, Augustine of Hippo, city- 
planner for God's people: 

Confessor in Russia, Tovarisch Boris Pasternak, 
poet of reconciliation: 

Confessors in America, Henry David Thoreau and 
Thomas Merton, hermits and resisters: 

Confessors in flames, Norman Morrison, Alice 
Hertz, Roger LaPorte, David Darst, Jan 
Palach, Thich Quang Due, and all your com- 
panions, immolated for the sake of peace: 

Innocents of Guernica, Sharpeville, and Birming- 
ham, all victims of lynching, in your unde- 
served deaths : 

Innocents of Coventry, Dresden, Tokyo, and all 
victims of bombing, caught up in a sea of 

Innocents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, pierced by 
needles of flame: 

Innocents of Ausschwitz, Dachau, and all concen- 
tration camps, in your despair and dying: 

Innocents of Biafra and Armenia, Albigenses and 
kulaks, all unpopular objects of genocide: 

Innocents of Wounded Knee, Deir Yassin, and Song 
My, God's wheat ground in the mill of war: 

Martyrs of Africa: Perpetua, mother; Felicity, 
slave; and your companions: 

Martyrs and confessors, Polycarp, Ignatius, and 
Justin, who refused the incense to Caesar: 

Martyr in Berkeley, James Rector, witness to green 
revolution : 

Martyrs in the streets of the South, Jonathan 

Daniels, James Reeb, Medgar Evers , Michael 
Schwerner, Viola Liuzzo, and all your com- 
panions : 

Martyr in Athens, Socrates the hippy. Christian 
before Christ: 

Martyr in England, John Ball, priest and revolu- 
tionary : 

Martyr in Colombia, Camillo Torres, priest and 
revolutionary : 

Martyr in Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, confessor 
and revolutionary: 

Martyrs of Orangeburg, Kent State, Augusta, and 
Jackson, witnesses to youth revolution: 

Martyr in America, Martin Luther King, organizer 
for peace and justice: 

Litany 35 

Unwed mother, blessed Mary, wellsprlng of our 

liberation : 
Our hero and leader, Jesus the manual laborer, 

root of our dignity: 
Our hero and leader, Jesus the prophet, who re- 
sisted the Establishment: 
Our hero and leader, Jesus the Liberator, a king 

because first a servant: 
Our hero and leader, Jesus the poet, who laid down 

a new form of speech: Stand here beside us. 
Our hero and leader, Jesus the Son of God, bright 

cornerstone of our unity in a new Spirit : 

Stand here beside us . 

IV. Intercessions 

For the poor and hungry, migrant workers and 

hoboes, outcast and unemployed: We call on 
the Spirit. 

For street and ghetto people, for unmarried moth- 
ers and children unwanted in their homes : We 
call on the Spirit. And so on. 

For the wounded, for prisoners and exiles, for all 
persecuted because of conscience or resist- 
ance : 

For the sick and suffering in mind or body, for 

alcoholics, for those spaced out on drugs or 
fear : 

For the mortgaged and manipulated, fearful of 

crime and competition, pawns in a game of the 
affluent : 

For prostitutes; for policemen, jailers, and sol- 
diers; for all prisoners of a degrading 

For uptight authorities and officials, that they 
may listen to the voice of the different and 
weak : 

For oppressors, exploiters, and imperialists, that 
they may be confused and disarmed by love: 

For the masters of war (especially /I/, /!/, and N)j 
that they may be given a new transplant of 
flesh in place of their heart of stone : 

For all whom we fear, resent, or cannot love; for 
the unlovable: 

For those who are dying and have died, in bitter- 
ness or tranquility: 

For doctors, nurses, and social workers, for min- 
isters to the poor: 

For organizers, students, and writers, all who 
raise the cry for justice: 

36 The Covenant of Peace 

For all who are close to us, here and in every 
place : 

For the reconciliation of mankind through the non- 
violent revolution: 

For the established churches, that they may be 
humbled, reformed, and united: 

For the global movement of peace and liberation, 
the church of Jesus incognito: 

For reformers and prophets, preachers and poets, 
that God may raise them up where they are 
least deserved and most needed: 

That all couples may realize their union with the 

universal flow of love: 
That our tables may be spread with the natural 

fruits of the earth, that our grandchildren 

may inherit a restored planet : 
That all persons in their work may express ancient 

wisdom through the child's vision: 
That each one who enters our house may receive the 

hospitality due to the Christ whom he bears: 

In thankfulness for all who have turned from ex- 
ploitation to the Way: 

In thankfulness for all who have been freed from 
prison, poverty, illness, or fear: 

Here whenever possible the people make free inter- 
cessions and thanksgivings . 
For all those things we are not wise enough to ask 

for ourselves: We call on the Spirit. 
We call on the Spirit to bind us in solidarity 

with all who are using their lives to resist 

evil and affirm community: We call on the 


L.A.^er<i^Co^v P^i/if^e/i^ 

(Arranged alphabetically by catchword) 

For American Indians 

Great Spirit, you that watch the fall of every 
sparrow, restore to the true inhabitants of this 
land their own forests and prairies. By their 
voice teach all pilgrims and sojourners on this 
continent the secrets of its life; let us learn 
that it is not our property but yours. 

For Animals 

Spirit of change, you who made mankind bud out 
from the world-tree of life, bless our brothers of 
other language. Do not let us in our thoughtless- 
ness harm them or the wild world we share; have us 
live together in sympathy, by the example of 
Francis the friend of all. 

For Black people 

Jesus our Liberator, you were a black man in 
Galilee. Stand beside all black people today in 
their struggle for liberation; let them become 
your hands and your voice to bring all people 
knowledge of your Way. 

For Broken families 

Our Liberator, you knew the pain of an uncompre- 
hending family. Take up all broken families in 
your arms; break the chain of misunderstanding and 
provocation. Teach parents and children gentle- 
ness; bring the alienated together by building 
them into your new community. 

For Casualties 

Jesus our Brother, you also at the end despaired 
of the Father; raise up all who have fallen casu- 
alty through sickness, anxiety, bitterness, or 
fear, just as you did in your lifetime on earth; 
and unite them with us in one movement. 

For Church leaders 

Our Liberator, smile with pity and sorrow on those 
who are called leaders in your Church. Call their 
administrative procedures into question; give real- 
ity to the words they daily repeat. If they can- 
not build for peace, justice, or conservation, let 
them at least not support war, oppression, pollu- 
tion. If they cannot embrace your poverty, let 

38 The Covenant of Peace 

them at least not embrace the world's affluence. 
Raise up beside them prophets and ministers of 
your way, and so call your church back to yourself. 

For the Churches 

Our Liberator, you make the message of your peace 
known in many ways; set fire to all the churches 
where it is spoken ignorantly, partially, coldly, 
perversely, falsely; let their tinder blaze up 
into your truth. 

For Clergy and Sisters rejected by their churches 
Our Liberator, you told us that your followers 
would be expelled from the houses of God and in- 
vestigated by synods. Walk beside each of our 
brothers and sisters who have been penalized for 
their faithfulness. Take their suffering up into 
your suffering, make your victory their victory; 
build the casualty-rolls into your new community. 

For the Coming of the Liberator 

Jesus, you came before when expected, and unex- 
pectedly; in every age you have brought your Way 
to men's hearts, not through official channels, 
but through your own channels. Today, come in the 
right way for you to come, and give us eyes to 
recognize it. Maranatha, come quickly, our 

For Confidence 

Truth of all being, from time to time we see a 
hint of your reliability. Extend those times to 
all our time, make our confidence in your faith- 
fulness the root of all our being, so that we can 
say Yes to life; through the Liberator who is the 
living evidence for our faith. 

For the Convention of a church 

Spirit of our Liberator, you presided over the 
councils of the apostles, even when unworthy or 
shortsighted. Move the hearts of all here as- 
sembled, so that our sole agenda will be to turn 
back the breaking wave of violence; let us act to 
liberate the poor, to restore the natural order, 
to break the weapons of militarism. Teach us that 
renewal begins with the house of God; smash racism, 
war, exploitation, in our hearts; set our own 
house in order. 

For the Conversion of ourselves 

Our Father, our hearts are transparent to you; you 
understand the excuses, delays, rationalizations, 
that we put between ourselves and the next step. 
Sweep away that spiderweb. Do not let any doubt 

Liberation Prayers 29 

shadow our certainty of the one thing necessary. 
Resolve all complications in the simplicity of be- 
coming ourselves, so that we may be agents of your 
love and fellow-soldiers with the Liberator in 
your battle. 

For Courage 

Our Liberator, we do not ask that our fear should 
be taken away from us, but we do turn it over to 
you. Let it be your business. Turn our own ac- 
tions back over to us, and we for our part will 
make them our business. 

For the Courts 

Our God, with you is the book of justice, in you 
is no violence at all. Overshadow each court of 
this world which claims to do your justice. Ex- 
pose its hypocrisies, halt its harassments, break 
through its tunnel vision. And let all its seeds 
of justice bear true fruit, for our peace and 

For Defense against demonic powers 
God our only Strength, surround us with the de- 
fense of commitment, and put into our hands the 
weapons of truth and nonviolence, so that we may 
not succumb to the World Pig, but stand beside 
Jesus our hero and leader. 

For Directors of corporations 

Director of the universe, examine with care the 
accounts of all who claim to be agents in your ad- 
ministration; let the voice of the poor and op- 
pressed be heard in their boardrooms; touch their 
hearts with doubt and uncertainty; distribute 
their accumulations; halt their manufacture of 
poison and death; show them how their task may be 
turned over to all whose hands do the world's 

For the Dying and dead 

Fountain of life, you allowed Jesus your son to 
be taken over by death; lift in your hands our 
brother [sister] now leaving this common life, and 
unite his dying with the Liberator, so that he may 
also be raised up by your spirit in the community 
of love. 

For Engineers and scientists 

God of truth, you have showed to students the 
hidden things of your creation. Let them swear by 
your faithfulness never again to destroy man or 
nature by their knowledge; let them no longer ac- 
cept the wages of death from the prince of death. 

40 The Covenant of Peace 

For Families 

God, it is your way to build great things out of 
small. Maintain each family against all suspi- 
cions and anxieties, so that it may become an ex- 
ample and a building-block in the home of us all, 
that new mankind which you are bringing in through 
Jesus our Liberator. 

For Farmworkers i foresters ^ biologists 
Jesus our brother, you appeared first in your new 
life to a woman of the street as a Gardener. You 
are the true Adam; walk always with men and women 
who are doing the work of Adam, planting the gar- 
den of this planet; liberate them from all oppres- 
sion, help us all learn their secrets. 

For Hope 

You who are our Future, show us your hand in the 
still undetermined events to come. Help us work 
with the hope that our work makes a difference; 
help us rest in the assurance that we are not in- 
dispensable; help us die in solidarity with our 
brothers and sisters of all times, and especially 
with our elder brother the Liberator. 

For Housing 

God, you are our home in the Age to come. Turn 
your pity towards the homeless of this Age: the 
exploited, the unwanted children, the evicted, 
hoboes, vagrants. Turn your indignation towards 
all heartless institutions and landlords that have 
kept them so. With your bulldozer, level the 
world ghetto; build the new Jerusalem on this 
green and pleasant earth. 

For Justice in the economic system 
you who are all our wealth: break down every 
concentration of money, overthrow every industry 
that pollutes the earth, give all men and women a 
creative job for their hands and a true share of 
the common wealth. 

For Love 

God, we recognize you as author of change; we are 
ready to spend our time where you command. For 
your part, show yourself to us as the Unchange- 
able. Hold us fast to our friends and lovers, 
give us time to spend with them, which is also 
your time. Let our love be the strength and the 
model for our struggle. 

For Media people 

Power of being, you made the Liberator the word 

and image of yourself. Let all who work with 

Liberation Prayers 41 

words and pictures hold up everything they touch 
to his example; let them enrich not themselves but 
your people; give them strength and will to expose 
every system of violence and to advance your 
peace and liberation. 

For Meetings 

Our Father, you are known to us through the words 
and needs of our brothers. Speak to us in this 
meeting, so that our brothers may be helped and 
your revolution of love pushed forward, through 
Jesus our Liberator who never showed himself hard 
of hearing. 

For all in Mental confusion 

Jesus our brother, take up in your hands all whose 
inner self has been broken by a violent age. Let 
them find good friends and relatives, quiet and 
greenness and running water. And smash the world 
of meaninglessness that has smashed them; bring in 
everywhere the things that make for our peace. 

For the Military 

Jesus our only leader, go and speak to the Gener- 
als and Admirals. Tear down the pictures of your- 
self they have hung on their walls, put a worm in 
their apple, wormwood in their highballs. Infect 
their minds with knowledge of what they have done; 
find a useful vocation they can retire to. And 
break the chain of command; let them have no suc- 
cessors, let their in-baskets be filled with 
cobwebs . 

For the Ministry 

Well of our peace, you told our Brother to pass 
by the great ones of the world, and to call the 
poor as his organizers. Let many men and women 
hear the cry for justice raised by the victims of 
force or neglect on every continent. Let them 
serve the fallen and strengthen the struggling, 
with commitment and joy, to their life's end. 

For National Liberation Movements 
God of justice, let all who struggle for na- 
tional liberation establish their own culture, 
sitting unafraid under their vine and figtree. 
Make their revolutions humanized and democratic. 
At your right time turn them from all violence 
or dictatorship; make them true spokesmen for jus- 
tice in the World Revolution of peace and freedom 
which you have begun. 

42 The Covenant of Peace 

For the Old 

Our Father, we pray for our fathers and mothers, 
who will see only by hope and trust the new thing 
you are doing. Let them live with their grand- 
children, let them not be pensioned away by their 
sons and daughters to die. Help them understand 
that their strange children are bone of their 
bone, flesh of their flesh; that the catechism 
they taught in their churches is being worked out 
in the streets. 

For Peace and Freedom 

God, the source of change, break all chains, 
stop all wars, and end the hate which causes both, 
so that your people may live with peace and free- 
dom in Jesus our Liberator. 

For the Planet 

Architect of the worlds, you put man and woman in 
the garden to keep it; show us the true harmony 
between ourselves and the earth, between green 
things and animals, air and water. And give us 
the secrets of knowledge and will, to restore all 
damage done to the planet by our ignorance or 
malice, and to let all living things have the 
freedom which is proper for them. 

For the Police 

You who have given laws to man and all creation, 
supervise all those who profess to be maintaining 
law. Raise up protest whenever their law becomes 
a new lawlessness. Remind them that they are 
servants, not masters, of the people. Help them 
to neither use nor carry the weapons which our 
Liberator renounced. And give them dignity to re- 
ject the role of rich man's pawn in oppressing 
those poor for whom our Brother died. 

For Politicians 

Light of truth, shine on all those whose profes- 
sion is named compromise and show them those 
things which cannot be negotiated; in the spirit 
of the one who is our way, our truth, and our 

For the Poor 

Our Liberator, you called the poor blessed, for 
you became one of them. Let them realize their 
blessedness as the vocation to struggle for jus- 
tice and freedom on the planet which your Father 
gave us all. 

Liberation Prayers 43 

For the President of the United States 
God our only strength, look with indignation and 
pity on N., the President of these United States. 
Break down the fence around his White House; let 
him hear the voice of a colored nation, of a col- 
ored world. Inspire him with distrust of his ad- 
visers. Repeat daily in his ears the words of his 
childhood preacher, that men do not gather grapes 
from thorns, nor figs from thistles. Teach him 
that peace is not built by killing, nor justice by 
repression. Make him the servant and not the ex- 
ploiter of his people, after the example of Jesus, 
his Liberator and ours . 

For Prisoners 

Jesus our brother, victim of brutality and politi- 
cal prisoner, be with all our brothers and sisters 
unjustly jailed. Give them the strength to do 
what must be done without useless anger and bit- 
terness; soften the hearts of their guards with 
pity or at least justice; and speed up your prom- 
ised coming to open all prison gates and set cap- 
tives free. 

For any Project 

everlasting Word, who at the beginning shaped 
all worlds, put your spirit into the fingers and 
brains of those who have begun this project; let 
them push past midpoint fatigue to the end; remove 
all obstacles not of their own making, so that we 
all may share with you in the work of creation. 

For Purity of air and water 

Power of being, you have spread an envelope of 
clean water and air around this sapphire earth. 
Break every chimney, rust every pipe which deliv- 
ers poison into your living world; teach our 
brothers and sisters to live invisible on the only 
planet they will be given. 

For a Remnant of God's people 

Rock of Israel, you promised salvation for those 
who endure harassment. In time of testing let 
your people not return evil for evil; by your gen- 
tleness keep the fabric of this earth from irre- 
versible harm; and in the end lead a remnant out 
into your Liberated Zone, for the sake of the one 
who stayed steadfast in trials, Jesus our 

For other Religions 

Power of Being, you nowhere leave yourself with- 
out a witness. Let us learn truth from all men. 

^4 The Covenant of Peace 

by whatever name they call it. Let Mammon and 
Beelzebul be unmasked, whenever they come to us in 
the name of the Liberator; and let his Incognito 
be removed, whenever he comes to us once again 
under a new name, as he did also at first. 

For Reparations 

Our only true Judge, you who delay condemnation 
and love gentleness, help us turn from our compli- 
city in racism; break the chain of our guilt; let 
us hear both the patience and the anger of the 
victims; help us to take their side, and to bring 
with us reparations for our sin and the sin of our 
fathers; for the sake of that homeless brother who 
was wounded for our offenses, Jesus the Liberator. 

For the Revolution 

God whose Name is revolution, cut our ties with 
all that is wrong and dying; help us to carry out, 
not our revolution, but yours. Do not let us con- 
tinue in the old way of murder, but direct us onto 
the new Way of love, which we learn from the 
spirit of our brother the Liberator. 

For the Rich 

Power to whom all things are possible, we do not 
know whether you can bring a camel through the eye 
of a needle. Let our rich brothers and sisters 
not trespass forever on your gentleness and for- 
bearance; let them rather hear the word to the 
rich young ruler, and give it all away; may their 
reward be in the future and not in the past. 

For Rights everywhere 

Power of being, your love is the only law; in 
you is no injustice at all. Hold up every legal 
system, every court and administrator, to the 
plumbline of your impartiality. Smash all dis- 
crimination, use our hands and voices to build a 
world of equal rights for all. 

For a Runaway 

Father of all the unwanted, take under your care 
each one who for a time has no family in the 
world. Soften the heart of his parents, make pos- 
sible his return if that is your desiring, for the 
sake of Jesus the teenager who ran away to be 
about your business. 

For Scholars 

Spirit of truth, through our fault the powers of 
darkness have obscured the truth of the Gospel by 
a false learning. Raise up true scholars to con- 
found its pretensions and to light a true beacon; 

Liberation Prayers 45 

let them point to the unschooled poor who do your 
work by the Liberator living in them. 

For Schools and seminaries 

Fountain of wisdom, have you not put springs of 
knowledge into men's hearts and into books? Let 
our schools reject all subservience to oppression; 
let them stop at no truth short of the truth of 
liberation; let them find nothing good enough but 
your goodness. 

For Simplicity of life 

Jesus, without self-punishment you reduced your 
needs to a minimum; your message was short; you 
did not travel far nor live long. Give us a share 
of your simplicity and truthfulness, so that our 
success may be of the same kind as your success, 
and our failure measured by your failure. 

For Strength in troubles 

Judge of history, you have let troubles surround 
us; we are tired, in pain, near despair. Send 
your Spirit to each one of us, and underneath our 
fatigue put an energy from outside us. Hold us 
fast in the love of the brotherhood, remembering 
that everything we suffer has already been suf- 
fered by the Liberator. 

For the Threatened 

We pray for all those so burdened with a sense of 
mediocrity or guilt that they cannot let go of 
supposed securities, for fear that justice will 
strip them naked. God, give them other ground to 
stand on. Show them that to renounce complicity 
is the beginning of true security in the brother- 
hood of the Liberator. 

For Travelers J hitch-hikers ^ drivers 
God, in every age you send men and women from 
their homeland like Abraham to build a new com- 
munity in a distant country. Watch over those who 
go out on trip. Do not let them fall into sick- 
ness or the hands of the violent, and each night 
find them a meal and lodging for the sake of the 
Son of Man who had no place to lay his head. 

For a Trial 

Judge of the Ages, hold up the standard of your 
truth to those who in this place are called agents 
of your justice, so that they may speak not what 
is conventional but what is right, remembering the 
unjust condemnation, long ago and yesterday, of 
their Liberator. 

46 The Covenant of Peace 

For the Unemployed 

Jesus the manual laborer, stand beside those whom 
oppression has deprived of useful work; turn their 
hands to your work. Care for their needs, for 
their wives and children; and do not let them be 
muzzled by welfare. Redouble their cry for jus- 
tice; build a true society on the solid base of 
their indignation. 

For Union organizers 

Source of change, you called Moses your first 
prophet as an organizer of the exploited, the 
leader of a general strike. Give all union organ- 
izers his commitment and power; by their work 
break down every system of injustice and oppres- 
sion, build a human society on this garden planet. 

For Unity of people 

God of life, you who have made men and women of 
one stock and one family, turn our eyes from out- 
ward differences to the common humanity and let us 
embrace, as children of one house, through the 
Brother of us all. 

For the Unity of the Church 

Fountain of unity, build all humankind into a 
new creation around your Son, the true Adam. Do 
not let administrative schemes deceive the simple. 
Raise up everywhere people's organizers, who will 
unite your church in order to do your desiring: 
the works of freedom, conservation, and peace. 

For Victims 

Our Liberator, that Power which we do not under- 
stand has brought many persons (and especially N . ) 
into union with your suffering. Raise up cham- 
pions for their cause. Do not leave them as vic- 
tims long; and while they are such, give them your 
confidence and a foretaste of the new life. 

For the Vision of God 

Bright Sun of all the worlds, you have made the 
fullness of all the universe your splendor. Bring 
us to such simplicity that our eyes can see the 
Day of your liberation in every day, through the 
one whose face reflects the knowledge of that 
glory, Jesus our brother. 

For the Vocation of everyone 

Our God, you are no respecter of persons; all work 
is your work, no man's is more important than an- 
other's. As our Brother learned in the carpen- 
ter's shop the whole task of liberation, so may 

Liberation Prayers 47 

each of us bring to his task the whole person he 
must become. 

For White people 

God of history, you are taking this planet from 
the white people who have long usurped it, and 
giving it to others. Turn the children of the 
colonialist to their brothers; let them bring with 
them their treasures of science and art. Together 
let them build one family without exploitation on 
one living planet. 

For our Work in the revolutionary Church 
God, you make all things work together for good 
among those who love you; help us build each word 
and action into a consistent program of change, 
looking forward to the coming New Age of coopera- 
tion among all in the Liberator. 

For the Young 

God, in you is every future; stand beside the 
young people in whom our future lies. Help them 
avoid the mistakes of their parents; renew in them 
all truths which their parents once affirmed. 
Make them cells of a more just society, builders 
of a restored planet. 


For Liberation 

Our Father, the Prince of this world had shut us 
up very tight in his castle Despair; now the Lib- 
erator with the weapon of his Spirit has broken 
down its walls, and we learn a new song of 

For a Safe Return 

Power of history, you exiled your people in 
Babylon and brought the Liberator down to Egypt; 
you have brought us home from the discomfort and 
dangers of exile; we trust you also at the end to 
anchor humankind, and the whole universe, in the 
destination of their hoping. 

For the Creation 

Creator, you who have filled the universe with 
splendor, even as we struggle against the powers 
of darkness we celebrate your magnificence; we 
make our road of combat part of the desired goal 
and we salute you as our final Goal. 

For Nature and History 

Fountain of life, we praise you for the excellence 
of the planet where we labor, for the lives and 
works of our brothers and sisters in the past, for 
touching our hearts to see both. Do not let us be 
satisfied with less than whole commitment; let us 
be your agents in life and liberation. 

For a Saint 

Source of life, you pour humankind into many 
shapes; we thank you for the example and witness 
of your servant N. ; help us take on the form of 
humanity that our time and place call for, in the 
strength of that Brother who is the perfect man. 

For our Food 

King of the Ages, blessed are you who bring the 
grain out of the earth and make the sap rise in 
the vine. We praise you in these your gifts, we 
ask that the hungry never be turned away from our 
door, through that Liberator who declared all food 
sacred and who never ceases offering us the bread 
of life. 

For Childbirth 

Father of all living, we thank you that your 

daughter N. has safely brought a child into the 

Liberation Prayers 49 

world of light; watch over them both and, by your 
Spirit, have the child brought up in the presence 
of Jesus the Liberator. 

For Harvest 

Source of life, we praise you that once again in 
its season the land has given its increase and 
your people are fed in joy fulness; may the earth 
never grow less green, and may all mankind ever 
rejoice in your liberation. 

C-K^eWv^ ^ Cov^fv/iW 

A form for the mutual compact of a group which may 
not yet have called or commissioned a minister ; 
and where some may not yet have gone through the 
waters^ or may have doubts about their baptism as 
infants . 


Leader and People: 

It is time for us to wake up from sleep; 

Our freedom is nearer than when we believed. 

{Romans 13:11] 
See, now is the proper time; 

Today is the day of liberation. 

[2 Corinthians 6:2] 
You are the light of the world; 

A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 

[Matthew 5:14] 
God has made with us a covenant of peace; 
He sends down the rain in its season. 

He has broken the bars of our yoke; 

And freed us from the hand of our oppressors. 

[Ezekiel 34:25-27] 
He removes bow and sword, and war from the land; 
He makes us lie down in safety. 

[Rosea 2:18] 
The habitation of God is with men; 

He lives with them and they are his people. 

[Revelation 21:3] 
Change your heart and turn back; 

The fulfillment of time has arrived. 

[Acts 3:19; Galatians 4:4] 
Be confident in the good news ; 
The Liberated Zone is at hand. 

[Mark 1:15] 

The Promise of the Covenant 

Leader: Friends, we are here as a group because 
we have tried and failed to make a life for our- 
selves individually. But a seed has been sown in 
the world, and each of us is aware of its germina- 
tion in his heart. Today we want to throw off 
complicity with an old order of violence and to 
bind ourselves together in a new compact, so 
clearly that not the simplest person will doubt 
for an instant where we stand. We know that by 
ourselves we lack the insight and the will to do 

52 The Covenant of Peace 

this. So let us hear the old promise of a cove- 
nant freely made available to men and women, whose 
terms are not arbitrary but the laws of the uni- 
verse, offering that peace which the world cannot 
give . 

Assistant: See, the days are coming, says the 
Power of history, that 1 will seal a new covenant 
with the house of Israel. It will not be like the 
covenant which I sealed with their fathers, on the 
day when I took them by the hand to lead them out 
of Egypt, the land of exploitation; for they re- 
jected that covenant, even though I was their hus- 
band. For this is the covenant I will seal with 
the house of Israel after those days: I will put 
my law in their midst and write it on their 
hearts; I shall be their God and they will be my 
people. No more will a man teach his neighbor or 
his brother, saying, "Know God"; for they will all 
know me, from the least to the greatest. I will 
pardon their crime and remember their complicity 
no more. [Jeremiah 31:31-34] 

The Threefold Rule 

Leader: Friends, let us hear from the prophet 
that Way of justice which is the first rule of the 
covenant . 

Assistant : Is not this the fasting that I have 
approved, says the Power of history: 

To break the chains of injustice. 

To cut the straps of the yoke. 
To release the oppressed into freedom. 

And to throw off every yoke; 
To share your bread with the hungry. 
And bring the landless poor into 
your household; 
When you see the naked, to cover him. 
Not hiding away from your own flesh? 

[Isaiah 58:6-7] 

Leader: Let us next hear from the book of Moses 
the permanent task laid on man and woman, to plant 
the garden of this living planet. 

Assistant : Then God took man and put him in the 
paradise of Eden, to cultivate it and tend it. 
And God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruit- 
ful and increase, spread over the earth and regu- 
late it; assume leadership over the fish of the 
sea, the birds of the air, and every animal that 
moves on the earth." [Genesis 2:15; 1:28] 

Entering the Covenant 53 

Leader: Friends, the good news we bear is that 
Jesus is the agent of the new covenant. In him, 
we who are called will receive our promised in- 
heritance. Let us then finally open our ears to 
the new Way of Love laid down for us by our 
brother the Liberator. 

Assistant : 

You shall love your enemies. 

Do good to all who hate you. 
Bless those who denounce you, 

Pray for those who harass you. 
If someone hits your right cheek. 

Turn him the other also; 
If someone takes away your coat. 

Give him your shirt also. 
Give to everyone who demands; 

Do not ask to have back what is seized. 
And as you wish people would treat you. 

You treat them just that same way. 
Your reward will be great. 

For you will be children of the Highest, 
Who raises his sun on the evil and good. 

And rains on the just and unjust; 
So you shall be merciful. 

Just as your Father is merciful. 

[Luke 6:27-31, 35-36; Matthew 5:45] 

Liberation from Complicity 

The following Statement of Complicity is either 
read by the people along with the leader y or re- 
peated after him line by line. 

We confess that we are accomplices 

With the demonic powers of violence. 
We grow rich by daily oppression; 

We sleep in beds of racism. 
We take pride in freedom and justice. 

And we invent new slavery. 
We say that our goal is peace. 

And invent new instruments of war. 
We live off the fat of the land, 

And we poison it for our children. 
We say that we love our neighbor. 

And we try to breed him off the earth. 
We cry out against exploitation. 

And exploit each other and ourselves. 
And so we are accomplices 

In the crime of burnt bodies; 

Burnt ghettoes; 

Burnt earth; 

Burnt freedom. 

5^1 The Covenant of Peace 

We are accomplices by our violence. 

By our violence. 

By our most grievous violence. 
In turning our faces away 

And in doing nothing. 

Leader and People: 

Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. 

Lord have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy 

upon us . 
Christe eleison. Christe eleison. 
Christ have mercy upon us. Christ have 

mercy upon us. 
Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. 
Lord have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy 

upon us . 

Leader: The Power that lighted the stars, that 
puts down oppressors and lifts up the poor from 
the dust, can also transform our twisted and bro- 
ken lives. For the door of our freedom opens by 
itself for all that knock; whoever is in Jesus 
our Liberator has become a new being. And so, 
may he who provides us with bread from the earth, 
air to breathe, and fire to purify rottenness, now 
also in his great waters drown our old self, and 
give us a fresh start through this community of 
love. Amen; so may it be. 

Psalm 111 

I celebrate God with my whole heart 

In the community of those who love 
justice . 
Great are the events he brings. 

To be studied by all who delight in him. 
Splendor and beauty is his work; 

His justice stands forever. 
He sets up a memorial of his marvels; 

Loving and gentle is our God. 
He gives food to those who honor him; 

He always remembers his covenant. 
He shows his people the power of his works 

By giving them the inheritance of the 
violent . 
The works of his hands are certain and just; 

All his demands are true; 
They are fixed for ever and ever. 

They are done in truth and confidence. 
He sent liberation to his people; 

To eternity he upholds his covenant. 
Blessed and holy is his being; 

His fear is the summit of wisdom. 

Entering the Covenant 55 

A true mind is theirs who do his will; 
His praise will stand forever. 

Making the Covenant 

Here a representative of the community reads their 
covenant statement ; see the specimen appended. 

Leader: Brothers and sisters, are you determined 
in your minds, without any reservation, to carry 
out the provisions of this covenant for the time 

Then each in turn^ ending with the leader ^ ex- 
presses in his own words his adherence to the 
covenant . 

Leader: Are you prepared, for that purpose, to 
study the Holy Scriptures, and the natural laws of 
society and this planet, building into your lives 
whatever new truths may come from that study? 

People: We are prepared to do so. 

Leader: Friends, it is a narrow door of service 
and commitment that we are entering today: more 
than an hour of ceremony, more than a summer of 
community organizing. For while there is a lower 
class, we are in it; while there is a soul in 
prison we are not free; while the earth is pol- 
luted we are unclean; wherever bombs fall, our 
wholeness is wounded. And if we claim to be per- 
fect in knowledge or action, we deceive ourselves 
and injure our brother. Let us then always have 
in mind the story of the two men, which our Lib- 
erator taught us. 

Assistant : Two men went into the sanctuary to 
pray, a clergyman and a sheriff. The clergyman 
stood up and prayed thus to himself: "God, I 
thank you that I am not like other men, exploi- 
ters, unjust, or unfaithful, such as this sher- 
iff. I fast twice in the week, I give ten percent 
of all my income to charity." But the sheriff 
stood far off, not daring to lift his eyes to the 
sky, and struck his breast, saying: "God be gen- 
tle with me, a guilty man." I tell you, the sec- 
ond man went back to his house liberated, but not 
the first. For everyone who lifts himself up is 
put down; but the person who puts himself down is 
lifted up. [Luke 18:9-14] 

Leader: But we have been told, and believe, that 
the full commitment of the Liberator makes up for 
our failure in commitment: the news of his life 

56 The Covenant of Peace 

is the power of God for liberation to everyone who 
trusts it [Romans 1:16]. Are you ready at this 
time to make that act of trust? 

People: We are ready, in the strength of the 
Li berator . 

Leader: Look then, sky and earth witness this 
day, that there have been set in front of us good 
and evil, blessing and curse, life and death. 
Which will you choose? 

All: We choose life, that we and our children may 
live. [Deuteronomy 30:19] 

Leader: The covenant of peace is sealed; for God 
at his right time has sent the Spirit of the Lib- 
erator into our hearts, crying out: 

[Galatians 4:6] 

All: Abba, Father: 

Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials free us. 

Then all present sign the document of the Covenant . 

The New Unity 

Leader: Brothers and sisters, we who have taken 
on the covenant of peace are no longer strangers, 
but fellow-citizens with the saints and residents 
in God's household, at one with the apostles and 
prophets. The cornerstone of our community is 
Jesus the Liberator, in whom we are becoming a 
living temple, a forest cathedral, of the Spirit. 
Let us then take to our heart the life of the 
original Church as Luke describes it . 

Assistant : So all who accepted Peter's word went 
through the waters. They committed themselves to 
the teaching and community of the apostles, to the 
breaking of bread and prayers. And every person 
was afraid, for many great acts were done by the 
apostles. And all those who believed lived to- 
gether and had all things common; they sold their 
possessions and property, and distributed them to 
all, as any one happened to have need. Daily they 
attended the Temple together; and house by house 
they broke bread and ate in gladness and joyf^l- 
ness of heart, praising God and maintaining good- 
will to all the people. And God added liberated 

Entering the Covenant 57 

persons day by day to their number. 

[Acts 2:41-47] 

Here follow the Affirmations God is not dead 
etc^< from p. 12S. 

Then the Intercessions from the Litany (p. 35)^ or 
in some other form. 

Leader: This is my command, that you should love 
each other as 1 loved you. No one has greater 
love than this: to lay down his life for his 
friends. You are my friends, if you do what I 
command. And my yoke is easy and my burden light. 
Peace I leave to you, my peace I give to you; not 
as the world gives, do 1 give to you. Shalom. 

[John 15:12-14; Matthew 11:30; John 14:27] 

Here follows the Kiss of Peace. 

Assistant : 

I your God love justice; 

I hate robbery and oppression. 
I give you your reward in truth; 

I seal with you a covenant of my Age. 
Your children are known among the peoples. 
Your descendants in the heart of all 
nations ; 
All who see them will agree: 

They are a people that God has blessed. 

[Isaiah 61.8-9] 


Blessed is the God of Israel, 

For he has visited and ransomed his 
people ; 
And lifted up a horn of liberation for us 

In the house of David his servant . 
As he promised by the mouth of his holy 
Who have been since the start of his Age: 
Liberation from our enemies 

And from the hand of all that hate us. 
Showing gentleness to our forefathers 
And remembering his holy covenant. 
The promise he made to Abraham our father; 
That we, rescued from fear of our 
enemies , 
Should serve with holiness and justice 
All of our days in his presence. 

[Luke 1:67-75] 

58 The Covenant of Peace 

Leader: Thus says the Alpha and the Omega, the 
first and the last, the beginning and the end: 1 
was dead, and see, I am living in the Age to come; 
I will give everyone that is victorious to eat 
from the tree of life in the paradise of God. 

[Revelation 22:13, l:l8, 2:7] 

Specimen of a local covenant : 

The November Fifth Statement 

Adopted by the staff of the Berkeley Free Churchy 
5 November 1969 

The Free Church of Berkeley is a community within 
the revolutionary Movement which relates to the 
radical tradition of Jesus, the Prophets, and the 
Church of Liberation. 

I will make for them a covenant on that day 
with the wild animals, with the birds of the 
air, and with the creeping things of the earth. 

[Rosea 2:l8] 

We recognize the Spirit of God at work in the 
movement of our brothers and sisters for the res- 
toration and preservation of the ecological bal- 
ance of our planet. We believe that uncontrolled 
production and consumption constitute violence 
against ecological law and order. We admit our 
complicity, individually and collectively, in the 
pollution of our environment by chemicals and ra- 
diation, in the exploitation of natural resources 
and wilderness, in the horror of overpopulation. 
Therefore we dedicate ourselves to working toward 
a life-style which holds a viable ecological order 
as a sacred and revolutionary priority. 

The November Fifth Statement 59 

I will break bow, sword, and battle out of the 
land, and allow them to sleep in safety. 
[Hosea 2:18] I will make with them a covenant 
of peace . . . and they will know that I am the 
Power of history, when I break the bars of 
their yoke and liberate them from the hand of 
their oppressors. [Ezekiel 34:25-27] 

We recognize the Spirit of God in the movement for 
peace and liberation throughout the world. We 
join in the struggle for the liberation of op- 
pressed peoples (the poor, the Third World, racial 
minorities, women, and youth) from exploitation 
and racism at home and from imperialism abroad. 
We dedicate ourselves to serve the victims of 
force and oppression, avoiding the trap of the 
colonialist mission in perpetuating a corrupt sys- 
tem, and recognizing that the highest form of 
service is organizing the oppressed for resis- 
tance. We will struggle for the establishment of 
social and political structures which are just, 
humane, and participatory. We will resist insti- 
tutions of war, conscription, racism, imperialism, 
and injustice, and shall attempt to offer an al- 
ternative through the life of joy and suffering in 
our voluntary community of brothers and sisters. 

I will marry you to myself for ever, marry 
you with integrity and justice, with tender- 
ness and love. [Hosea 2:19] 

We recognize the Spirit of God at work in the 
struggle of our time toward sexual intimacy, voca- 
tional creativity, psychic integrity, and inter- 
personal sensitivity. We resist those institu- 
tions of our society which dehumanize and destroy 
real interpersonal relations. We accept the im- 
perative to develop attitudes and life-styles that 
are personally and communally liberating and non- 
exploitative. In celebration we will be freed to 
work toward the ecological and social revolutions. 

f\ Ko^ ^ C^^i^v/e^ 

7 . ^e<^MA^ ^ ^^ii^ l^tc. t(ic Cov^c/k-^M^ 

Including the form for adoption of a child 

The act of going through the waters implies that 
an individual is able to answer for himself or 
herself. By the present form a baby is brought 
into the covenant of peace in the fullest way that 
something can be done for one person by others. 

Psalm 139 

Power of being, you have searched me out; 

You see my thoughts from far away. 
You surround my path and my bed. 

And have knowledge of all my ways . 
Before a word is on my tongue. 

My God, you know it perfectly. 
You encounter me in front and behind; 

You lay your hand upon me . 
The marvel of your knowledge is beyond me; 

It is too high for me to reach. 
For you shaped all my parts; 

You formed me in my mother's womb. 

1 will praise your works; 

For I was wonderfully made. 
You knew my life altogether. 

My substance was not hidden from you. 
When I was being made in secret , 

Fashioned in the depths of the earth. 
Your eyes saw my unformed shape; 

In your book my members were written. 
And all the days that were made for me. 

Before they had yet come to being. 

Minister: We celebrate you, our Father, master of 
sky and earth, that you hid these things from the 
wise and learned, and revealed them to babies. 
Yes, our Father, for this was your joyful will. 

[Luke 10:21] 

The Presentation 

Here the mother ^ holding her child, prays in her 
own words or as follows . 

62 A Book of Changes 

Mother: Fountain of all life, I thank you because 
you have entrusted me with a share In your work of 
creation, and given me a child for the covenant of 
your peace. Like Hannah I have brought him [her] 
to your congregation; and I pray that he may live 
all his life In this community, through Jesus our 
Liberator who was once a child. 

Alt: Amen; so may it be. 

Or if the baby is adopted^ the mother can say: 

Maker of all life, another has given birth, and I 
have been entrusted with the child that was born. 
I bring him [her] as my own child into the pres- 
ence of this congregation; and I pray that he may 
live all his life in the covenant of your peace; 
through Jesus our Liberator who also found a new 
mother in the community of love. 

Father: Friends, we have read in the book of Luke 
how the child of Mary, eight days after his birth, 
was given his name of JESUS and taken to the 
Temple to be brought Into the covenant; there he 
was blessed by Symeon and Anna. So likewise we 
have brought this child of our bodies [or, this 
child whom we have taken as our child] to the 
present company. Here we will renew our own com- 
mitments, name this child and enroll him in this 
community, and begin his education in it. 

Reader: They brought him children so that he 
could lay his hands on them; and his Disciples 
criticized them. But when Jesus saw this he was 
very angry, and said to them, "Allow children to 
come to me, do not prevent them; for to such be- 
longs the liberated zone. Truly I tell you, un- 
less a person receives God's liberation like a 
child, he will never enter it." Then he took them 
up in his arms, put his hands on them, and blessed 
them. [Mark 10:13-17] 


Child, our promised Prince of Peace: Accept 

your own chi 1 dren . 
Child praised by shepherds and their animals: 

Accept your own children. And so on. 
Child honored by kings of the earth: 
Child given the name JESUS of liberation: 
Child, carrier of the world's spirit: 
Child, born in the city of royalty: 
Child, taxed by a foreign oppressor: 
Child, presented in God's temple: 

Receiving a Baby into the Covenant 63 

Child acclaimed by Symeon the prophet: 

Child, a displaced person for the covenant's 

sake : 
Child, in whose place the innocents were 

murdered : 
child apprenticed to the manual laborer: Accept 

your own chi 1 dren . 

Child, a runaway for your father's business: 

Accept your own children. 

The Promises 

Minister: Let us all at this time renew the prom- 
ises which we once made in the presence of this 
community . 

Here the Minister and People repeat the six ques- 
tions from the form of going through the waters 
(pp. 73-74). 

Minister (to the parents): Brother and sister, we 
have just reaffirmed our own commitments. Are you 
determined to bring this child up in a household 
where those convictions are living, while also 
letting him [her] have his own integrity; and at 
the right time help him to a free act of going 
through the waters? 

Here the parents express their willingness in 
their own words. 

Minister (to the godparents) : Do you undertake 
full responsibility for the care and education of 
this child if its parents should be taken from 
this community, as if if were your child? 

Godparents : This child is flesh of our flesh. 

The Covenant 

Minister : Let us hear from the prophet Rosea 
God's promises of hope in the covenant of peace, 
which this child is about to enter. 

Reader: On that day I will seal for you a cove- 
nant with the wild animals, with the birds of the 
sky and the beasts of the earth. I will break the 
bow and sword, and remove war out of the land; and 

1 will make you lie down in safety. I will marry 
you to me forever, marry you in justice and integ- 
rity, in love and gentleness; I will marry you to 
me in steadfastness, and you will know that I am 
God. [Hosea 2:18-20] 

64 A Book of Changes 

Minister : Sky and earth witness to us that God 
has set before us today good and evil, blessing 
and curse, life and death. Which will you choose? 

All: We choose life, that we and our children may 

Here follow the Affirmations God is not dead etc. 
from p. 2 23. 

Receiving the Child 

Then the father and mother say together : 

This child of our flesh has found a new 

f ami ly ; 
We name him [her] N. ; 
We entrust him [her] to you our brothers and 

si s ters . 

Or if the child is adopted they say: 

We take this child as flesh of our flesh; 
We name him [her] N. ; 

We entrust him [her] to you our brothers and 
s i s ters . 

Then the Minister enters the child's name in the 
hook of the community , saying: 

Blessed are all those whose names are written in 
the Lamb's book of life. As this child sees the 
faces of its family on earth, so may its guardians 
beyond space and time see the face of our one 
Father . 

All: Abba, Father: 

Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us ; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials free us . 

Reader: All those who are led by the spirit of 
God are children of God. For you did not receive 
a spirit of slavery in fear, but a spirit of adop- 
tion, in which we cry out, Abba, Father. The 
Spirit Itself witnesses together with our spirit 
that we are children of God; and if children, then 
also heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with the 
Liberator. With him we suffer together so that we 
may live together with him in splendor. 

[Romans 8:14-17] 

Minister : Whoever wishes to be first among us, 
must be last of all and a servant of all. For the 

Receiving a Baby into the Covenant 65 

Liberator took up children In his arms, saying: 
"Whoever receives such a child In my name receives 
me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but 
the one who sent me." Shalom, brothers and sis- 
ters, sons and daughters, the covenant of peace be 
upon you all, Shalom. 

Then follows the Kiss of Peaee^ begun by the par- 
ents kissing the child. 

Psalm 23 

My shepherd Is the God of creation; 

There Is nothing I lack. 
He lets me lie down in high pastures; 

He guides me to the water of peace. 
He opens my life in liberty 

To walk in the ways of justice. 
Although I go through death valley 

I am not afraid of wickedness; 
For you are walking beside me. 

The way of my leader guides me. 
You set a table before me 

In the face of all my oppressors; 
My brow is bright with the olive. 

My cup is filled overflowing. 
Joy and gentleness follow me 

All the days of my life; 
I make my home in God's keeping 

Until the end of all days. 

Then the Minister marks a cross with oil on the 
child's forehead J saying: 

May the Father send guardians to watch over you at 
night, and to be your shade by day. 

Then the parents give the child the Bible (or the 
New Testament or Psalms) and also the prayer-book 
of the community ^ saying: 

Take the words we live by; we set your feet in no 
other way than the one we ourselves have chosen. 


My heart praises the Power of being. 

My life leaps up in my Liberator. 
For he saw the oppression of his servant; 

Every age will now hall me as happy. 
That Energy has dealt with me nobly; 

Blessed is the name of his being. 
His sympathy spreads on all ages 

Of those who are fearful before him. 

66 A Book of Changes 

He has done a new thing with his arm. 
And scattered the arrogant in their 
schemes . 
He has pulled down the powerful from their 
And raised up the wretched of the earth. 
He has filled the hungry with his food. 

And turned the wealthy away. 
He has restored his servant Israel, 

Remembering his constant kindness. 
As he promised to our fathers, to Abraham 
And his offspring until the new Age. 

[Luke 1:46-55] 

Minister : 

God bless you and watch over you; 

God shine his face on you and love you; 
God lift up his face to you, and set 
his peace among you. 

[l^umbers 6:24-26] 

2 . CfcU^ t^A-tyi^ t^ \^Me/H 

This fornix the act of permanent adult Qommitment 
to the new Wayj is an adaptation of the old Roman 
Easter Eve liturgy and baptism. It is set in the 
context of the Freedom Mealj and should only be 
shortened in prisons 3 in siakness j or other emer- 
gency. If possible it should be a Vigil service 
and ideally it will be scheduled for the Eve of 
Easter or Pentecost; but any baptism is of itself 
a festival of the Resurrection. 

The New Fire 

Outside the room new fire is struck. 

Minister : Light beyond all worlds, in the be- 
ginning you organized the primeval darkness into 
our universe; let this new fire signal for us the 
great work by which you placed Jesus our Liberator 
in the center of history, a man transparent to 
your illumination, so that the spirit of his new 
life may shine in our community of love. 

People: Amen; so may it be. 

A taper is lit, and the procession enters the 
darkened room, while three times is said: 

Minister : The light of liberation. 

People: Thanks be to God. 

Reader: Rejoice now, you army of Powers beyond 
space and time, your Captain of humility is at 
hand; blow the trumpet of freedom for the servant 
King who conquers by love. Let the stars of morn- 
ing shout as they did at the first moment of crea- 
tion, for our Brother is making a new sky, a new 
earth. Sing with joy, forests and oceans, moun- 
tains and grainfields; for your mother the Earth 
has passed out of eclipse by demonic powers into 
the noontide Sun of justice, who restores her for 
all creatures that live on her. And gather to- 
gether here, you whole cloud of witnesses in the 
liberated community of love, and fill our halls in 
the glory of the Illuminator. 

Here the Candle and other lights are lit. 

Reader and People: 

Peace be with you all. 

And with you, our brother. 

68 A Book of Changes 

Lift up your hearts. 

We lift them up to our Liberator. 
Let us celebrate the Power of being. 

It is good and right for us to do so. 

Reader: It is right that here and now we should 
thank you, Power of history, through Jesus our 
Liberator, the true Adam, who was executed by the 
oppressor and lives in us with triumph; he is the 
Lamb sacrificed at the Passover feast, in whom 
death has died. In this night you led our fathers 
out of the house of exploitation, passing through 
the great waters on dry land; in this night those 
who walk the new Way pass out from the valley of 
darkness into the clear light of your Liberated 
Zone; in this night our Brother breaks the chains 
of our hell of separation, and builds us into the 
society of mankind. To free an unfaithful servant 
you gave up a loyal son; fortunate guilt of man, 
that warranted such liberation! 

Therefore, Father of lights, accept this candle, 
that it may burn continually to push back the 
frontiers of darkness. May the Morningstar who 
knows no setting, when he comes in splendor to 
consummate his work, find it still burning, and us 
his brothers still working by its light. Amen; so 
may it be . 

The Six Prophecies of the Waters 

Then a spokesman for those who wish to go through 
the waters says: 

Friends, we are here at this time as refugees from 
the occupied territory of exploitation; we wish to 
enter the liberated zone of your fellowship. 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, you are welcome. 
You know and we know that no person can enter new 
life except through the purification of death to 
the old way. Let us then be quiet and hear the 
promise of the waters. 

Reader: Hear the first prophecy, the bounding of 
the great deep, from the book of Job. 

Where were you when I compacted the earth? 

Speak if you have such knowledge. 
Who (if you know) set its dimensions? 

Who put his yardstick against it? 
What did its foundations rest on. 

Who laid its cornerstone, 
When the stars of dawn sang together 

And the -sons of God called out in joy? 

Going through the Waters 69 

And who fenced the sea with gates. 

When it broke out from the womb. 
When I made the clouds its clothing, 

And wrapped it in the dark storm. 
And planted a boundary for it. 

And set up its gates with their bar. 
And said, "So far you may come, and no 

The pride of your waves is here broken"? 

[Job 38:4-11] 

Peop le : 

When he fixed the sky, Wisdom was there; 

When he drew a circle on the face of the 

deep. [Proverbs 8:27] 

Reader: Hear the second prophecy of the rainbow, 
from the book of Moses. 

And God said, "This is the symbol of the Constitu- 
tion which I am making between myself, and you, 
and every living creature that is with you, for 
all the generations of time. I am setting my bow 
in the stormcloud, and it will be a symbol of the 
constitution between me and the earth. Whenever 
I bring the stormcloud over the earth and the bow 
appears in the cloud, 1 will remember the consti- 
tution between me and you and all living crea- 
tures, every kind of animal. The waters will 
never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. 
When the bow is in the stormcloud, I will see it 
and remember the everlasting constitution between 
God and every living creature, every animal on 
earth." [Genesis 9:12-16] 

People: For all the days of the earth, sowing and 
harvest, heat and cold, summer and winter, day and 
night shall not cease. [Genesis 8:22] 

Reader: Hear the third prophecy, how a new people 
was born by going through the great waters, from 
the book of Moses. 

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, 
and God pushed the sea back by the strong wind of 
his breath from the east, all the night long. He 
made the sea dry land, and the water was divided. 
And the children of Israel went into the middle of 
the sea on dry ground; the waters were a wall for 
them on the right and on the left. And the 
Egyptians were pursuing and came in after them, 
all Pharaoh's horse and' chariots and cavalry, into 
the middle of the sea. And in the morning watch 

70 A Book of Changes 

God looked down on the army of Egypt from the pil- 
lar of fire and cloud; and he held up the army of 
Egypt by muddying their chariot wheels so that 
they were too heavy to roll. And Egypt said, "Let 
me run away from the face of Israel; for God is 
fighting on their side against Egypt." 

Then God said to Moses, "Stretch out your hand 
over the sea, and the water will come back over 
Egypt, over his chariots and cavalry." And Moses 
stretched out his hand over the sea, and the sea 
returned at daybreak to its usual place, and the 
Egyptians rushed into it. So God wiped out the 
Egyptians in the middle of the sea. The water re- 
turned and covered the chariots, the cavalry, and 
all Pharaoh's army that went after them into the 
sea; not one of them remained. But the children 
of Israel walked on dry ground in the middle of 
the sea, and the water was a wall for them on the 
right hand and on the left. [Exodus 14:21-29] 

People : 

I will sing to the Power beyond armies, 

For he has utterly triumphed; 
The horses and the chariots 

He has thrown into the sea; 
They were covered up by the floods. 

They went down in the deep like a stone. 

[Exodus 15:1, 10] 

Reader: Hear the fourth prophecy of God's victory 
over the dark powers of the deep, from the book of 

Wake up, wake up, get dressed with strength, 

Arm of the Power beyond all hosts; 
Wake up as in the ancient days. 

The generations of the ages. 
Was it not you that cut up the Beast, 

That wounded the great monster? 
Was it not you that dried up the sea. 

The water of the great deep. 
That made the abyss of the sea a road 

For the liberated to go through on? 
All those ransomed by God will return. 

And come to Zion with singing; 
The happiness of the Age to come 

Shall rest as a crown on their heads; 
Gladness and joy are given to them. 

Mourning and tears are abolished. 

[Isaiah 51:9-11] 

Going through the Waters 71 

People : 

He has drawn a circle on the face of the 
waters , 
At the horizon of light and darkness; 
The pillars of sky are shaking 

And cower at his demands. 
With his power he stilled the sea, 

By his knowledge he smashed the World 
Beast . 
By the wind of his breath the sky grew fair, 
His hand impaled the Pig retreating. 

[Job 26:10-13] 

Reader: Hear the fifth prophecy of drowning and 
rebirth, from the book of Jonah. 
I called out of my distress 

To the Power of being, and he heard me; 
From inside the belly of the prison 

I cried and you heard my voice. 
For you threw me in the heart of the sea. 

I was surrounded by the flood; 
All your waves and breakers 

Have passed over my head. 
The waters shut in over my life, 

The deep was on every side of me. 
Weeds were wrapped around my head 

At the roots of the mountains. 
I went down to the land 

Where gates shut against me forever. 
But you brought me up living from that death, 

God my liberator. [Jonah 2:2-6] 

People : 

Out of the depths I cried to you, my God; 

Liberator, hear my voice; 
May your ears consider well 

The voice of my complaining. [Psalm 130:1] 

Reader: Hear how Jesus our brother went down into 
the great waters, from the book of Mark. 

The beginning of the message of Jesus the Liber- 
ator, as it stands written in the prophets: "See, 
I send my messenger before your face, he will pre- 
pare your way"; "A voice of one crying, in the 
desert prepare God's way, make his paths 
straight." John the baptizer was in the desert 
proclaiming passage through the waters as a fresh 
start for liberation from crimes. The whole land 
of Judea went out to him, and all the people of 
Jerusalem. They went through the waters at his 
hands in the Jordan river, admitting their crimes. 
John's clothing was of camel hair, with a leather 

72 A Book of Changes 

belt around his waist; he ate locusts and wild 
honey. And in his announcement he said: "One 
stronger that I am is coming after me, whose san- 
dals I could not stoop down and unloose. I make 
you pass through water; he will make you pass 
through the holy Spirit." In those days there 
came Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee and went 
through the waters in Jordan at John's hands. And 
just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw 
the sky split and the spirit coming down on him 
like a dove. And there was a voice from the sky, 
"You are my beloved son, in you I am well 
pleased." [Mark 1:1-11] 

People: I have waters I must go through; I am un- 
easy until it is finished. [Luke 12:50] 

The Rules of the New Way 

Here are read the three Rules of the new way from 
the form of entering the covenant (pp. 52-53). 

The Litany 

Reader: And Cain said to Abel his brother, "Let 
us go out to the desert." And when they were in 
the desert, Cain rose up against Abel his brother 
and murdered him. And God said to Cain, "Where is 
Abel your brother?" And he said, "I do not know; 
am I my brother's keeper?" And God said, "What 
have you done? The voice of your brother's blood 
is crying to me from the ground. And now you are 
cursed on account of the ground, which opened its 
mouth to receive your brother's blood from your 
hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer 
yield you its strength; you will be a fugitive and 
a wanderer on the earth." [Genesis 4:8-12] 

Reader and People: 

Whose blood is this on my hands? Wash off 

your brother's blood. 
Whose sweat has built my affluence? Wash off 

your brother's blood. And so on. 
What burned flesh is in my nostrils? 
My finger has pressed the bomb-release. 
My hand has voted the war-lever. 
My ears are deaf to the beggar. 
My eyes have turned away from the wounded. 
My key has locked out the poor. 
My axe is sticky from the redwoods. 
My voice Is hoarse from lying. 
My loins have subdued the slavegirl. 
I put death in my children's milk. 
I programmed the death-computer. 

Going through the Waters 7S 

I made my lover a stranger. 

I breathe the poison of my inventions. 

I do not know my brother. 

Am I my brother's keeper? Wash off your 

brother ' s bl ood . 
What blood is this on my hands? Wash off 

your brother's blood. 

The Questions 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, you have heard 
the rule of justice from the book of the Prophets, 
and Jesus' rule of love from the Gospel. Are you 
committed from now on to walk by those rules in 
your dealings with other people? 

Candidates : Yes, I am committed to serve and lib- 
erate the oppressed and to love my enemies. 

Minister : You have also heard the rule of our 
common life on this earth from the book of Moses. 
Will you undertake to help limit the numbers of 
the human race and to maintain the order of the 

Candidates : I take on the task of Adam, to build 
the paradise of Eden. 

Minister : Are you ready at this time to break off 
your ties with all that destroys God's created or- 
ders, both of nature and society? 

Candidates : I renounce cooperation with eyery 
system of violence and oppression. 

Minister : Are you convinced that Jesus our Broth- 
er, through the new Way of revolutionary nonvio- 
lence which he teaches and illustrates, is our 
only salvation from disorder, guilt, and meaning- 

Candidates : I trust in Jesus as my only Liberator. 

Minister : Are you ready to follow, his way in joy 
and sorrow, in comfort and deprivation, in life 
and death; and in solidarity with the Church, of 
which the fellowship assembled here is part? 

Candidates : I will follow his Way wherever it 
leads; his Way is peace, peace is his Way. 

Minister : In the spirit of this community, will 
you constantly renew the promises you make here 
and the life you receive here; and work consist- 
ently for renewal of the planet, of society, of 
our own freedom, teaching and organizing to your 
life's end? 

74 A Book of Changes 

Candidates : I join the revolutions of justice and 
1 ove . 

Accepting the Covenant 

Minister : Friends, you have heard how in the be- 
ginning the Power beyond nature and history 
brought this earth into existence from the ocean 
of nonbeing; how he has again and again kept the 
family of mankind from being swallowed up by the 
floods of the Beast; and how at the right time of 
history he brought Jesus our brother through the 
water of Jordan and the greater waters of death as 
the firstborn of the new Age. Some of you may 
have been brought to the waters as babies by so- 
cial convention, or as adults without any clear 
understanding. Now you have considered the radi- 
cal change laid on us by the sacred books, and de- 
manded by the needs of the earth, of the poor, of 
our own souls. Are you then prepared, for what is 
truly the first and last time, to make a fresh 
start, accepting the death and life, the suffer- 
ing and promise, of the waters? 

Here each candidate in turn expresses in his own 
words his readiness to go through the waters. 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, we welcome you as 
fellow-soldiers in the warfare of the Lamb. Our 
leader said that if his kingdom were of this 
world, his servants would fight; but his kingdom 
is not of this world. And although we live in 
this world, we are not fighting a worldly war, 
for the weapons of our warfare are not of this 
world, and therefore have power to destroy the 
fortress of the dark powers [2 Corinthians 10:3]. 
For our strength is made perfect in weakness. Will 
you accept induction into this army and no other, 
at whatever cost? 

Candidates : I accept induction into his army and 
no other, at whatever cost. 

Minister : See, sky and earth witness to us, that 
God has set before us this day good and evil, 
blessing and curse, life and death. Which will 
you choose? 

Candidates : I choose life, that I and my children 
may live. 

Minister : Hear from our brothers and sisters the 
affirmations of our commitment. 

Going through the Waters 75 

Then are recited the Affirmations God is not dead 
etc. from p. 122. 

The Blessing of the Waters 

Minister : Lift up your hearts. 

People: We lift them up to the Liberator. 

Minister: Let us celebrate the Power of Being. 

People: It is good and right for us to do so. 

Minister: It is right that we should praise you, 
Energy of creation, because by your wisdom hu- 
mankind was born from the womb of the waters, and 
each passes back into them; but still, at every 
threat to our continuance, new communities of hope 
have emerged from a passage through the great 
seas. And so, may all who, trusting in you, pass 
through these waters be washed clean from their 
brother's blood and embrace him in peace; may they 
strip off complicity for guilt and put on the 
white clothing of justice; may the old man of 
aloofness be drowned and a new man of solidarity 
be raised up. By your life-giving spirit, God, 
which at the beginning hovered over the deep, 
bless these waters as the means of our union with 
Jesus our Brother, the vanguard of your new crea- 
tion. Amen; so may it be. 

Then the candidates one by one pass through the 
waters according to local custom^ while over each 
is said: 

Minister: In the name of Jesus our Liberator, may 
the Power of Being bring you through the great 
waters of death into the new community of his 
Spirit . 

The Clothing and Anointing 

Then the candidates are dressed in white clothing , 
while is said: 

Minister : As our Brother, after he first took on 
the necessity of suffering, was seen by his 
friends transfigured in light, so may you take 
this white clothing as a symbol that you are 
united with the splendor of his commitment. 

And after all are so dressed: 

Minister : Who are these dressed in white cloth- 
ing, and where have they come from? 

People: These are ones who have come out from 
great oppression; they have washed their clothing 

76 A Book of Changes 

and made it white in the blood of the Lamb. 

[Revelation 7:13-14] 

Then each candidate is anointed on the forehead^ 
while is said: 

Minister : As prophets, priests, and kings were 
once anointed for their office; since you have 
shared the death of Jesus our brother, may you 
also share the new life of his anointing, whom we 
recognize as our only prophet, our only priest, 
our only king. 

Reader: Hear how the Liberator was anointed for 
death and for life with the best gifts of the cre- 
ation, by a woman from among the oppressed. 

One of the clergymen asked Jesus to eat with him; 
and he came into the house of the clergyman and 
took his place. Now a harlot of that city, when 
she learned that he was at the clergyman's table, 
took an alabaster jar of ointment. She stood at 
his feet weeping, and with her tears she began to 
wash his feet . Then she dried them with the hair 
of her head, and kissed his feet, and rubbed them 
with the ointment. [Luke 7:36-38] 

The Six Prophecies of the Spirit 

Spokesman for the new members : Friends, we thank 
you for taking us in from out of Babylon the 
great. But many of our brothers and sisters are 
still lost in the City of destruction; go out and 
help them also. 

Minister : We welcome you, our brothers and sis- 
ters, into the community of love. But neither you 
nor we have power to go out into the doomed 
streets and speak the word of life unless the sea- 
breeze of the Spirit is blowing through us . So 
let us again be quiet and listen for the voice of 
the west wind of life and change. 

Reader: Hear the first prophecy of the Spirit, 
how man and woman received the breath of life, 
from the book of Moses. 

In the day when God made earth and sky, there was 
at first no wild plant on the earth, no wild herb 
had yet grown; for God had not brought rain on the 
earth, and there was no human being to work the 
ground. But then a flood rose up from the earth, 
and watered all the face of the ground. And God 
shaped mankind. of clay from the ground, and 
breathed a living spirit into his nostrils; so man 

Going through the Waters 77 

became a living creature. And God had planted a 
garden in Eden (that is, "Delight") from of old; 
and there he set the human beings he had shaped. 
And God brought out of the ground every tree beau- 
tiful to see or good to eat, the trees of life; 
and in the middle of the garden, the tree of 
knowledge of good and evil. {Genesis 2:4-9] 

People : 

He gives us a new heart. 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh, 
And gives us a heart of flesh. 

[Ezekiel 36:26] 

Reader: Hear the second prophecy of the Spirit, 
how men became deaf to each other, from the book 
of Moses . 

And the whole earth had one tongue and few words. 
And as they wandered from the east, they found a 
valley in the plain of Shinar, and settled there. 
And each one said to his neighbor, "Come, let us 
make bricks and bake them." They had bricks for 
stone, and asphalt for mortar. And they said, 
"Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower 
with its head in the sky; let us make ourselves a 
memorial, so that we shall not be scattered on the 
face of all the earth." And God came down to see 
the city and the tower that the sons of man had 
built. And God said, "See, they are one people, 
and they have all one tongue. This is only the 
beginning of what they will do; now nothing they 
plan to do will be walled off from them. Come, 
let us go down and confuse their tongues there, so 
that a man will not hear his neighbor's tongue." 
And God scattered them from there over the face of 
all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 

[Genesis 11:1-8] 

Teople : 

He gives us a new heart, 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh, 

And gives us a heart of flesh. 

Reader: Hear the third prophecy of the Spirit, 
the vision of an age of alienation, from the book 
of Ezekiel. 

The hand of God was on me; and he brought me in 
the spirit of God and set me in the middle of a 
desert full of bones. And he led me around 
through them; there were very many of them in the 

78 A Book of Changes 

desert, and they were very dry. And he said to 
me, "Son of man, will these bones live?" And I 
said to him, "Lord, you are the one that knows." 
And he said to me, "Prophesy to these bones, and 
say to them. You dry bones, hear the word of God: 
See, I am bringing breath into you, and you will 
live. I will lay tendons on you, and draw flesh 
over you, and put skin on you, and give you breath 
for you to live; so you will know that I am God." 

And I prophesied as I was told; and when I proph- 
esied, there was a noise of rattling, as bone came 
together with bone. And I looked, and saw tendons 
on them, and flesh on them, and skin over it; but 
they had no breath. Then he said to me, "Prophesy 
to the Spirit; prophesy, son of man, and say to 
the Spirit, Thus says God: Come from the four 
winds, Spirit, and breathe upon these corpses, 
so that they may live." And I prophesied as he 
told me; and the breath came into them, and they 
came to life, and they stood on their feet, a very 
great army. [Ezekiel 37:1-10] 

People : 

He gives us a new heart, 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh, 
And gives us a heart of flesh. 

Reader: Hear the fourth prophecy of the Spirit, a 
vision of the Liberator, from the book of Isaiah. 
The Spirit of God is upon me. 

Because God has anointed me; 
He sent me to tell the oppressed good news. 

To restore the broken-hearted; 
To announce liberation to the captives 

And daylight for all those imprisoned; 
To proclaim the year of God's pity, 

A day of vengeance for our God; 
To comfort all those who mourn. 

To give them the oil of gladness. 
So that men will build up the ancient ruins 

And repair the desolate cities. 

[Isaiah 61:1-4] 

People : 

He gives us a new heart, 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh. 

And gives us a heart of flesh. 

Going through the Waters 79 

Reader: Hear the fifth prophecy of the gifts of 
the Spirit, from the letter of Paul to the 
Corinthians . 

We speak wisdom among the fully committed. Not a 
wisdom of this age, nor of the demonic rulers of 
this age, doomed to destruction; but the wisdom of 
God hidden in secret, which he set up before time 
and space to honor us. None of the magistrates of 
this age recognize it; for if they had recognized 
it, they would not have executed the Liberator of 
splendor. It is written, "No eye has seen, no ear 
has heard, no heart has imagined, what things God 
has prepared for those who love him." These 
things God has uncovered to us through the Spirit; 
the Spirit searches out all things, even the 
abysses of God. No one knows a man's affairs ex- 
cept his spirit inside him; so no one knows God's 
affairs except the Spirit of God. And we have not 
received the spirit of the world but the spirit of 
God, so that we should know the free gifts made by 
God to us; which we do not speak in words taught 
by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit. 

[2 Corinthians 2:6-13] 

People : 

He gives us a new heart. 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh, 

And gives us a heart of flesh. 

Reader: When the Fiftieth day after the Passover, 
which is Pentecost, arrived, they were all to- 
gether in one place. And there came suddenly from 
the sky the sound of a strong steady wind which 
filled the whole house where they were sitting. 
And there appeared to them tongues of fire, dis- 
tributed and resting on each of them. And they 
were all filled with the sacred Spirit, and they 
began to speak in other tongues, just as the 
Spirit put in their mouths. Now there were stay- 
ing at Jerusalem Jews and religious men from every 
nation under the sky; and when the sound was 
heard, a crowd of them gathered and was aston- 
ished, because each one heard them speaking in his 
own language. They were carried out of themselves 
in wonder, saying: "Are not all these who are 
speaking Galilaeans? How is it that each of us 
hears them speaking in his own language, that he 
was brought up in? Parthians and Medes and 
Elamites, inhabitants of Mesopotamia, of Armenia 
and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and 

80 A Book of Changes 

Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya near 
Cyrene ; Romans in residence, Jews and converts, 
Cretans and Arabs; we hear them speaking in our 
own tongues the great actions of God." 

[Acts 2:1-11] 

People : 

He gives us a new heart, 

He puts a new spirit in us; 
He takes the stone heart out of our flesh, 
And gives us a heart of flesh. 

The Gift of the Spirit 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, after the new 
thing has been born, it must still be given the 
breath of life. You have heard how again and 
again in the past the spirit has been transmitted; 
will you here and now receive it in your hearts? 

Candidates : I open my body as a temple of the 

Minister : Will you bring the same Spirit to your 
own household, helping the young to desire the 
things done here, so that your family may be an 
example and nucleus for the larger community of 

Candidates : I will help build the lives around me 
into the new City. 

Minister : As the Artisan of nature designed the 
galaxies and earth with his fingers, will you make 
your vocation and job transparent to his Spirit? 

Candidates : In my work I stand beside my Brother 
the carpenter . 

Minister : As he was content to be the servant of 
all, will you in his spirit always take thought 
for the poor, the suffering, the oppressed? 

Candidates : I will be union spokesman and waiter 
at tab! e . 

Minister : When your own hour of casualty comes, 
will you with confidence rely on the same spirit 
of ministry in this brotherhood? 

Candidates : In strength and in weakness I trust 
in the spi ri t of 1 ife. 

Minister and People: 

Be all of one mind in the Spirit. We are all 
of one mind in the Spirit. 

Going through the Waters 81 

Through the love of the Fountain of life: 

We are all of one mind in the Spirit. 

And so on. 
Through Jesus our brother's fidelity: 
Through the hope of his people in every age: 
In prosperity and in harassment : 
In our families and our aloneness: 
In our suffering and celebration: 
At the day of death, in the years of living: 
In solidarity with God's whole people: We 

are all of one mind in the Spirit. 
In unity with all the creation: We are all 

of one mind in the Spirit. 

Then the Candidates kneel down before the Minister 
and his colleagues ^ who lay hands on their heads ^ 
saying : 

In the name of Jesus our Liberator, may the heal- 
ing Spirit of God rest upon you; the spirit of 
wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel 
and strength, the spirit of gentleness and the 
love of God, in this reconciled community of 
friends . 

Then likewise the Ministers kneel down and receive 
the spirit from the new members ; and so throughout 
the congregation. The Kiss of Peace follows , 
while the Minister says: 

Shalom, my brothers and sisters, the peace of our 
Liberator be with you. Shalom. 

Minister : The covenant of peace has been sealed; 
for God has sent the spirit of repentance into 
your hearts, crying out: 

/I U.- 
Abba, Father: 
Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring; 
Our bread provide us ; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials' free us. 


And after this I will pour out 

The breath of my spirit on all flesh. 

Your sons and daughters will prophesy, 
Your old men will dream dreams, 

Your young men will see visions; 

On your servants I will pour out my spirit 

[Joel 2:28-29] 

82 A Book of Changes 

At the Freedom Meal 

Then begins the Litany of the Saints (p. 33)^ dur- 
ing which the Ministers can leave the room and re- 
turn in celebration vestments . Immediately after- 
wards follows the Gloria in Excelsis (p. 122)^ 
during which bells are rung. 

Minister : Let us hear that Word from which, we 
believe, there is fresh light yet to break. 

The Epistle 

All of us who went through the waters to Jesus our 
Liberator, went through them to his death. For we 
were buried with him through our immersion into 
his death so that, just as he was awakened from 
the dead by the splendor of the Father, we also 
might walk in new life. For if we have been 
grafted onto the manner of his death, so shall we 
also be with his rising. We are aware that our 
old self was executed along with him, so that our 
complicity with evil might be destroyed, for us to 
serve evil no longer. And if we have died with 
him, we trust that we will also live with him. 
For we know that, after the Liberator was waked up 
from among the dead, he will not die again; death 
has no more control over him. He died to evil 
once and for all; he now lives to God. So we must 
think of ourselves as dead to evil, and alive to 
God in Jesus the Liberator. [Romans 6:3-11] 

Psalm 98 

Sing a new song to the Power of history. 

For he has done wonderful things; 
His right hand and his holy arm 

Have carried off liberation. 
He has made his victory known. 

To all races he showed his justice; 
He remembered his mercy and truth 

To all the house of Israel; 
And all the continents of the earth 

Have seen the liberation of our God, 
Sing to him, the whole world; 

Rejoice, cry out and praise. 
Praise him with every music. 

With music and voice of melody. 
With trumpets and sound of horns 

Be happy before the King of power. 
Let the sea in its fulness thunder. 

The globe and its inhabitants; 
Let the rivers clap their hands. 

Let the mountains laugh together. 

Going through the Waters 83 

Before the Power of history 

Who comes to judge the earth; 
He will judge the globe in fairness. 

And all the races with equity. 

The Gospel 

Now two of them on that day were walking to a vil- 
lage named Emmaus about sixty miles from Jerusa- 
lem, and discussing together all these things that 
had happened. And while they were talking, Jesus 
himself drew near and began walking with them; but 
their eyes were kept from recognizing him. He 
said to them, "What words were you exchanging in 
your journey?" They stood still, discouraged. 
One of them named Cleopas answered: "You have 
been staying in Jerusalem, and do not know the 
events that have happened there in these days?" 
He said, "What events?" 

They said, "The affair of Jesus the Nazarene, a 
prophet powerful in action and word, in the sight 
of God and all the people — how the chief priests 
and magistrates turned him over for a death sen- 
tence and executed him. But we were hoping that 
it was he who would liberate Israel. Furthermore, 
this is the third day since it happened. And some 
women of our number have given us an astonishing 
report; they were at the grave early in the morn- 
ing and did not find his body; but told us they 
had seen a vision of Messengers, who said he was 
alive. Some of us went to the grave, and found it 
as the women reported; him they did not see." 

He said to them: "You fools and slow of heart to 
trust all that the prophets said; did not the Lib- 
erator have to endure these things before entering 
his splendor?" Then starting with Moses and all 
the prophets he explained to them the things 
about himself in all the Books. 

They came near the village they were going to, and 
he appeared to be journeying farther. But they 
urged him, saying, "Stay with us, for it is near 
evening and the day is almost done." So he came 
in and stayed with them. And when he joined them 
at table, he took the loaf, gave thanks, broke it, 
and divided it among them. Then their eyes were 
opened, and they recognized him; but he no longer 
was seen by them. 

They said to each other, "Did not our hearts burn 
in us, when he was talking to us on the road, at 
the way he opened the Books to us?" And they got 

84 A Book of Changes 

up at that very hour and went back to Jerusalem, 
and found the Eleven and their companions assem- 
bled and reporting: "The Liberator has really 
been raised up; he appeared to Simon." They in 
turn told what had happened on the road, and how 
he had been made known to them in the breaking of 
the loaf. [Luke 24:13-35] 

The Prayer 

Minister : Power of the universe, we ask that, 
as the Liberator has broken a new way through the 
gates of death to your light, so we, turned by him 
from the darkness of guilt, may walk into the city 
of justice and peace, through his loving spirit in 
the community of life. Amen; so may it be. 

The Affirmations are not said again; in their 
place can be sung: 

The IIar Is Over 

Tune: "Victory," Palestrlna 1588 {The Hymnal 1940^ 
no. 91; 8 8 8, with Alleluias) 

1 The war is over, and a zone 
Of liberation here has grown 

Where life returning cracked the stone; 

2 The dark exploiters had their day; 
See how their violent powers decay I 

Our Guide has marked a better way; Alleluia. 

3 The sap above begins to flow; 
The axe lies rusting far below; 

The winds of future landward blow; Alleluia. 

4 The Sun of Justice lights the east. 
And breaks the handcuffs of the Beast, 
While humankind sits down at feast; Alleluia. 

5 On green sierras near the sky 

He wipes the tear from every eye; 
Oppressor Death begins to die; Alleluia. 

6 He put himself in others' care; 

The Dark Lord found no foothold there. 

His laurel wreath we all may wear; Alleluia. 

7 The people's armies of the night 

In every land move towards the light; 
At dawn they reach their City bright; 

Going through the Waters 85 

8 The Swimmer rises from the wave 

To crush the Crab that digs our grave. 
Come quickly Jesus, strong to save I 

9 Our guilt no longer fears the tomb. 
The landless poor have found a home. 

Our Brother tastes the honeycomb; Alleluia. 

Alleluia; Alleluia; Alleluia. 
For the Offertory canticle is sung: 

Jesus our Lamb is sacrificed; 

Therefore let us keep his feast 
Not with the old leaven of violence, 

But with the new bread of plainness and 

truth. [1 Corinthians 5:7-8] 

For now the Liberator is av;aked from the 
dead , 
The vanguard of all who sleep; 
For since by a man came death, 

By a man comes rising from the dead. 

[1 Corinthians 15:20-21] 

We have died, and our life is hidden 

With the Liberator in God; 
And when Jesus our life appears. 

We also will appear with him in splendor. 

[Colossians 3:3-4] 

For the Dismissal is said: 

Reader : 

Go in peace and love. 

Go out into Babylon and bring them in. 
Keep the faith, baby: 

You are the Liberated Zone. 

The service as printed is oomplete in itself; by 
the addition of items in square brackets ^ it is 
set in the context of the Freedom Meal ^ with the 
engagement taking the place of the penitential 
section^ and the marriage proper becoming the 
conclusion of the offertory . 

At the Procession 

Until the first breath of day 

And the retreat of shadows 
I go up to the mountain of myrrh. 

To the hillside of frankincense. 
You are wholly fair, my love; 

There is no defect to be found in you. 
Come with me from Lebanon, my bride. 

Depart from the head of Hermon; 
Away from the dens of lions, 

Down from the mountains of leopards . 
You have made off with my heart, my sister, 

My bride, made off with my heart; 
By a single look of your eyes. 

By one jewel of your necklace. 
Sweet as the bees' comb are your lips; 

Honey and milk are on your tongue. 
And your garments in their perfuming 

Are as the smell of Lebanon. 
A garden enclosed is my sister, my bride, 

A garden enclosed, a fountain sealed. 
Your buds are a paradise of pomegranates 

And all spice: henna with nard , 
Saffron, calamus, cinnamon. 

With every tree of frankincense, 
Myrr and wood of aloes, 

With all the chiefest of balsams. 
A fountain of many gardens, 

A great spring of living water. 

And streams flowing from Lebanon. 

\Song of Solomon 4:8-15] 

\If the Freedom Meal follows ^ the minister reads 
Francis' prayer for peace, p. 121,] 

The Greetings 

Minister : Shalom, my brother and sister, the 
covenant of peace be upon you, Shalom. 

Couple and Others: And peace be with you, our 
brother, Shalom. 

The Celebration of a Wedding 87 

Minister : For the Liberator himself Is our peace; 

People: He breaks down all walls of hatred. 

[Ephesians 2:14] 

Minister : And we have been betrothed to him 

People: As a faultless bride to her husband. 

[2 Corinthians 11:2] 

The Litany for a Wedding 

(Replacing the Invocation of the Saints) 

Minister and People: 

Blessed is the Fountain of all the worlds: 

Blessed is he whose name is Love. 
Blessed is he that established the light of 

the Sun: Blessed is he whose name is 

Love. And so on. 
Blessed is he that compacted the earth: 
Blessed is he that filled up the great sea: 
Blessed is he that brings down the rainfall 

of life: 
Blessed is he that raised cedars from the 

ground : 
Blessed is he that makes grain sing in the 

Blessed is he that makes our heart glad with 

the sap of the vine: 
Blessed is he that made birds and insects, 

deer and all living things : 
Blessed is he that formed man and woman after 

his own image : 
Blessed is he that makes the womb swell with 

new life: 
Blessed is he that puts his own creativity 

in our fingers : 
Blessed is he that raised up Jesus as our ex- 
ample and Liberator: 
Blessed is he that surrounds us with the pil- 
lars of his saints: 
Blessed is he that makes the nations live in 

peace : 
Blessed is he that forgets not love in the 

grave of our death: Blessed is he whose 

name is Love. 
Blessed is he whose splendor is the universe: 

Blessed is he whose name is Love. 

The Demands of the Liberator 

The three rules of the new Way are replaced by the 
following : 

88 A Book of Changes 

Reader: Hear the light burden laid on us by Jesus 
our Liberator. The first demand is this: "Listen, 
Israel, our God is one; and you shall love our God 
with all your heart and soul and mind and strength." 
And the second is like it: "You shall love your 
neighbor as yourself." No other demand is greater 
than these. 

[Mark 12:29-31; Matthew 22:38] 

The Engagement 

This replaces the entire penitential section of 
the Freedom Meal. First the couple address the 
congregation as follows : 

Man: Friends, after thought and prayer I have 
come here today, with the intention of taking the 
hand of A/, in marriage. I ask your approval; and 
I call on our brother here, as your representa- 
tive, to witness our promises. 

Woman: Friends, after thought and prayer I have 
come here today, with the desire to offer my hand 
to A', in marriage. I ask your approval; and I 
call on our brother here, as your representative, 
to witness our promises. 

Then the minister says to the couple: 

My brother and sister, today you are to accept 
from each other the joyful burden of that love in 
which the worlds were made. As Isaac our fore- 
father went a long journey to his homeland, and 
there found the fair Rebeccah he was in search of, 
so you two have found each other. Our Liberator 
offered up all for this beloved community here 
assembled, with which he is one flesh. Likewise 
I ask you today, in its presence, if you are pre- 
pared to do the same. 

Then the minister says to the woman: 

N.J will you take this man to your wedded husband? 
Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him 
in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all 
others, keep only to him, so long as you both 
shall live? I wi 11 . 

Likewise to the man: 

N.J will you take this woman to your wedded wife? 
Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her 
in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all 
others, keep only to her, so long as you both 
shall live? I wi 1 1 . 

The Celebration of a Wedding 89 

Then the woman speaks to the man as follows ^ or in 
words of the couple ' s own choosing : 

I, N.J promise that I will strengthen and support 
you, N.J by sharing my joys and fears; and at the 
same time, in patience and trust, give you room to 
grow, and freedom to be your own self. 

And likewise the man to the woman^ in the same 
words. Then the minister says to the couple 
together : 

N. and N.J will you take pains not to burden the 
earth with the number of your children; but to 
make your family a nucleus for a more just and 
happier society, helping build this planet into 
the garden it was meant to be? We will. 

Then the woman either is given away or steps for- 
ward with the man. 

Reaffirming the Covenant 

Minister : My brother and sister, let us listen to 
the joyful promise made by the Power of Being. 

Reader : 

"For the mountains may be removed 

And the hills may be shaken. 
But my love shall not be removed, 

And the covenant of my peace shall not 
be shaken," 
says the God who has felt sympathy for you. 

[Isaiah 54:10] 

Minister to all: Friends, today these two join 
our community in a new relationship. So let us 
once again reaffirm that covenant by whose assur- 
ance we live. For see, God calls sky and earth to 
witness that he has set before us this day good 
and evil, blessing and curse, life and death. 
Which will you choose? 

People: We choose life, that we and our children 
may live. 

[The Gloria in excelsis can be said here or 
omitted. ] 

Minister : Let us hear that word from which, we 
believe, there is fresh light yet to break. 


Reader: And God said, "It is not right for a man 
to be by himself; I will make him a partner suit- 
able for him." And God shaped from clay every 

90 A Book of Changes 

wild animal, and every bird of the air. He 
brought them to man to see what he would call 
them; and whatever man called each creature, that 
was its name. So man gave names to all the ani- 
mals, and to all the birds of the air, and to ev- 
ery creature of the wilderness; but for man no 
suitable partner was found. Then God brought un- 
consciousness upon man, and he slept; and he took 
one of his ribs, and brought flesh back over its 
place. And God built the rib he had taken from 
man into woman, and brought her to man. And man 
said, "This time it is bone of my bone and flesh 
of my flesh; she will be called woman, because 
she was taken from man." Therefore a man leaves 
his father and mother and embraces his wife, and 
they become one flesh. And the two of them, the 
man and his wife, were naked and not ashamed. 

[Genesis 2:18-25] 

Psalm 128 

Happy are all that stand in awe of God, 

Who walk in his ways; 
You will eat the produce of your hands. 

You are happy and Joyful. 
Your wife is a fruiting vine 

On the walls of your house; 
Your children are slips of olive 

All around your table. 
So shall the man be blessed 

That stands in awe of God. 
God will so bless you from Zion, 

You will see Jerusalem happy all your 
You will see your children's children. 

And Israel in peace. Shalom. 

The Gospel 

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of 
Galilee. The mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus 
and his followers were invited to the wedding. 
Now when the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus 
told him, "They do not have any wine." Jesus told 
her, "What is that to you or me, lady? My hour is 
not yet at hand." But his mother told the serv- 
ants, "Do whatever he tells you." Now there were 
six water jars lying there, each holding two or 
three gallons. Jesus told them, "Fill the jars 
with water," and they filled them to the brim. 
Then he told them, "Now draw off from the jars, 
and take it to the master of ceremonies"; and they 
took it. Now when the master of ceremonies tasted 

The Celebration of a Wedding 91 

the water which had become wine, and did not know 
where it came from (only the servants who drew off 
the water knew), he called the bridegroom and said 
to him: "Everybody brings out the best wine at 
the beginning, and then the poorer wine when peo- 
ple are drunk; but you have kept the best wine un- 
til now." Jesus did this as the beginning of his 
signs in Cana of Galilee, and thus showed his 
splendor; and his followers had confidence in him. 

[John 2:1-11] 

The Prayer 

Minister : Fountain of love, make the hearts of 
this man and this woman firm, so that they can 
carry out joyfully the things they have today 
promised; for the sake of the one who has set us 
the precedent of his own love, Jesus our Liber- 
ator. Amen; so may it be. 

The Affirmations can be replaced by the following 


All of you that went through the waters 

Have clothed yourselves in the Liberator. 

In him there is neither Jew nor Greek, 
No oppressed or oppressor. 

Nor any male or female ; 

In Jesus you are all made one. 

[Galatians 3:27-28] 

Here if desired can come a short sermon. 

The Freedom Meal intercessions can be replaced by 
the following 


For ^. and N . , now to be married in the sight of 

God and in the presence of this community: We 

call on the Spirit. 
For the happiness of couples everywhere: We call 

on the Spirit. And so on. 
For the poor; for prostitutes, unmarried mothers, 

orphans; for all the unloved and unwanted: 
For doctors, nurses, and social workers; for all 

ministers to the oppressed: 
For the peace of the world, for an end to all war: 
For the whole creation; for animals without voice, 

that we may become their voice: 
For children and grandparents, that they may enjoy 

love in a family: 
For every person in his vocation, that each may 

remain faithful to his best vision: 

92 A Book of Changes 

That the Christ incognito may never be turned from 

our door: We call on the Spirit. 
We call on the Spirit to bind us in solidarity 

with all here and elsewhere, living and dead, 

who build their lives into the golden circle of 

love: We call on the Spirit. 

[If the Freedom Meal follows ^ the Offering is be- 
gun by the Minister saying: 

And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming 
down out of the sky from God, made ready like a 
bride adorned for her husband. [Revelation 21:26] 

The Presentation is the usual one on p. 126.] 

The Marriage 

The man takes the woman by her right hand and says 
as follows: 

I N. take you N. to my wedded wife, 

To have and to hold, 
From this day forward. 

For better, for worse. 
For richer, for poorer, 

In sickness and in health. 
To love and to cherish. 

Until death do us part. 
As the first man took his wife Eve 

In the paradise of Eden. 

Likewise the woman: 

I Nj take you N. to my wedded husband. 

To have and to hold. 
From this day forward. 

For better, for worse. 
For richer, for poorer. 

In sickness and in health, 
To love and to cherish. 

Till death do us part. 
As the first woman took her husband Adam 

In the paradise of Eden. 

Then the minister blesses the ring or rings^ 
saying : 

As these rings have [this ring has] neither begin- 
ning nor end, and lose [loses] neither luster nor 
substance, so may the Wellspring of love maintain 
these two persons constant and joyful in the com- 
munity of peace, through our Brother who gave him- 
self for it. 

Then the man puts the ring on the woman's finger^ 
saying : 

The Celebration of a Wedding 93 

With this ring I marry you, 
With my body I honor you. 

With all I have I present you. 

And the woman likewise ^ if she has a ring. 

Minister : Once again the covenant of peace has 
been sealed; for God who marries us to himself In 
love has sent the Spirit of the Liberator Into our 
hearts, crying: 


Abba, Father: 
Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us; 
Our debts forgive us ; 
From trials free us . 

Minister : Let us pray for peace among men. 
Power of history, let the home of these two, as of 
couples everywhere, become a city set on a hill, a 
sanctuary of peace; by their work and play may 
people learn love and not war, sitting unafraid 
under their vine and flgtree; through the Liber- 
ator who blessed peacemakers as your children. 
Amen; so may it be. 

Let us pray for peace In the natural order. 
bright Sun of creation, let the joyful union of 
this couple (If your desire Is such) overflow into 
the birth of children, not too many for the planet 
to bear, who will carry on in their generation the 
renewal of society and nature; so that in your 
right time the wolf may lie down with the lamb and 
the paradise of Eden be restored; through the bond 
of our unity, Jesus the true Adam. Amen; so may 
it be . 

Then the Minister joins their right hands, saying: 

Those whom God has joined together let not man put 
asunder . 

Then he says to the people: 

Friends, you have heard what things N. and N. have 
promised, and watched their exchange of rings; on 
your behalf I declare that they are man and wife, 
in the name of the Fountain of love who has 
filled this community with the spirit of Jesus the 
Liberator . 

Then follows the Kiss of Peaoe, begun by the 
couple, during which is said: 

94 A Book of Changes 

My beloved is mine and I am his. 

He feeds his flock among the lilies. 

Come quickly my love like a gazelle 

Or a stag on the mountains of spices . 

The bed underneath us is green. 

The beams of our house are of cedar. 

[Song of Solomon 2:16, 8:14, 1:17] 

[If the Freedom Meal is to be celehratedy the 
Sursum oorda is then said. The Abba Father need 
not he repeated. The Blessing and Dismissal are 
replaced by the following ."l 

Minister : May the Power behind space and time 
bless you, and unite you with his own Name of 
love, to take your intended place in the unrolling 
of his will; through the spirit of our Brother who 
gave us the true picture of humankind. Amen; so 
may it be. 

At the Departure 

Rise up my love with me, 

My fair one, and come away; 
For see, the winter is past; 

The rain is over and gone; 
The crocus appears on the earth. 

The time of singing is near. 
And the voice of the turtledove 

Is heard in our land. 

[Song of Solomon 2:10-12] 

An outline of commissioning for any office of min- 
istry in the community . It is set in the context 
of the Freedom Mealy in which the three Rules and 
the form of Liberation from Complicity can be 

The Prophecy 

Son of Man, speak to the children of your people 
and say to them: If 1 bring the sword on a coun- 
try, and the people of the country take a man of 
their own and make him their watchman, and he sees 
the sword coming against the country, and blows 
the trumpet and warns the people; then If someone 
hears the voice of the trumpet and does not take 
warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, 
his blood is on his own head. He heard the voice 
of the trumpet, he did not take warning, his blood 
is on himself; for if he had taken warning, he 
would have saved his life. But if the watchman 
sees the sword coming and does not blow the trum- 
pet, and the people are not warned, and the sword 
comes and takes away any one of them; that man is 
taken away in his complicity, and his blood 1 will 
require at the hand of the watchman. 

Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the 
house of Israel; whatever thing you hear from my 
mouth, you are to warn them from me. If I say to 
the criminal, "0 criminal, you will certainly 
die," and you do not speak out to warn the crimi- 
nal to turn from his way, the criminal will die in 
his complicity, and I will require his blood from 
your hand. But if you warn the criminal to turn 
from his way, and he does not turn from his way, 
he dies in his complicity, and you have saved your 
life. [Ezekiel 33:2-9] 


Have the way of life among you 

Which was also in Jesus our Liberator; 
Although in the form of God, 

He did not set his heart on that equality. 
But he made himself empty. 

Taking the form of a slave. 
And receiving the nature of a man. 

He accepted humiliation. 

96 A Book of Changes 

And became obedient to death, 

Even the death of the cross. 
And so God raised him high. 

And gave him a name over all names; 
So that to the name of Jesus 

Every knee should bow down. 
Of creatures above, on earth, and below. 

And every tongue should agree 
That Jesus is leader and liberator 

In the splendor of God the Father. 

[PhiZippians 2:5-11] 

The Gospel 

The rulers of nations exercise authority over 
them, and their influential men are called Bene- 
factors. It is not to be like this among you. 
Rather, let the greater one among you become as 
the less, and the leader as the servant. For 
which is greater, one who sits at table or one who 
serves him? Is it not the one who sits at table? 
And am I among you as the one who serves. You are 
the ones who have stayed with me during my trials. 
And I make a covenant with you as my Father made a 
covenant with me, that you should eat and drink at 
my table in my liberated zone, and sit on thrones 
judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 

[Luke 22:25-30] 

Here follows an address on the character of 
ministry . 

The Presentations 

A statement of the candidate's calling is read by 
an elected representative of the community where 
he or she is to minister . Then a statement of the 
candidate's suitability is read by a minister rec- 
ognized both by him and by the community ^ in ac- 
cordance with the covenant of the community . 

The Questions 

Presiding Minister : Friends, you have heard that 
this our brother has been called to the office of 

by the representatives of this community. 

And you have heard testimony to his qualifications 
by these others who have already been called and 
commissioned for such a ministry. We now wish to 
hear from our brother himself, in his own words, 
how he understands this task, so that we will have 
good grounds to believe he will prove serviceable 
to his people, and not himself fall casualty. 

My brother, you are being called to serve others 

Commission for Minis try 97 

in the way of a waiter at table, which our Liber- 
ator defines as the truest work of a human being. 
It was Indeed said of Jesus our Brother, Others he 
saved, himself he cannot save; and all here pres- 
ent stand ready to hold up your hand If you fall 
casualty. Still, what you are being commissioned 
for Is to hold up the hand of others. Do you then 
feel that you and your family are solid and stable 
enough In your Individual commitments. In your 
personal relations, so that with a quiet mind you 
can take on the burden of helping others, day in 
and day out? Also, as our Liberator and his Apos- 
tles often had no place to lay their head, you are 
not guaranteed money or support, even from an af- 
fluent society, for a work which means building a 
different society on new foundations. Few if any 
of those you see here are wealthy. Do you then 
have a useful vocation by which you can support 
yourself in this work if other support fails? And 
are you settled in your mind to go on in this work 
without bitterness or resentment, if necessary at 
your own expense? 

You must understand clearly from our sacred writ- 
ings the tasks of a minister. First of all, be- 
cause he is a fellow-servant with the Liberator, 
the minister is a watchman, as we heard from the 
prophet Ezekiel. The minister, through his study 
of the sacred Books, of the lives of the saints, 
of the news, of men's hearts, is given the spirit 
of prophecy, to see how the crimes of a nation are 
bringing the sword upon it . Are you then prepared 
with Amos, Jeremiah, and all the prophets, to con- 
demn when necessary the complicity of rulers, 
priests, the rich, judges, the exploiters of man 
or nature in an oppressive system; and to work for 
change in it? Are you willing to share the pov- 
erty or harassment of the victims, and to take 
your chance on joining them in prison? 

Second, the minister of Jesus is a herald: he an- 
nounces the Liberated Zone where men and women, 
society and nature are starting to become them- 
selves. Can you testify with conviction that his 
liberation is already at work in yourself? Are 
you prepared to let the Spirit build the community 
of love around your work, according to God's style 
rather then your style? Have you determined to 
help recall the Churches of Jesus to their orig- 
inal charter, supporting everything true in them, 
rejecting or reforming everything corrupt in them? 
Will you take on the burden of poetry, delivering 

98 A Book of Changes 

your message in such language that it can be heard 
by your audience? 

Third and most important, the minister of the Lib- 
erator is above all a servant, as we heard from 
Luke; that is what his title means. Whatever his 
faults in vision or weaknesses in organization, he 
can always take the side of the oppressed, binding 
up their wounds, making their suffering his suf- 
fering. Are you prepared to do this, becoming, so 
far as lies in you, a spokesman for all those who 
have no other spokesman? 

These tasks are simple to state, difficult to 
carry out. But carrying them out is made a little 
easier if you hold fast to simplicity of state- 
ment. So finally we wish to hear your assurance 
that you will not obscure the real nature of your 
work by compromise, mystification, double speak- 
ing, hidden agenda. Will you be a person who, so 
far as possible, holds nothing in reserve, keeps 
nothing secret but the confidences of others, per- 
mits himself no unexplained absences or unavail- 
ability, and has no ambition but usefulness; so 
that the simplest man or woman will not for an in- 
stant hesitate to trust you, because he can see 
instantly what you stand for, and see that you are 
one who trusts in a Power greater than us all? 

Then the candidate ^ in his own words , as simply 
and directly as possible ^ reads or speaks a state- 
ment of where he stands in answer to these 
questions . 

Minister : Are you prepared to bring your whole 
life under the guidance of the Spirit, as known to 
us in the Bible, in the lives of the Saints, and 
in our own history through the Providence of God? 
I am prepared to. 

Will you use the worship and covenant of this com- 
munity as your constant guides to the working of 
the Spirit; and at the same time hold them up to 
the plumb-line he has given us? Yes, I will do 

Have you determined to trust that Jesus our 
Brother, by his example, teaching, and work, is 
Christ and Lord — that is. Liberator of man and of 
all creation? I have so determined. 

May the Fountain of strength who has brought you 
to this commitment today keep you in it all your 
days. Amen; so may it be. 

Commission fov Ministry 99 

Here follow the Affirmations God Is not dead, 
etc. from p. 123. 


Come quickly Jesus the helper of all mankind: 

Come quickly our helper. 
Come quickly, you that make broken bodies and 

lives whole again: Come quickly our helper. 

And so on. 
You that pronounced the blessedness of the poor 

and suffering: 
You that bring in the liberated zone to all 

nations : 
You that were fearless to denounce the crimes of 

the powerful: 
You that observe the lilies of the wild and the 

sparrow's fall: 
You that in your coming bring in the paradise of 

You that love children, join the marriage feast 

and mourn the dead: 
You that call sinners of the people, and sinners 

against the people, into one community: 
You that took on our guilt, so that we could take 

on your wholeness: 
You that throw out the demonic powers from our 

You that led the march of protest to the Temple of 

You that passed through the dark waters, and were 

anointed with the Spirit : 
You that were lifted up in transfiguration and in 

brutality : 
You that broke the evil powers by offering your- 
self to them: 
You that refresh all people with the bread of life 

and the sap of the vine: Come quickly our 

hel per. 
Come quickly, our helper, and pour out your spirit 

on all called to be your fellow-servants: Come 

quickly our helper. 

The Commissioning 

Minister: Spirit of God's breath. Spirit of the 
Liberator's life; this community is dead unless 
you are the atmosphere it breathes. Come and ful- 
fill the dream of your saints that a new society 
will rise out of the ruins of the old. As you 
have always in the past come on those who trusted 
you, today fill this one who asks only to do your 
work in your strength. Through him ^ and his 

100 A Book of Changes 

brothers and sisters everywhere, may the golden 
ring of our fellowship become one and the same 
with the sphere of this planet, so that all cre- 
ated life will exist together in love and peace. 

Then the ministers ^ and other representatives of 
the community J lay hands on the candidate ' s head^ 
white is said: 

May the Power of Being make you a faithful servant 

of his covenant of peace, in the office of , 

not by the letter of human institutions, but by 
the Spirit of life; through Jesus our Brother and 
Liberator, who was among us as a servant and gave 
his life for the people. 

Then the newly commissioned minister is given the 
Bihle y while is said: 

Receive the word of life; put no other book above 
this or beside this; let all your words be spoken, 
all your actions done, in its spirit. 

Then any other appropriate instruments or symbols 
of office are given. The new minister is in- 
stalled in his office by a representative of the 
community . The papers are signed. Then the pre- 
siding minister y assisted by his new colleague ^ 
continues the Freedom Mealy starting at the Offer- 
ing. The Beatitudes are replaced with a blessing 
of the new minister : 

May your mouth speak the word of justice in and 
out of season; may you plant the peace garden of 
this earth wherever your feet stand; may your eyes 
always be turned towards the poor and exploited, 
your hands be quick to lift them; and may the 
Spirit of God accompany you, so that at the Liber- 
ator's coming you will hear the word spoken to a 
faithful servant: Since you did it for the least 
of these my brothers, you did it for me. 

This form is not suitable for a prison-appointed 
chaplain making official visits. It assumes a 
fellowship between prisoner and visitor ; that is, 
it is intended primarily for political prisoners , 
in the broad sense. Prayers especially for mili- 
tary prisoners are found on pp. 229-127. 

Visitor : 

Lift up your heads, you gates; 

Open up, you everlasting doors; 

For the King of splendor to come in. 
Who is this King of splendor? 
Our God strong and mighty. 
The God beyond all armies. 
Lift up your heads, you gates; 

Open up, you everlasting doors; 

For the King of splendor to come in. 
Who is this king of splendor? 
The God of all true armies. 
He is the King of splendor. 

[Psalm 24:7-10] 

Grace be to you and peace from Jesus our Liber- 
ator, the first political prisoner. 


(1) From the prison diaries of Dietrich 

Nothing can make up for the absence of someone 
whom we love, and it would be wrong to try and 
find a substitute; we must simply hold out and see 
it through. That sounds very hard at first, but 
at the same time it is a great consolation; for 
the gap, as long as it remains unfilled, preserves 
the bonds between us. It is nonsense to say that 
God fills the gap; he does not fill it, but on the 
contrary, he keeps it empty and so helps us to 
keep alive our former communion with each other, 
even at the cost of pain. 

The dearer and richer our memories, the more dif- 
ficult the separation. But gratitude changes the 
pangs of memory into a tranquil joy. The beauties 
of the past are borne, not as a thorn in the 
flesh, but as a precious gift in themselves. We 
must take care not to wallow in our memories or 
hand ourselves over to them, just as we do not 
gaze all the time at a valuable present, but only 

102 A Book of Changes 

at special times, and apart from these keep it 
simply as a hidden treasure that is ours for cer- 
tain. In this way the past gives us lasting joy 
and strength. 

Times of separation are not a total loss or un- 
profitable for our companionship, or at any rate 
they need not be so. In spite of all the diffi- 
culties that they bring, they can be the means of 
strengthening fellowship quite remarkably. 

I have learned here especially that the facts can 
always be mastered, and that difficulties are mag- 
nified out of all proportion simply by fear and 
anxiety. From the moment we wake until we fall 
asleep we must commend other people wholly and un- 
reservedly to God and leave them in his hands, and 
transform our anxiety for them into prayers on 
their behalf. 

What times these are I What memories for the years 
to come I What matters is that we should direct 
these memories, as it 'were, into the right spirit- 
ual channels, and so make them harder, clearer, 
and more defiant, which is a good thing. There is 
no place for sentimentality on a day like this. 
If in the middle of an air raid God sends out the 
gospel call to his kingdom in baptism, it will be 
quite clear what that kingdom is and what it 
means. It is a kingdom stronger than war and dan- 
ger, a kingdom of power and authority, signifying 
eternal terror and judgment to some, and eternal 
joy and justice to others, not a kingdom of the 
heart, but one as wide as the earth, not transi- 
tory but eternal, a kingdom that makes a way for 
itself and summons men to itself to prepare its 
way, a kingdom for which it is worth while to risk 
our lives. 

(2) From the acts of Saint Perpetua^ Carthage ^ 
A.D. 203. 

During those few days we were baptized, and the 
Holy Spirit told me to make no other request after 
going through the waters than for bodily endur- 
ance. A few days later we were lodged in prison, 
and I was in great fear, because I had never known 
such darkness. A day of horror; terrible heat, 
due to all the crowds; brutality by the soldiers. 
On top of all I was tormented there by anxiety for 
my baby. Then those blessed deacons who were min- 
istering to us paid for us to be removed for a few 
hours to a better part of the prison and refresh 

A Form for Visiting Prisoners 102 

ourselves. Then my baby was brought to me, and I 
suckled him, for he was already faint for lack of 
food. I spoke anxiously to my mother on his be- 
half, and strengthened my brother, and commended 
my son to their charge. I was wasting away be- 
cause I saw them wasting away for my sake. Such 
anxieties I suffered for many days. Then I got 
permission for my baby to stay in the prison with 
me, and I at once recovered my health, and was re- 
lieved of my trouble and anxiety for my baby. My 
prison suddenly became a palace to me, and I would 
rather have been there than anywhere else. 

(3) From the journals of George Fox. 

One time in this Jail there came a soldier to us; 
and whilst one of our Friends was admonishing of 
him and exhorting him to sobriety, 1 saw him begin 
to draw his sword. Whereupon I stepped to him and 
told him what a shame it was to offer to draw his 
sword upon an unarmed man, and him a prisoner; and 
how unfit and unworthy he was to carry such a wea- 
pon; and that if he should have drawn it upon some 
men, they would have taken his sword from him and 
have broken it to pieces. So he was ashamed, and 
went his way; and the Lord's power sustained us. 

At a later time I had a fit of sickness, which 
brought me very low and weak in my body; and 1 
continued so a pretty while, insomuch that some 
Friends began to doubt of my recovery. 1 seemed 
to myself to be among the graves and dead corpses; 
yet the invisible power did secretly support me, 
and conveyed refreshing strength into me, even 
when 1 was so weak that I was almost speechless. 
One night, as 1 was lying awake upon my bed in the 
glory of the Lord which was over all, it was said 
unto me that the Lord had a great deal more work 
for me to do for him before he took me to himself. 

Endeavors were used to get me released, at least 
for a time, till 1 was grown stronger; but the way 
of effecting it proved difficult and tedious; for 
the King was not willing to release me by any 
other way than a pardon, being told he could not 
legally do it; and I was not willing to be re- 
leased by a pardon, which he would readily have 
given me, because I did not look upon that way as 
agreeable with the innocency of my cause. 

(4) From the Acts of the Apostles, 12:6-11. 

Now when Herod was about to bring Peter out for 
execution, on that very night he was sleeping 

104 A Book of Changes 

between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and 
sentries in front of the door were guarding the 
prison. Then a Messenger of God stood there, and 
a light shone in the cell; he tapped Peter on the 
side and woke him up, saying, "Get up quickly." 
And the Messenger said to him, "Put on your 
clothes and your sandals"; and he did so. And he 
said to him, "Wrap your coat around you and follow 
me." And he went out, following him; he did not 
realize that what the messenger was doing was 
real, but thought he was dreaming. After they had 
passed the first and second guards, they came to 
the iron gate leading into the city; it opened for 
them by itself. They went out and walked for a 
block, and then suddenly the Messenger left him. 
Then Peter came to himself and said, "Now I know 
truly that the Lord has sent his Messenger and has 
saved me from the hand of Herod and from the ex- 
pectation of the people." 

(S) From Paul ' s second letter to the Corinthians ^ 

Are all those others ministers of the Liberator? 
Though I speak like a fanatic, I say that I am 
more so. I have had more labors, more imprison- 
ments, been often beaten, often in deaths. Five 
times I received from the Jews forty lashes save 
one; three times I was beaten with clubs; once I 
was stoned; three times I was shipwrecked; I 
drifted at sea for a night and a day; constantly 
on journeys, in danger from rivers, in danger from 
highwaymen, in danger from my own people, in dan- 
ger from foreigners, danger in the city, danger in 
the desert, danger at sea, danger among false 
brothers; in work and hardship, often sleepless, 
in hunger and thirst, in cold and nakedness; and 
beside these outer things, my daily companion — 
anxiety for all the churches. Who is sick, and I 
am not sick? Who falls casualty and I am not 
angry? If I must boast, I will boast of my weak- 
ness. God the father of Jesus our Liberator, 
blessed for all the Ages, knows that I am not 

Psalm 1^2 

I raise my voice to my God, 

With my voice I ask for his gentleness; 
I pour out my trouble before him. 

In his presence I make my complaint. 
When my spirit sinks low. 

It is you that know my way. 

A Form for Visiting Prisoners 105 

For on the path where I walk 

They have hidden a trap for me; 
I look to the right hand and watch, 

And there is none to take notice; 
All refuge has gone away from me. 

No man looks after my life. 
My God, you alone are my fortress. 

My share in the land of the living; 
Pay attention to my cry. 

For I have been brought very low. 
Save me from those who harass me. 

Because they are too strong for me; 
Bring me safe out of prison. 

So that 1 can give thanks to your Name . 
Then just men will surround me. 

And you will deal fairly with me . 

Visitor: The golden circle of mankind cannot be 
broken by any enemy, but only by ourselves. Once 
again, in spite of all difficulties, the community 
of love has been restored even in this place. 
Others have perhaps offended against that commu- 
nity more than we. Still I know for myself that I 
have been at fault; and if you feel the same, I 
invite you to confess after me. 

My brother, I confess in the sight of God, in your 
presence, and to our brothers and sisters every- 
where, that in my thoughts and words and actions I 
have broken the fellowship of our community, bro- 
ken the image of God in myself. 

[In particular, I have neglected the poor and 

oppressed by . . . 
I have myself exploited the poor by . . . 

I have exploited the natural environment 

by . . . 

I have exploited my brothers and sisters 

by . . . 

I have wasted my own abilities by . . . ] 

I am willing to do reparation; I ask forgiveness 
from God, and pardon from you, my brother, and 
from all my brothers and sisters present and 
absent . 

Then the prisoner can make the same confession as 
appropriate . 

Visitor: God has laid two ways before us, of 
death and of life; since we have chosen life, he 
is faithful to maintain his covenant. All breaks 
in the community of love have been made whole by 

106 A Book of Changes 

Jesus our Liberator, who is the ground of all 
unity. Amen; so may it be. 


Abba, Father: 
Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us ; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials free us . 
Prisoner : Jesus came to Nazareth, where he had 
been brought up. And on the sabbath, according 
to his custom, he went into the synagogue, and 
stood up to read. There was given him the book of 
the prophet Isaiah; and, unrolling the book, he 
found the place where it is written: 
The Spirit of God is upon me. 

He has anointed me with oil. 
He has sent me to tell the poor good news; 

To heal the broken in heart ; 
To proclaim release to the captives. 

An opening of eyes to the blind; 
To set the oppressed at liberty; 

To announce God's year of justice. 
Then he rolled back the book, and gave it to the 
attendant, and sat down; and the eyes of all those 
in the synagogue were fastened on him. And his 
first words to them were: "Today this writing is 
fulfilled in your ears." [Luke 4:16-21] 

Litany of Jesus the Liberator 

Jesus the first political prisoner, visit all 
political prisoners: Hear us our brother. 
Jesus who stole from the grainf ields : Hear 

us our brother. And so on. 
Jesus who stayed with prostitutes: 
Jesus who lived with revolutionaries: 
Jesus who called the tax-collectors: 
Jesus who slept with the poor: 
Jesus who proclaims release to the captives: 
Jesus who sets the oppressed at liberty: 

In our need of bread and meat, clothes and 
medicines, books and paper: 

In all times of heat and cold, loneliness 
and harassment: 

When we are brutalized or neglected, in- 
sulted or threatened: 

In our temptations to counter-brutality, 
counter-violence : 

A Form for Visiting Prisoners 107 

For all prisoners weaker than ourselves, 

whose needs are greater than ours : 
For all jailers and wardens, especially N. 

and N . J that humanity may win out over 

routine : 
For all judges, officers, governors, and 

presidents, that for their hearts of 

stone they may be given hearts of flesh: 
For all those sick, persecuted, poor, dying, 

inside and outside, that you may be with 

them to the end: 
For women prisoners, for juveniles, for 

mental patients: 
For our family and friends (especially N.), 

that they may receive their needs and not 

lose confidence in your way: 
For a speedy reform of the courts and prison 

systems everywhere : 
For an opening of gates, for recovery of 

sight to the blind: 
For liberation of all oppressed, for help to 

the victims of violence: 
For an end to war and exploitation, here and 

in every land which you liberated by your 

blood : 

{Here can follow free intercessions .'\ 

In solidarity with draft resisters, Maxi- 
milian, Franz Jaegerstaetter , David 
Darst, Thich Quang Due, Jan Palach, 
Norman Morrison, and all their brothers: 

In solidarity with all executed for your 
sake: Polycarp, Ignatius, Perpetua and 
Felicity, Justin, and all their brothers: 

In solidarity with all murdered for resist- 
ance: Camillo Torres, Joe Hill, Sacco 
and Vanzetti, Martin Luther King, James 
Rector and all their brothers: 

In solidarity with all unjustly imprisoned 
for your name's sake: Paul of Tarsus, 
George Fox, Gandhi the Mahatma, Abraham J. 
Muste, John Bunyan, Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
and all their brothers: 

By your unjust arrest and trial, imprisonment 
and beating: 

By your undeserved death, by your permanent 
life in our community: Hear us our 

Hear us, Jesus our brother, and by your name 
of Liberator be with us always: Hear us 
our brother. 

108 A Book of Changes 

Psalm ^0:1-3 

I waited patiently for my God; 

He turned to me and heard my calling. 
He drew me up from the pit of desolation. 

Out of the swamp and quicksand. 
And he has set my feet upon a rock; 

He has made my steps secure. 
And he put in my mouth a new song. 

Words of praise for my God. 

Psalm 1^6:5-10 

Happy is he who hopes in God, 

God who made sky and earth and sea. 
He keeps his promise for ever; 

He executes justice for the oppressed; 
He gives bread to the hungry; 

He sets the prisoners free; 
He opens the eyes of the blind; 

He lifts up all that are bowed down. 
God loves all who love justice; 

God watches over all strangers; 
He supports the widow and orphan; 

He smashes the way of the wicked. 

Visitor: I bind on my heart the breastplate of 
justice . 

Prisoner : I bind on my head the helmet of libera 
tion. [Isaiah 59:17^ 

Here follow the Affirmations God is not dead, 
eta. from p. 123. 

Visitor: Our God is faithful to maintain the cov- 
enant of his peace through the Liberator, who him- 
self is our peace. For hear his words: 
I have called you out in justice, 

I have taken your hand and supported you; 
I give you as a covenant to my people. 
As a light to all nations on earth: 
To open the eyes of the blind; 

To bring out the captive from prison. 
Those who sit in darkness from the dungeon; 
For I am God, that is my name. 

[Isaiah 42:6-7] 
By my God I can overcome an army; through him I 
can leap over a wall. Maranatha, come quickly, 
Jesus our Liberator. Shalom, my brother, his 
peace be with you, Shalom. 

Here the visitor and prisoner shall exchange the 
kiss of peace. 

A Form for Visiting Prisoners 109 

Visitor: May God's love be victorious everywhere, 
as it has already prevailed in our hearts. May 
all men and women enlist in the peaceable army of 
Jesus our Liberator. May the Spirit of life flow 
into you with its waters, and bring you to a place 
of hills and sky, of joy and freedom. 

(i . Hcff^c^^l t>lj tit DciU 

Reader: Brothers and sisters, as our uncovered 
face mirrors the splendor of God, let us be trans- 
figured into his likeness, from splendor to splen- 
dor. Our good news is hidden only among those who 
are being destroyed, whose minds the Idol of this 
age has blinded with lack of trust, to keep them 
from seeing the brightness of the Gospel of the 
splendor of the Liberator, who is the picture of 
God. For the God who said "May light shine out of 
darkness" has shined in your hearts, to give the 
splendor of the knowledge of God in the face of 
the Liberator. Now we hold this treasure in ves- 
sels of clay, to make it clear that the fountain 
of energy lies with God and not with us. At every 
point we are oppressed but not crushed; we see no 
way out but we do not give up; we are persecuted 
but not deserted, thrown down but not destroyed. 
Always we carry around the dying of Jesus in our 
body, so that in turn the life of Jesus may become 
visible in our body. For we in our life are con- 
stantly being handed over to death for Jesus' 
sake, so that the life of Jesus may shine through 
our dying flesh. 

So let us not give up; for even while our outer 
humanity is being destroyed, our inner humanity is 
daily being renewed. For this temporary oppres- 
sion is generating for us a weight of splendor in 
the Age to come. Let us then not pay attention to 
the visible but the invisible; for things seen be- 
long to this passing age, but things unseen belong 
to the Age to come. For we know that when our 
temporary quarters of clay are dissolved, we have 
a home from God, not made by hands, belonging to 
the Age to come and in the Place of being. In our 
present house we groan, desiring to be clothed in 
that habitation which is from God, so that we may 
not be found naked; so that our vulnerability to 
death may be swallowed up by life. To this end 
God is making us ready; and he has already en- 
trusted us with the down-payment of his Spirit. 

[2 Corinthians 3:18-5:5] 

As the body is brought into the room: 


See, the habitation of God is with men, and they 
shall be his people; he will wipe off every tear 

Memorial of the Dead 111 

from their eyes. Death and mourning shall be no 
longer, because former things have passed away. 

[Revelation 21:3-4] 

If there lives in you the Spirit of the one who 
raised up Jesus the Liberator from among the dead, 
he will give life also to your mortal bodies 
through his Spirit which lives in you. 

{Romans 8:11] 

The dead in him shall live, their bodies shall 
rise up; dance and sing, you dwellers in the dust. 
For his is a dew of splendor, on the land of shad- 
ows he will make it fall. [Isaiah 26:19] 

Psalm 90 

God, you have been a home for us 

From one age of men to another. 
Before the mountains were pushed up. 

Or the planet gave birth to the 
continents , 
From before time and until after time. 

You are the Power of Being. 
You turn man back into his dust. 

And then say, "Rise up, children of Adam." 
For a thousand years in your eyes 

Are as yesterday or a night watch. 
You sweep them away with your floods. 

They are remembered as a dream. 
They are grass that springs up in the 

In the evening it withers and dries. 
For we come to an end by your outrage. 

We draw back at your indignation. 
You have set our complicity before you. 

Our crimes in the blaze of your features. 
All our days fade away at your sentence; 

Our years pass at the snap of your finger. 
Our days are seventy years. 

Or eighty in our farthest strength; 
Their breadth is labor and trouble. 

Soon it is gone and we are blown away. 
Make us learn so to count our days 

That we bring our hearts to wisdom. 

Minister : Shalom, my brothers and sisters, the 
light and peace of our Liberator be with you and 
with the faithful departed, Shalom. 

People: And peace be with you, our brother, 
Shal om . 

112 A Book of Changes 


Jesus our brother, by your birth outside the inn: 

Put your 1 i f e in us . 
As a victim of harassment, as a refugee child: 

Put your life in us. And so on. 
By your apprenticeship in wood and stone: 
By your new birth in solidarity with our guilt: 
By your temptations, by your doubt of your true 

calling : 
By your will to feed the hungry, to heal the 

suffering : 
By your openness to speak the words of our need: 
In your fidelity to the voiceless poor and 

oppressed : 
In your anointing with nard by a woman of the 

streets : 
In every humiliation of your unmerited dying: 
By your rising again wherever bread is broken: 
By the new spirit of this your brotherhood: 

Put your life in us. 
By all who take your way, both known and unknown: 

Put your life in us. 


Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher; 

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. 
What profit does a man get 

Of all the work he does under the sun? 
A generation comes and one goes. 

But the earth stands as from the beginning. 
The sun rises and the sun goes down 

And returns to the place it rose up from. 
The wind blows south and turns to the north. 

It turns and goes back on its circuits. 
All the rivers flow into the sea 

And the sea is never filled by them; 
To the place that the rivers come from. 

There they go back once again. 
All things are full of tiresomeness; 

Men cannot discover their meaning. 
The eye is not satisfied with seeing. 

Nor the ear ever filled with hearing. 
What has happened is what will happen. 

And nothing is new under the sun. 

[Eaclesiastes 1:2-9] 

Nunc Dimittis 

Master, now you dismiss your servant 
According to your word, in peace. 

For my eyes have seen your liberation 

Which you have set up before all peoples : 

Memorial of the Dead IIS 

A light to illuminate the nations. 

And to be the splendor of your people 

Israel. [Luke 2:29-32; 

For the Gospel 

It is the love of the Liberator that supports us; 
for we conclude that if one died for all, then all 
have already died in him. He died for all so that 
those who live should no longer live to them- 
selves, but to him who for their sake died and was 
raised. So that whoever lives in the Liberator is 
a new creation. The old things have passed away 
and (Only lookl ) new things have come into exist- 
ence. All things are from the God who has recon- 
ciled us to himself through the Liberator, and has 
given us the servant's task of reconciliation. We 
are to announce that the Power of Being has recon- 
ciled the universe to himself through the Liber- 
ator, not holding men's complicity against them, 
but setting in our midst the word of reconcilia- 
tion. God is making his appeal through us as 
spokesmen of the Liberator; on his behalf we urge 
you, become reconciled to the Root of your being. 
The one man wholly free of complicity was made 
guilt for our sake, so that we might become the 
justice of God in him. As his fellow-workers we 
urge you not to frustrate the gentleness of God. 
For it is said, "At the right time 1 listened to 
you; I helped you in the day of liberation." And 
just look: today is the right time, now is the 
day of liberation. [2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2] 

The Prayer 

Minister : Life of the world, you uphold all our 
individual lives; in the presence of your saints, 
look on the body of our brother [sister] departed 
and on us who remember him; renew perpetually the 
golden ring of our fellowship-; maintain both him 
and us in fidelity to the liberation being done by 
Jesus, so that we all may have good hope of life 
in this our community of love. Amen; so may it be 


For the solitary and suffering, for the neglected 

and exploited: We call on the Spirit. 
For all enslaved by a system of violence, whether 

as masters or servants: We call on the 

Spirit. And so on. 
For the hungry and sick, for all dying in lonely 

places : 

11^ A Book of Changes 

For all comrades of Luke the physician, for the 

servants of the poor: 
For all who struggle for justice in the name of 

the Liberator: 
For all who are building their lives into a more 

just society: 
For all who have died, in ignorance or in knowl- 
edge of the new Way: 
In memory of Jesus our brother, himself deserted 

in his last hour: 
In solidarity with our brother [sister] departed, 

who has died and is living: 
In thankfulness for the example set by the saints 

of humanity: We call on the Spirit. 
In thankfulness for the new life brought in by our 

Liberator: We call on the Spirit. 

Psalm 16:9-11 

My heart is glad and my mind rejoices. 

My body dwells in security 
For you did not hand my life over to the 
Nor make your faithful servant see the 
You show me the Way of life; 

In your face there is wholeness of joy; 
At your right hand is happiness for 

If the Freedom Meal is to be oeVebratedy here fol- 
lows the Presentation and Kiss of Peace. In any 
case the Abba Father is here said: 

Abba, Father: 
Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials free us . 

The Blessing and Dismissal are replaced by the 
following : 

The Blessing of the People 

Minister : 

God bless you and watch over you; 

God shine his face on you and love you; 
God lift up his face to you and set his 
peace among you. 

[Numbers 6:24-26] 

Memorial of the Dead 115 

Dismissal of the Body 

Reader: I have been poured out, and the time of 
my departure is here. I have fought the good 
fight, I have finished my race, I have kept the 
faith. Now there is waiting for me the wreath of 
justice, which the impartial Judge will give me 
in that day; and not to me alone, but to all who 
have loved his appearing. [2 Timothy 4:6-8] 

Minister : Ground of our being; with confidence 
we entrust to you our brother [sister] departed. 
Give him the rest of the Age to come, you who are 
all our rest, and may light perpetual shine on 
him. May any thing that he did wrong be forgiven, 
as we who remain forgive each other, in the spirit 
of Jesus the Liberator. May any thing that he did 
well live in unity with the excellences of all the 
saints, which are not theirs but yours. And may 
we who still walk the way of gentleness in hope, 
and this one whose way is completed, at your right 
time stand together beside all reconciled mankind 
in the paradise of Eden, through our solidarity 
with Lazarus and all his brothers the poor.. Amen; 
so may it be. 

116 A Book of Changes 

A Mighty Fortress (Psalm ^6) 

Tune: "Eln' Feste Burg," Luther 1529 {The Hymnal 
1940 no. 551; 

1 A mighty fortress is our God, 

And quick to hear our calling. 
We will not fear the final flood. 

Or hills in ocean falling. 
The waves may higher break. 
And roots of mountains shake; 
The universal Power 
Stands as our ageless tower. 

And Jacob's God our stronghold. 

2 He brings his City mountain streams. 

Her streets with light adorning; 
He shows his goodness to her dreams. 

And guards her in the morning. 
If nations raise their arm. 
His voice arrests their harm; 
The universal Power 
Stands as our ageless tower. 

And Jacob's God our stronghold. 

3 Come see what works our God has done. 

An end to war proclaiming; 
He breaks the sword and snaps the gun; 

The armored cars are flaming. 
Be still, for he commands. 
Controlling in all lands; 
The universal Power 
Stands as our ageless tower. 

And Jacob's God our stronghold. 

Memorial of the Dead 117 

At the Grave 

Free me, God, for the waters have come up to my 
soul; all your waves and floods have gone over me. 

[Fsalm 69;1, 42:7] 

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and 
dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears 
much fruit . 

[John 12:24] 

When this mortality puts on deathlessness , then 
will come about the word that is written: Death 
is swallowed up in victory. 

[1 Corinthians 15:54] 

Psalm 27 

God is my light and my liberation; 

Of whom should 1 be afraid? 
God is the fortress of my life; 

Of whom shall 1 be terrified? 
Teach me your way. Ground of my being; 

Lead me a straight path in the face of my 
oppressors . 
I am confident of seeing the goodness of God 

In the country of the living. 
Be strong and let your heart be bold. 

And wait for the right time of God. 


Do not worry about your life, what to eat; 

Nor about your body, what you will wear. 
Is not your life more than its food. 

And your body more than its clothing? 
See the crows, that they never sow seed 

Or harvest or bring into barns; 
And still your Father feeds them; 

Are you not of more value than they? 
And which of you by his worrying 

Can add a hand's breadth to his height? 
Look at the poppies of the field; 

They do not weave or spin. 
I tell you, Solomon in his splendor 

Was not dressed like one of them. 
And if the wild plants which bloom today 

And tomorrow are thrown in the oven 

118 A Book of Changes 

Are clothed in such manner by God, 

Will you not also be clothed, you 
So do not worry what you will eat 

Or what you will drink or wear; 
All peoples of the earth look for these. 

Your Father knows that you need them. 
But instead look for his liberation. 

And you will get these in addition. 
Fear not, little flock, for your Father 

Has willed you the country of freedom. 
Do not worry yourself about tomorrow; 

Let tomorrow worry for itself. 
Sell what are called your possessions 

And give them as presents for the poor. 
Make purses that never wear out. 

An unfailing account with your Father, 
Where moth and rust cannot rot it. 

Where burglars do not break and enter. 
For wherever your treasure is stored up. 

Know also that there will your heart be. 

[Luke 12:22-34] 

The Committal 

Minister: To the Source of life we entrust the 
life of our brother [sister] departed, and we com- 
mit his [her] body to the earth [deep] from which 
it came, as a shock of grain in its season; con- 
fidently awaiting the restoration of all things in 
the paradise of this garden earth, for which they 
all travail together in hope; through the spirit 
of Jesus our Liberator, who in his love is chang- 
ing each of us into his own splendor. 

Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. 

Lord have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy 
upon us . 
Christe eleison. Christe eleison. 

Christ have mercy upon us. Christ have 
mercy upon us . 
Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. 

Lord have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy 
upon us . 

Minister : Power who brings us from death to 
life in the love of our brothers, may this one who 
has been one of us never be separated from us, by 
the Liberator who has broken down all barriers. 
And in the presence of our brother [sister] now at 
rest, we ask that we who remain may find no rest 
except by following the new Way of Jesus in jus- 
tice and love. In union with all the servants of 

Memorial of the Dead 119 

his people who have gone before us, may our bodies 
be built as living stones into the temple of his 
community. While we draw breath, may we be filled 
with his spirit for reconciliation. And at the 
end, allow us (after his example) to have poured 
ourselves so fully into others that we are alive 
in them, and in him, until the perfection of his 
new Age. Amen; so may it be. 


May God who brought back from the dead the great 
Shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the perpet- 
ual Covenant of Peace, unite you in every good 
action to do his desiring, through our Liberator 
Jesus, in whom is the splendor of all worlds. 

[Hebrews 13:20-21] 

A Prayer for Peace 

attributed to Franais of Assisi 

Minister: Jesus, make us instruments of your peace 
peace. Where there is hate, let us sow love; 
where there is violence, let us sow forgiveness, 
where there is doubt, faith; where there is de- 
spair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where 
there is sadness, joy. Our Liberator, let us not 
so much wish to be comforted as to comfort, to be 
loved as to love. For it is in giving that we re- 
ceive, in pardoning that we are pardoned, in dying 
that we are born into the life of the Age to come. 

People: Amen, so may it be. 

The Greetings 

Minister : Shalom, my brothers and sisters, the 
covenent of peace be upon you, Shalom. 
People: And peace be with you, our brother, 

Minister : For the Liberator himself is our peace; 
People: He breaks down all walls of hatred. 

[Ephesians 2:14] 

Minister : And if he by the finger of God drives 

out demons. 

People: No doubt his Age is upon us. [Luke 11:20] 

Minister : 

In Advent 
His footsteps are close at hand. 

At Christmas 
Alleluia, for our peace a child is born. 

At Epiphany 
Gold is given him, with frankincense and myrrh. 

At Easter 
Alleluia, the tomb could not contain his life. 

At Pentecost 
Alleluia, his spirit is on every tongue. 

At times of penitence 
For our faults the violent spilled his blood. 

At other times 
In love he built the worlds of light. 

People: May we be numbered among his saints 
[Alleluia] . 

122 The Freedom Meal 

At other times 

In love he built the worlds of light. 

People: May we be numbered among his saints 
[Alleluia] . 

The Invocation of the Saints 

Part III of the Litany (p. 23)j in whole or in 
partj to which the response is: 

People: Stand here beside us. 

The Rules of the New Way 

Here (except at a shortened service ) are read the 
three Rules from the form of entering the Covenant 
(pp. 52-52). 

Liberation from Complicity 

Except on festivals j the three Rules are usually 
followed J as in the form of entering the Covenant^ 
by the statements of complicity and liberation 
(pp. 53-54). 

Gloria in Excelsis 

Splendor to God in the summits; 

And on earth, peace to men of his 

pleasing. [Luke 2:14] 

For the rosetree of Jesse has budded, 

A branch has flowered from his root; 
And the breath of our God blows upon him, 

A spirit of knowledge and strength. 
In freedom he leads the oppressed. 

The untouchable poor in his justice. 

[Isaiah 11:1-4] 
They will forge each sword to a plow. 

Beat out bayonets into sickles; 
No nation lifts weapon at nation. 

Not one will learn war any longer. 
But each man sits under his vine. 

Without fearing under his flgtree. 

[Micah 4:3-4] 
The plowman will push past the reaper. 

The vintage comes fast upon flowering. 

[Amos 9:14] 
The wolf will walk with the lamb. 

And a little child will lead them; 
The lioncub feeds with the calf. 

On the rattler's den children are dancing. 
No violence or destruction is done 

On all the hill of God's holiness; 
For his knowledge covers the continents 

As the seafloor is filled with the waters. 

[Isaiah 11:6-9] 

The Freedom Meal 123 

Minister : Let us hear that Word from which, we 
believe, there is fresh light yet to break. 

A Hebrew Prophecy 
An Epistle 
Hymn or Song 
Reading of the Gospel 
Prayer for the Day 

The Affirmations 

Repeated by the people after a leader. 

God is not dead. 

God is bread. 

The bread is rising. 

Bread means revolution. 

God means revolution. 

Murder is no revolution. 

Revolution is love. 

Win with love. 

The radical Jesus is winning. 

The world is coming to a beginning. 

The whole world is watching. 

Organize for a new world. 

Wash off your brother's blood. 

Burn out the mark of the Beast. 

Join the freedom meal. 

Plant the people's park. 

The asphalt church is marching. 

The guerrilla church is recruiting. 

The people's church is striking. 

The submarine church is surfacing. 

The war is over. 

The war is over. 

The war is over. 

The Liberated Zone is at hand. 

Litany of Intercession 

Part IV of the Litany (p. 25)j to which the re- 
sponse is : 

People: We call on the Spirit. 

124 The Freedom Meal 

The Offering 

Minister : Here, where two or three or more are 
joined in breaking bread, Jesus is made known — as 
the prisoner, the wounded one, the sick, the 
thirsty, the naked, the homeless, who asks for our 
help. We have been made a royal priesthood of his 
Gospel. So I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, 
by the sympathy of God, offer up your bodies a 
living sacrifice, in solidarity with his reconcil- 
ing love. Do not be conformed to this age, but be 
transfigured through the renewal of your will. 

A sentence suoh as the following : 

Reader: The King will answer and tell them: Since 
you did it for one of the least of these my 
brothers, you did it for me. [Matthew 25:40] 

For you know the gentleness of Jesus our Liber- 
ator, that when rich he became poor for our sake, 
so that through his poverty we might become rich. 

[2 Corinthians 8:9] 

Let me boast of nothing except the cross of Jesus 
our hero and liberator, through whom the world has 
been crucified to me and I to the world. 

[Galatians 6:14] 

A song such as the following : 

They are walking from east and from west 

To sit down together at table 
In the life of the world's liberation 

With Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; 
While the confident heirs of the earth 

Are dismissed into outer darkness. 

[Matthew 8:11] 
And for all men upon this mountain 

The Strength beyond armies spreads out 
A dinner of all the earth's yield, 

A feast of wine from all vineyards. 
And upon this hill he unties 

The blindfold bound on all peoples; 
He destroys old Death forever. 

He dries off the tear from all faces. 

[Isaiah 25:6-8] 
He opens our life in liberty 

To walk in the ways of Justice. 
He sets a table before us 

In the face of all our oppressors; 
Our brow is bright with the olive. 

Our cup is filled overflowing. 

[Fsalm 23:3-5] 

The Freedom Meal 125 

At the presentation : 

Minister: Blessed is the King of the ages who 
satisfies his people from the earth. As the grain 
does not come to life unless it dies, so may we 
die to the old way and rise in his new way. As 
the one vine of our father David has many 
branches, so may the whole universe be made one 
in the Liberated Zone. 

The Kiss of Peace 

Reader: If you are bringing your gift to the 
altar, and there remember that your brother has 
something against you, leave your gift there in 
front of the altar; go and first be reconciled to 
your brother, and then come back and offer your 
gift. [Matthew 5:23-24] 

Minister: We know that we have passed from death 
to life by the fact that we love our brothers. If 
a person does not love his brother whom he has 
seen, how will he love God whom he has not seen? 
He who does not love, does not know God; for God 
is love. [1 John 3:14, 4:20, 4:8] 

Here follows the Kiss of Peace. 


Minister : Lift up your hearts. 
People: We lift them up to our Liberator. 
Minister : Let us celebrate the Power of Being. 
People: It is good and right for us to do so. 

The Praise of Creation 

Minister: It is right for us at all times and 
places to celebrate the Fountain of nature and 
history. As our doors of perception open, they 
testify to a universe of glory: the touch of 
rocks, skin, fabric, marble columns; the smell of 
redwood, fish, flowers, our neighbor's sweat, the 
smoke of incense; the taste of grain and the blood 
of the vine; the sound of birdsong and animals, 
waves and wind, voice and music; the light of our 
sun, the galaxies, the lamp of a student. Through 
our awareness that the cosmos is everywhere ready 
to blossom into a love not of our own devising, we 
rise to a sphere of liberation beyond space and 
time; we hear words passing human speech, as our 
brother Isaiah did in the Temple; standing with 
heads bowed beside angelic Energies, in trust we 

126 The Freedom Meal 

sing to you who determine the number of the stars, 
Father of splendors : 



Holy, Holy, Holy is the Power beyond all 
The fulness of the whole world is his 
Blessed is the one who comes in his name. 
Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

The Memorial of History 

Minister : And although by our fault we abandoned 
the well of living waters, the chain of complicity 
linking our failure to past guilt has been 
snapped, through no merit of our own; and, while 
living in occupied territory, we walk with hope. 
For in our hands, leading back to the first assem- 
blies of our City, we hold a golden thread: the 
succession of prophets and saints [and especially 
of N] who looked to you, Jesus, the Man for 
others, as their Morningstar. 

[Here a proper preface can be inserted. ] 

Today we remember how at your last freedom meal 
with your friends (and at least one enemy) you 
took the loaf as we do, said thanks over it and 
broke it, and gave it to them, saying: "Take and 
eat; this is my body, broken for you; do this for 
my remembering." Also after the meal you took the 
cup, said thanks and gave it to them, saying: 
"Drink this, all of you: for this cup is the un- 
ending Constitution of a new society in my blood, 
poured out for liberation from your guilt. Do 
this when you drink it, for my remembering." 

Veople : 

Your dy i ng we recal 1 ; 

Your rising we proclaim; 
Your coming we prepare. 

The Invocation of the Spirit 

Minister : Friends, we have learned that our Lib- 
erator, by healing the sick, by refusing to do 
harm, by telling the poor good news, put himself 
so fully in others that nothing of him could die. 
So by our self-offering among his peaceable people 
we are made whole and given life. And we call 
upon you, Spirit of Jesus, to put his death and 
life into this bread and wine, breaking down all 

The Freedom Meal 127 

barriers between rich and poor, black and white, 
man and woman, old and young. East and West. 
Gather us together as true sons and daughters of 
our first parents to restore the paradise of Eden. 
And strengthen us as servants of the poor and as 
messengers of the peace brought in by our Brother, 
through whom, in the community of love, nature and 
history move to their desired Goal. 

People: Amen. So may it be, here and everywhere, 
now and always. Maranatha; come quickly Jesus. 

Pater Noster 

Minister : The covenant of peace is sealed; for 
God at his right time has sent the Spirit of the 
Liberator into our hearts, crying out: 


Abba, Father: 
Blessed be your working; 
Soon be your appearing; 
Done be your desiring. 
Our bread provide us; 
Our debts forgive us; 
From trials free us. 

Breaking the Bread 

Minister : The cup of celebration which we bless, 
is it not a sharing in the blood of the Liberator? 
The bread which we break, is it not a sharing in 
the body of the Liberator? We many are one body, 
for we all share the one loaf. 

[1 Corinthians 10:16-17] 

Here follows the Freedom Meal proper. 

The Blessing 

Minister and Veople: 

M. Blessed are the poor: 

P. For theirs is the Liberated Zone. 

M. Blessed are all who mourn: 

P. For they are comforted. 

M. Blessed are the gentle: 

P. For they shall inherit the earth. 

M. Blessed are those hungry for justice: 

P. For they will be satisfied. 

M. Blessed are the merciful: 

P. For they receive mercy. 

M. Blessed are the pure in heart: 

P. For they see God. 

M. Blessed are the peacemakers: 

P. For they are called the children of God. 

128 The Freedom Meal 

M. Blessed are the oppressed: 

P. For theirs is the Liberated Zone. 

[Matthew 5:3-12] 

The Dismissal 


Go in peace and love. 

Serve God, serve the people. 
Keep the faith, baby: 

You are the Liberated Zone. 

People: Right on. Right on. Right on. 

Join the Freedom Meal 

Tune: "Rockingham," Miller-Webbe 1790 (The Hymnal 
1940 no. 203; L.M. ) 

1 Tonight we join the Freedom Meal, 

Reminding our f orgetfulness 
How Jesus felt the Roman steel 

And stood in Caesar's purple dress. 

2 He drinks the cup his love had filled. 

And blunts the violence of the Beast; 
In solidarity we build 

The golden circle of his feast. 

3 The Great Ones of the world oppress 

The poor, the black, the young, the brown; 
But here the greater is the less. 

Who makes his brother's need his own. 

4 Our hands lift up the rising bread 

In which the whole world's hope began; 
We drink the blood our Vine has shed 
To warm the heart of God and man. 

5 We kneel to wash our brothers' feet 

Within his Liberated Zone; 
His new example we repeat 

And make his pearl our cornerstone. 

6 We look to see our Morning Star 

Shine in the dark as friend to friend. 
And raise the poor, from near to far; 
Come soon, our Fountain and our End. 

Refusing Induction 

It's your choice 

Ultimately you can listen to only one thing, not 
your President, not your many misguided leaders, 
save a few, not the Communists or the Socialists 
or the Republicans or the Democrats, but you must 
listen to your own heart, and do what it dictates. 
Because your heart is the only thing which can 
tell you what is right and what is wrong. And 
after you have found out what you think is right 
and what is wrong, then you must know that you can 
say yes to what is right and no to what is wrong. 
And you young men, for instance, if you feel that 
to kill is wrong and to go to war is wrong, then 
you have to say no to the draft. And if you young 
ladies think it is wrong to kill, and war is 
wrong, you can say yes to the young men who say no 
to the draft. Because it is not the leaders and 
the dictators, it is not God who is going to get 
us out of the bloody mess we are in. It is only 
you and only me. Joan Baez 

The house of cards 

Spirit of life, help me see that Castle Death is 
only a house of cards; let me and my comrade pull 
out our cards, and bring it down like the walls of 
Jericho . 

For freedom from violence 

Jesus, you were angry at the unfeeling oppression 
of Empire, and tempted to join the guerrillas 
fighting for home and family; strengthen my hold 
on justice to see oppression wherever it may be, 
strengthen my hold on love to see that violence in 
a just cause again becomes injustice. 

For freedom from self -righteousness 
Bread of life, I have not often been hungry, or 
without clothing, or in need of medicine; close my 
mouth when I begin to condemn the violence of the 
hungry, the ill-clothed, the neglected. Let me 
join them in their cry for justice; let me correct 
the tactics only of those who are better off than 

130 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

What causes wars? 

The crop of justice In peace Is sown by peace- 
makers. But what causes wars and fighting among 
you? Is It not your greeds that fight among your 
members? You desire and do not get; so you kill. 
You do not have because you do not ask; you ask 
and do not receive, because you ask wrongly — to 
spend on your acquisitiveness. Don't you know 
that the love of this age Is enmity with God? 
Whoever wants to be a friend of this age Is an 
enemy of God. James 3:l8-^:^ 

For polioej induotion personnel , draftboards ^ 

Liberator of all persons, you showed me your way; 
leave me on my own without your comforts, and show 
what I have seen to all blind or unwilling Instru- 
ments of a coercive system; find a way for them 
also to remove their bodies from It, and to build 
themselves Into the community of your love. 

From the Acts of Saint Maximilian j A.D. 295 
Proconsul : He must either serve or die. 
Maximilian: I will not be a soldier. You can cut 
my head off, but I refuse to serve In the armies 
of this world. I am a soldier of my God. 
P. ; Who has put these Ideas In your head? 
M. : My conscience, and he who has called me. 
P.: Be a soldier and accept the leaden seal, the 
sign of enlistment. 

M. : I have nothing to do with your sign. I al- 
ready bear the sign of Christ, my God. 
P.: I am going to send you to join your Christ, 
here and now. 

M. : That Is all I ask. That will be glory for 
me . 

P.; Become a soldier and take the sign; If not, 
you will die a shameful death. 

M.: I shall not die; my name Is already written 
down with my God. I cannot be a soldier. 
P.; Think of your youth and become a soldier. It 
Is a fine life for a young man. 

M. : My service Is under my God. I have already 
told you. I cannot serve the world. I am a 

P. ; In the bodyguards of our lords the emperors 
there are Christian soldiers, and they serve. 
M. : That Is their business. I only know I am a 
Christian and I cannot do wrong. 


But those who serve — what wrong do they do? 
You know very well what they do. 
Strike his name off. 

The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 131 

On Unwilling Assignment 

Rifle and bayonet drill 

Jesus, I do not want to kill, or practice to kill, 
or speak of killing. And still I am afraid of 
punishment, of speaking my mind, of being thought 
a coward. Lay your discipline on me as you did on 
Peter when he took up the sword. With you at my 
side let me drop this weapon and enlist in your 
army of life. 

On guard duty 

Commander above all armies, I find myself as- 
signed on guard duty, like the soldiers who stood 
beneath your Cross and at your grave . Shake the 
earth underneath this camp of death, open a way 
for me to rise into your liberated zone of love. 

Dangerous flight or voyage 

Blessed Mary, the enemy deported you with your 
child on a dangerous journey to an uncertain des- 
tination. Give wisdom and skill to the pilot in 
whose hands my life rests; give me confidence and 
quiet. Your flight to Egypt preserved the world's 
liberation; let no person take harm from my 

Against injury and death 

Jesus, you accepted the nails yourself, but told 
us to pray the Father for deliverance from trials. 
We fall far short of your perfection; let us (if 
we may) still be children, asking the Father we do 
not yet know to shelter us from the violence of 
the world. 

On orders 

My pursuer, I thought I had found a sanctuary 
against your orders; now the Prince of this world 
has given me his orders. Let me have courage in 
surrendering to you, so that I may obey God rather 
than men . 

For the enemy 

Liberator of the world, I hate and fear the man of 
foreign language who is trying to kill me. Help 
me to discern that the real enemy is he who put 
this weapon in my hand and sent me here to another 
man's earth. Protect me and lead me out of the 
valley of this death. 

Against genocide 

Jesus, bring to my eyes the night when your mother 
gave birth to her baby outside the inn. Let me 
believe that the world's Liberator is being born 

132 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

in every peasant family; show me him in every 
homeless baby. Let me suffer disgrace, punish- 
ment, harm, let my right hand be cut off before 
lifting it against one of these little ones. 

For the crops of the enemy 

Creator of all beings, you have made all green 
things food for animals and birds and men, you 
make us all dependent on each other. When I am 
dead and only historians remember the cause of 
this war, there will still be mouths in this land 
to feed; do not send them off hungry for any ac- 
tion of mine. 

In battle 

Jesus, I am weak and afraid. Keep me from any 
situation when I would be under direct orders to 
fire, when I would have to fire to save my com- 
rade. Help me show my comrade he need not fire to 
save me; help me to not fire in my own defense. 
Show me a comrade where I see an enemy. 

But then what is the use of this weapon I am 


Our Liberator, without consulting me you have 
given me a share in your Cross, and I do not yet 
know the outcome. Stay with me, turn my suffering 
like yours to good for some person unknown, do not 
leave me hopeless. 

For peace 

Our Liberator, on the first Christmas men were 
promised the benefit which above all others we now 
desire. Take the weapon from every hand, burn the 
vehicles and blunt the bayonets, break down all 
barriers, and rule gently over us all in that 
peace which is none other than yourself. 

Exorcising the demon Kill 

Enemy in my heart, it is you I must fear, and not 
the enemy in the facing line or the ambush. I 
tear you from me and, if I bleed, I accept a 
transfusion from the heart of Jesus. I have put 
on the breastplate of justice; never enter me 
again, much less another human being in my place, 
but like the pigs of Gadara, fall into the abyss 
and perish. 


Son of Man, when the foxes had holes and the birds 
nests, you could not find where to lay your head. 

The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 133 

Walk here beside me, let my fear be your fear. Do 
not let me wander forever; do not force me into 
exile against my will; above all do not send me 
back to that slavery I escaped from. Show me a 
friend I can trust in your name, and through him 
tell me what 1 must do. 

Count me out 

From the bayonet drill and the hating: Count me 

out, count me out, count me out. 
From the system that makes me machinery: Count me 

out, count me out, count me out. And so on. 
From the airdrop and the free fire zone: 
From unquestioning obedience to orders: 
From character guidance lectures : 
From letting someone else think for me: 
From the G.I. heart transplant of stone: 
From now to the end of my walking: 
On my sure days and on my unsure days : 
In the face of exile and prison: 
To face the face of my children: 
To build a different America: 
For the sake of the people who count on me: Count 

me out, count me out, count me out. 
By the bond of my union with Jesus: Count me out, 

count me out, count me out. 

Disarmament begins with me 

If not with me, with whom, Jesus? Did I listen in 
on a telephone call meant for somebody else, or 
was it really me you were talking to? And did you 
truly mean what you said? But what is that spot 
on the khaki? Some kid from My Lai. I guess 
Mary's time came in some hooch at My Lai. A spot 
of your precious blood answers every question. 
Wearing the khaki for me is no longer a question. 

Off the World Pig 

He still has his piggy claws in me, unexpectedly 
strong; the wild boar's tusks graze my cheek from 
beside his gasmask snout. I cannot fight him any 
longer; I cannot fight any longer. Let him do 
what he will. As he pulls out his claws let him 
take his pound of flesh. The power of weakness 
has delivered me from the power of the World Pig. 
The grace of Jesus is sufficient. For the law of 
the spirit of life has set me free from the law of 
sin and death. 

134 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

In Liberated Status 

New issue of equipment 

Jesus, I take off the bandolier of violence and 
put on your belt of truth. I take off the flak 
vest and put on your breastplate of justice. I 
take off the combat boots and put on your walking 
shoes of peace. I get out from behind the armor 
plating and take up the shield of confidence. I 
take off the camouflage helmet and put on the hel- 
met of liberation. I break the rifle and take up 
the weapon of the spirit, which is the word of 
God. Only so can I dare to struggle, dare to win, 
against the world rulers of this present darkness. 
For the salary of my old condition was death; but 
the free gift of God is the life of the Liberated 
Zone under you my Commander. 


I am liberated, but still closely hemmed in; I 
have comrades outside, but I cannot see them or 
speak to them. Spirit of truth, weld an unbreak- 
able bond of solidarity among all who are strug- 
gling for justice and love, in different ways and 
places, unknown to each other. Show us that we 
are all one army under the high command of the 

Oath of allegiance 

I undertake to follow the Liberator as my Com- 
mander-in-Chief; I give unconditional obedience to 
his orders alone. 1 wrap up the clothes of the 
old way of life and mail them back to from where 
they came. I have put off violence to my mother 
the Earth, violence to my brother wherever he may 
be. I accept commissioning in the Liberation Army 
of Love. 

Render unto Nixon 

Jesus, you told us to render unto Nixon whatever 
things belong to him. Help us to discover which 
things those are, and to find no further use in 
them. Show us also which things belong to God; 
help us to set our hearts on them, and through 
them to find love, joy, peace and all other fruits 
of the Spirit. 

Turning myself in 

My struggle is not overseas or in exile but here; 
I must stand freely in my own country under my own 
name. Jesus, you allowed yourself to be turned in 
at Gethsemane rather than do violence to any 
brother. If the only way to freedom is through 

The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 125 

prison, I also allow myself to be turned in. Help 
me push beyond man's injustice to your justice, 
beyond harassment to liberation, beyond violence 
to love. 

For strength in trial 

Jesus, since they harassed you it is likely they 
vjill harass me. You stood on your feet before 
your accusers, and did not open your mouth asking 
to be let off. Stand beside me during a play-act- 
ing trial, and do not let me fall into self-pity 
or anger. Plant the seed in those present which 
may blossom after five, ten, twenty years into 
love . 

For strength in prison 

Our Liberator, I cry out to you as the first po- 
litical prisoner. Take my minutes of despair up 
into your minutes of despair. Open the gates of 
my heart and come in; at the right time open also 
those other gates. Give me with my hope of re- 
lease that strength and confidence which you had 
in your hopelessness. 

Looking toward release 

Help me remember, my Brother, that the world out- 
side is also a prison, enslaved by the same World 
Pig who rules in here. Do not let me expect that 
my family or comrades will understand what has 
happened here. As you were a marked man, I am a 
marked man, marked by your presence with me. Help 
me stand on my own feet, and find my own work in 
the struggle. 

Thank you 

We have been through bad times together, of which 
the world knows little; and good times, of which 
it knows less. I rely on you, as in some strange 
way I believe you rely on me. Thank you for being 
here. As one comrade to another, I take your 
wounded hand in mine . 

For the Others 

For those still in slavery 

Jesus, you did not come to call virtuous men but 
sinners to repentance. We are your voice and 
hands and feet; show us how the liberation we have 
known can be brought to those still enslaved by a 
system of violence and fear. 

For medics 

God of healing, you have left no place empty of 

your witness. Make all medics doctors first, and 

136 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

soldiers second or not at all. Maintain their 
loyalty to the oath of Hippocrates and Luke, not 
to the rulers of this age. Help them minister im- 
partially to all, keep them witnesses to the revo- 
lution of love in a sea of violence. 

For GI journalists 

Spirit of truth, you can break through walls where 
none other can enter. Stay with all who have un- 
dertaken to speak for you, in however unlikely a 
place; maintain their loyalty to yourself alone, 
help them ignore all threats and harassment in 
fidelity to their vocation. 

For the victims 

My brother Victim, I was in part responsible for 
your suffering. Please go out to those others for 
whose suffering I was in part responsible, and 
tell them that the one who did it has turned 
against it. 

For military prisoners 

Our Liberator, we thank you for the witness of all 
those now imprisoned for that witness. As we know 
that you stand daily beside them, give us and all 
others their commitment and fearlessness, so that 
one day prisons will lie empty and derelict. 

For the movement 

God, you have made all men of one blood, but set 
their hands to different works. Make us one with 
our brothers and sisters in the revolution of love 
through all countries. Do not let us suspect each 
others' motives; rather by the weapon of your 
spirit destroy that dark Power whose last resort 
is to turn us against each other. 

For chaplains 

Jesus, forgive those who speak your words from out 
of the citadel of repression. Let them do your 
work in spite of themselves. Touch their hearts 
with disquiet and uncertainty, lead them in your 
way; and over against them set other ministers of 
your liberation who suffer with the suffering. 

For jailers 

Mary mother of Jesus, who saw your son mistreated 
by his captors; put it into the heart of all jail- 
ers and their women to see their prisoners not as 
prisoners but as human beings. Show each prison- 
keeper that his keys lock up no man tighter than 
himself; give him a longing for that liberation 
which with pain you brought into the world. 

The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 127 

For officers and nonooms 

Power of History, our only true Commander, make 
your orders known among those who have usurped the 
authority which by right belongs only to you. Hu- 
manize their conduct and increase their doubts. 
Help them to find a brother in one they were told 
to consider an enemy, and to find the enemy no- 
where but in their own hearts. 

For the powerful 

you who drove the demons out of the violent, 
look with anger and pity on those powerful men op- 
pressed by the demons of oppression. At whatever 
cost, free them from their tormentors, and free 
the suffering poor and the planet from their 
violence . 

For civilian supporters of militarism 
Spirit of truth, touch all who have been misled or 
manipulated into fear. Show them that the armed 
forces which they should fear, the missiles which 
threaten their towns, are not posted overseas but 
at home. Break through their walls, dispel the 
smog of their obsessions, open their eyes, and 
clothe them in invulnerability, which you alone 
can give. 

For family and friends 

Mother of that Runaway whom you could not under- 
stand; by your new understanding, be with our fa- 
mily and friends who are absent and puzzled. Let 
the sword in their hearts turn them to greater un- 
derstanding, and to solidarity with yourself and 
your son Jesus. 

For the faithful dead 

Jesus our comrade, we thank you for all those 
faithful dead who struggled without seeing the 
outcome on earth. We believe that they have seen 
victory in you, and that they and their work live 
on in us. As we do not mourn your death, let us 
not mourn theirs, but organize on the foundations 
they have laid. 

138 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

Medical Cadre Manual 

For confidence 

Our Liberator, you suffered and died, and are liv- 
ing in us. Then we do not need to be afraid of 
pain and death; we may trust life. Give all med- 
ics steady hands and hearts; give their patients 
confidence in them; keep them both safe from new 
inj ury . 

For strength 

Spirit of life., there is much distress in front 
of our eyes, and our strength is failing. Let us 
push through to the other side of fatigue. Put 
your strength into our hands . We ask that the 
suffering of others should be relieved, if neces- 
sary at the cost of our own suffering. 

Remembering the saints 

Luke, physician and historian: Hold my hand 

steady . 
Louis Pasteur, physician and scientist: Hold my 

hand steady. 
Frantz Fanon, psychiatrist and revolutionary: 

Hold my hand steady. 
Che Guevara, physician and revolutionary: Hold my 

hand steady. 
Florence Nightingale, nurse and reformer: Hold my 

hand steady. 
Albert Schweitzer, doctor and musician: Hold my 

hand steady. 
Damien, priest and leper: Hold my hand steady. 

Before an operation 

Universal Power of Being, may your eye rest on 
our brother [sister] who in pain and weakness has 
put his life in our hands. Give both him and us 
confidence and steadiness. Guide our hands with 
all our own knowledge and skill; may Hippocrates, 
Luke, Che, all physicians of the people stand be- 
side us. Maintain the springs of life that we 
cannot see, overcome the destructive forces we 
cannot reach. 

At a demonstration 

Jesus our Liberator, you were fearless in prophe- 
tic witness, tireless in relief of suffering. 
Give all. medics here that same courage and 
strength. Let no act of ours either bring on un- 
necessary violence, or weaken the cry for justice. 

For protection against attack 

Strength beyond nature and history, we have 

taken an oath to help the sick and wounded at 

Medioal Cadre Manual 139 

whatever risk to ourselves. Hold us steady to 
that commitment and lift up the shield of your 
protection over us, and all our brother and sister 
medics; do not let the healer become another vic- 
tim; keep the dark powers at bay. 

For all brother and sister medics 
Our Liberator, you make all persons whole. Send 
the spirit of your compassion and skill on all our 
brother and sister medics. Keep always in their 
hearts an awareness of the fellowship which has 
taken the same oath. Do not let the revolution of 
love, or the renewal of the planet, be delayed by 
any weakness or hesitancy on their part. 

For all -patients 

Jesus our Liberator, we have done for our brothers 
and sisters here all that knowledge and skill 
could do. We entrust them to the medics who fol- 
low us and have taken the same oath. Open the 
springs of healing in them which are beyond our 
knowledge and skill. 

For the seriously ill or wounded 

Best of physicians, look at your brother [sis- 
ter] here in the crisis of his need. We have 
given him all the help that human hands could pro- 
vide. You first took the dark route, you know 
best the secrets of death and life. Take this one 
in your hands, give him that wholeness and fulfil- 
ment which were written down for him before all 
worlds o 

For the dying or dead 

Compassionate Father, the spirit of your child is 
returning to you who first gave it . Forgive all 
he [she] did wrong, remember all he did well. We 
entrust his life to you with confidence. Give 
your child his true place in the society of man, 
and in your secret renewal of the whole created 
order, through Jesus the brother of us all. 

The Hippocratic Oath (adapted) 

1 swear by the universal Power of healing, in 
grateful remembrance of Hippocrates the first doc- 
tor, that I will always honor those who taught me 
medicine; that I will continue studying it; that I 
will support my brother and sister medics, and 
share my knowledge with every sincere student. I 
will never refuse the call for help. I will treat 
friend and enemy with equal diligence, giving them 
the best care my art provides. 1 will subordinate 
my own convenience and safety to the needs of my 

1^0 The Disarmed Forces Prayer Book 

patient. I will neither give nor prescribe any 
poison or dangerous drug; I will not work while 
under the Influence of any drug myself. While on 
duty I will seduce no patient, nurse, or other 
person; nor do business to my own advantage; nor 
use or carry any weapon. I will maintain all con- 
fidences, even from an enemy. Inviolate. In every 
professional act I will make relief of suffering, 
justice for the oppressed, and restoration of 
the environment my sacred and revolutionary 

Qucn/iilLi i^wt^fJici 

Suitable fov Good Friday and Church conventions 

I . At the Staging Area 

Minister : Is it nothing to you, all you who pass 
by? Look and see if there is any sorrow like my 
sorrow. [Lamentations 1:12 


Reader : 

See my Servant shall be raised up; 

He will be put high on display. 
Many will be dismayed at him: 

His appearance was distorted 
Beyond the semblance of humanity. 

And his form unlike the sons of men. 
Many nations will denounce him; 

Ministers will shut their mouths at him: 
They will see what they never were told. 

And know what they never heard. 

Who has believed our announcement? 

Who saw God's right arm made bare? 
His Servant grew up as a worthless weed. 

As a stick from stony ground. 
Despised and rejected by the powerful, 

A man of sickness, knowing pain; 
The wealthy hid their faces from him. 

He was scorned, we set no store by him. 

But surely he has lifted our suffering 

And carried our contagion; 
We avoided him as infectious. 

Punished by God and despicable. 
In fact he was wounded for our guilt. 

He was beaten up for our complicity; 
The punishment of our peace was on him. 

By his harassment we are healed. 
We all turned aside like sheep. 

Each one wandering in his own way. 

142 Guerrilla Liturgies 

And the Power of History piled on him 
The criminality of us all. 

He was exploited and oppressed 

And he never opened his mouth; 
As a lamb led to the slaughterhouse. 

As a dumb sheep before the shearers . 
He was arrested by law and order. 

And who will now follow his way? 
He is exiled from the land of life; 

For a nation's crime he was executed. 
His coffin is set among criminals. 

He was buried in a field without markers. 
Although he had done no violence. 

And no lies were in his mouth. 

God has accepted his suffering 

As a substitute for the violent; 

And so he will see his children. 
His days will be long extended. 

In his hand God's desiring is done. 

He is reconciled with his suffering. 

"My Servant the man of justice 

Shall liberate the people by his life; 
He receives the inheritance of the rich. 

He shares the rewards of the wealthy. 
Since he poured out his life in his dying. 

And was counted among the criminals. 
He carries the guilt of his people, 

And makes himself bail for the prisoners." 

[Isaiah 52:13-53:12] 

Psalm 59:1-7 

Liberate me from my enemies, my God; 

Protect me from the repressors. 
Liberate me from the criminals; 

Save me from the men of blood. 
See, they lay ambushes against my life; 

The powerful have conspired against me. 
For no crime or evil in me, 

Lord, they run and make ready. 
Wake up at my calling and see; 

For you are the God beyond armies. 
Awake to punish the oppressors; 

Do not spare the conspirators. 
In the evening they enter the city; 

Howling like dogs they patrol it. 
There they are, barking with their jaws 

And snarling with their lips, "Who will 
hear us?" 

A Lament for Victims and Executioners 143 

Reader: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who execute the 
prophets and stone all those sent to you, how 
often I have wanted to collect your children, as a 
bird gathers her chicks under her wings, and you 
would not let me I See now, your house is left 
desolate. I tell you, you will not see me again 
until the time comes when you say, "Blessed is he 
who comes in the name of God." City: if even 
today you could learn what things work for your 
peace! But they have been hidden from your eyes. 
The days are coming that your enemy will besiege 
and encircle you and fence you in. They will 
throw you to the ground with your children in you; 
they will not leave stone standing upon stone in 
you, because you did not recognize the time of 
your visitation. [Luke 13:34-35; 19:41-44] 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, we have come here 
to lament in dead earnest the harassing and murder 
of God's servant, our Liberator victim. But those 
who sit in the seat of the scornful are mourning 
over the fall of the World Pig; and rightly, be- 
cause our Jesus like Samson pulled him down in his 
own death. Let us take them at their word; let us 
join in proclaiming the overthrow of Lucifer, 
Chief Magistrate of an age of violence. Chief Ex- 
ecutioner among the executioners. 

Lament for Lucifer 

Minister and People: 

How you are fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son 
of the morning: How you are fallen from 
heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning. 

God has broken the oppressor's rifle, who 
ruled the nations in anger: How you are 
fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the 
morning. And so on. 

The cedars and redwoods rejoice, "No logger 
now comes up against us": 

Hell is stirred up to meet you, it awakes 
those once leaders on earth: 

They all are saying together, "You have be- 
come like one of us": 

But you said in your heart, "I will spread 
freedom over all lands": 

All that see you will stare, "Is this he that 
made the earth a desert?" 

IHH Guerrilla Liturgies 

You do not share their burial, because you 
destroyed your people: 

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, that 
made all nations drink the wine of the 
wrath of her fornication: 

Who is like that great beast? Who is able to 
make war against it?: 

No man can walk in its streets, unless he has 
on his forehead the mark of the beast : 
How you are fallen from heaven, Lucifer, 
son of the morning. 

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and 
has become the home of demonic powers: 
How you are fallen from heaven, Lucifer, 
son of the morning. 

[Isaiah 14:4-21, etc.] 

Minister: Friends, here we have been in our own 
place. Let us go out to the place of the ex- 
ploiter, and there speak to him in lamentation and 
anger. For it was he that busted the Liberator of 
all people; and there is a word from the Power of 
History which he must hear before a worse thing 
befalls him. 

II. At the Procession 
Psalm 22 

My God, my God: 

Why have you deserted me? 
Why are you so far from helping me. 

From the words of my torment? 
I cry out by day and you do not answer; 

By night, and I find no sleep. 
And you are known as the Holy One; 

You are called the Praise of Israel. 
Our fathers trusted in you. 

They trusted in your liberation; 
They cried to you and were helped. 

They trusted you and were not let down. 
But I am a worm, no human being. 

The scorn of man, contempt of the crowd. 
All who see me make fun of me. 

They stick out their lips and wag their 
heads : 
"He trusted in God, let God save him; 

Let him rescue the one who calls on him." 
And It was you took me from the womb; 

You guarded me on my mother's breast. 

A Lament for Victims and Executioners 145 

I was thrown on you when first I was born; 

From my mother's womb you are my God. 
Do not go away, trouble is near; 

There is no other to help me. 
Many bulls are closing in on me. 

Fat pigs are surrounding me; 
They open their mouths at me 

Like lions roaring for meat. 
As water 1 am poured out; 

My bones are all dislocated. 
My heart has become like wax; 

It is melted inside my body. 
I am dried up like broken dishes. 

My tongue sticks to my lips. 
You have laid me in the dust of death; 

The dogs are circling around me. 
A gang of criminals have taken me; 

They pierced my hands and my feet. 
I can count all my bones; 

They are staring and cursing at me. 
They have divided my clothing 

And are throwing dice for my garments. 
Do not stand aside, my Liberator; 

My helper, hurry to save me. 
Save my life from their clubs. 

My mouth from the mouth of the lion. 
Release me from the paws of the dog; 

Save me from the teeth of the pigs. 

The Ghetto Passion 

Black Jesus, our Liberator, free all your people: 
Black Jesus, free all your people. 

Our Liberator, ratbitten in your crib: Black 
Jesus, free all your people. And so on. 

Our Liberator who ate lead paint from the walls: 

Our Liberator in your protein-deficient diet: 

Our Liberator with no father at home: 

Our Liberator who played with beercans in dirt : 

Our Liberator who failed the intelligence test : 

Our Liberator, tracked in vocational classrooms: 

Our Liberator, knifed by the local dealer: 

Our Liberator, with a switchblade scar on his 
cheek : 

Our Liberator, swimming with grapefruit rinds: 

Our Liberator, hanging around with his friends: 

146 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Our Liberator, unskilled and unemployable: 

conned by the recruiting sergeant 
absent without official leave: 

Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 
Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 

Our Liberator 
Bl ack Jes 

Our Liberator 

worked over by pigs in the squad 
car : 

carrying Psalms with a bulletproof 
cover : 

busted in the housing march: 

busted at the Induction center: 

busted at the People's Park: 

preaching in the storefront chapel: 

replacing the broken glass: 

busted for preaching with no 
license : 

denounced from Grace Church pulpit : 

leader of brown men and red men : 

harboring white runaway kids : 

bombed as a dangerous radical: 

busted for inciting to riot : 

turned down by the probation 

protesting prison meals: 

screwed by the public defender: 

sentenced by a deaf politician: 
us, free all your people. 

murdered by law and order: Black 

Jesus, free all your people. 

Black Mary, mother of the people's liberator: 
Black Mary, free all your people. 

Black Mary, sitting on the welfare benches: Black 
Mary, free all your people. And so on. 

Black Mary, evicted for a man in the house: 

Black Mary, busted for living in trailers: 

Black Mary, Death Row goldstar mother: 

Black Mary, best hope of a messed-up planet: 
Black Mary, free all your people. 

A Lament for Victims and Executioners 147 

Lonesome Momma Blues 

(Song without tune) 


"How often I wanted to gather 

Your ahillen under my wings 
Like the sage-hen out on the prairie j " 
Your lonesome momma sings. 

1 Oh it ' s misery for you that's plantin' 

The tombstones of the just. 
An' subscribin' to memorials 

For the singers in the dust. Refrain. 

2 "If we'd lived in the days of our fathers 

We'd be clean from the singers' blood": 
So you testify you is members 

Of the lynchln' brotherhood. Refrain. 

3 An' I sent you preachers an' singers 

For your rope an' gasoline. 
An' to whup them behind your churches. 

An' follow them from the scene. Refrain. 

k An' 1 puts their blood on your fingers. 
From the blood of Abel the good. 
To the singer you strung from the churchdoor 
In Subsistence Neighborhood. Refrain. 

5 I tell you, in this generation 

Each injustice is reckoned due; 

Oh City that lynches the singers 

An' the preachers I sends to you. 

6 So your houses are left there empty; 

You won't see this chil' again 
Till people are callin' him blessed 

When he comes as the Son of men. Refrain. 

[Matthew 23:29-39] 

III. At THE Church 

One or more of the following three Prophecies is 
ready as the situation permits . 

First Prophecy 

Minister : My people have done two evils: they 
have deserted me, the Fountain of living water, 
and built themselves reservoirs, broken reser- 
voirs, which cannot hold water. [Jeremiah 2:13] 

Reader : 

Hear the word of the Lord, 
You rulers of Sodom; 

148 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Pay attention to God's instruction. 

You people of Gomorrah. 
"What have I to do with your worship 

Says the Lord of history. 
"Why do you gather yourselves together 

To appear before my face? 
Who requested this from you: 

To trample my sanctuaries? 
Conduct no more empty services; 

Your praise is abominable to me. 
Your First Sundays and your festivals. 

My soul has a loathing for them; 
Their burden is unsupportable , 

I am finished with bearing them. 
When you spread out your hands in prayer, 

1 turn my eyes away from you; 
When you multiply your prayers. 

There is nobody listening up here. 
Your hands are covered with blood; 

Wash them with soap, make them clean. 
Take away your complicity in crime 

From before the sight of my eyes. 
Bring your evil to an end; 

Learn how to do good. 
Struggle for justice; 

Resist all exploitation." 

[Isaiah 1:10-17] 

Minister: Take the music of your songs away from 
him, for he will not hear the tunes of your or- 
gans. Will you let justice roll down as water, 
and fairness as a stream perpetual? [Amos 5:23- 
24] No, for this people have done two evils: 
they have deserted the Fountain of living water, 
and built themselves reservoirs, broken reser- 
voirs, which cannot hold water. 

Second Prophecy 

Minister : An appalling and terrible thing has 
happened in this country. The prophets prophesy 
falsely, and the ministers teach at their instruc- 
tion, and my people love it so; but what will you 
do when the end comes? [Jeremiah 5:30-31 

Reader : 

For three atrocities of Gaza and for four, 
I will not turn away their punishment; 

For they exiled a whole population 
And turned them over to Edom. 

So I will send a fire against their wall 
And it will devour their strongholds. 

A Lament for Viotims and Executioners 149 

For three atrocities of Ammon and for four, 
I will not turn away their punishment; 

For they ripped up the women with child in 
To extend their frontiers. 

So I will send a fire against their wall 
And it will devour their strongholds. 

For three atrocities of Moab and for four, 
1 will not turn away their punishment; 

Because they burned to lime 

The bones of the king of Edom. 

So I will send a fire against their wall 
And it will devour their strongholds. 

For three atrocities of Israel and for four, 
I will not turn away their punishment; 

For they sell the just man for silver 
And the poor man for a pair of shoes. 

They trample the head of the oppressed 
Into the dust of the earth. 

But I destroyed the Amorite before you. 
Whose height was like the cedars . 

And you only have I known 

From all the peoples of earth; 

Therefore I will impose reparation 
For all your crimes upon you. 

[Amos 1:6-15; 2:1-3] 

Minister : Dig under the rock, hide in the earth, 
from before the terror of God. For the Power be- 
yond all armies has a day against everything tall 
and high, against all the cedars of Lebanon, and 
against every high tower. [Isaiah 2:10-15] For 
an appalling and terrible thing has happened in 
this country. The prophets prophesy falsely, and 
the ministers teach at their instruction, and my 
people love it so; but what will you do when the 
end comes? 

Third Prophecy 

Minister : They have put a hasty dressing on the 
deep wound of my people; they cry out Peace, 
Peace, where there is no peace. [Jeremiah 6:14] 

Reader and People: 

Woe to those who say evil is good and good is 

evil. [Isaiah 5:20] Woe to those who say 

evil is good and good is evil. 

150 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Woe to those who acquit the guilty for a bribe, 

and deprive the innocent of justice. [Isaiah 
5:23] Woe to those who say evil is good and 
good is evil. And so on. 

Woe to those who join house to house, and add 
field to field. [Isaiah 5:8] 

Woe to those who pass unjust statutes, to rob the 
people of their rights. [Isaiah 10:1-2] 

Woe to everyone that builds his house with injus- 
tice; who makes his neighbor work for him, 
and does not pay him his wages. [Jeremiah 

Woe to those who grind the face of the poor into 
the dust. [Isaiah 3:15] 

Woe to one who builds a city with blood, and 

founds a city on injustice. [Habakkuk 2:12] 

Woe to those at ease in Zion, who are secure in 
the suburbs of Samaria. [Amos 6:1] Woe to 
those who say evil is good and good is evil. 

Woe to those who make a covenant with death, an 
agreement with destruction. [Isaiah 28:15] 
Woe to those who say evil is good and good is 

Reader: Kremlin the rod of my anger; Peking the 
staff of my fury I Against a godless nation I send 
them; against the people of my wrath I deploy 
them. They will loot and plunder; and trample 
people down in the mud of the streets. But they 
do not so intend; this was not their plan. For 
when I have finished all my work on Mount Zion, 
and destroyed my own people, then 1 will also pun- 
ish their pride. For they say, "By the strength 
of my hand I did it, by the wisdom of my under- 
standing." Shall the axe boast over the one who 
chops with it? Or the saw be greater than the one 
who cuts with it? [Isaiah 10:5-15] 

Minister: See, God claps his hands together 
against the dishonest gain they have made, and at 
the blood shed in their midst. [Ezekiel 22:13] 
They sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind; they 
plowed evil and reap injustice. [Hosea 8:7; 
10:13] They have put a hasty dressing on the deep 
wound of my people; they cry out Peace, peace, 
where there is no peace. 

A Lament for Victims and Executioners 151 

The Woes 

Here a pot can be smashed^ while there is read: 

I will smash this people and this city the way one 

smashes the jar of a potter, so that it can never 

be mended [Jeremiah 19:11] 

Reader and People: 

Woe to you ministers and professors, hypocrites: 

Woe to you ministers and professors, hypo- 

cr i tes . 

Woe to you that preach and do not practice: Woe 
to you ministers and professors, hypocrites. 

And so on. 

Woe to you that lay burdens on others, and do not 
lift your finger to them: 

Woe to you that love fine suits, and head tables, 
and being called Doctor: 

Woe to you that shut off liberation, who do not 
enter yourselves or let others enter: 

Woe to you that compute percents, and neglect jus- 
tice and mercy: 

Woe to you who clean the outside of the cup, and 
the inside is full of oppression and 
violence : 

Woe to you whitewashed tombs, full of dead men's 
bones inside: Woe to you ministers and 
professors, hypocrites. [Matthew 23:4-27] 

Psalm 10:1-12 

Why do you stand far away, Liberator? 

Why are you hidden in time of trouble? 
In arrogance the wicked hunt down the poor; 

Let them fall in the schemes of their own 
The wicked boasts of his heart's desire; 

The rich man curses God. 
His ways prosper at all times; 

He thinks, I will never see adversity. 
His mouth is full of lies and oppression; 

Under his tongue are wrong and injustice. 
From his ambush he murders the innocent; 

He draws the poor into his net. 
The poor man is crushed and falls down; 

He thinks in his heart God has forgotten. 
Stand up, God; raise up your hand; 

Do not hide your face from the suffering. 

Reader: Now when Jesus was setting out on his 
way, a man ran up to him, knelt down in front of 

152 Guerrilla Liturgies 

him, and asked, "Good Leader, what must I do to 
Inherit the coming Age?" Jesus said, "Why do you 
call me good? No one Is good except only God. 
You know his demands: 'Do not commit murder, do 
not commit adultery, do not steal, do not lie, do 
not exploit, honor your father and mother'." And 
he said, "Teacher, all these I have observed since 
my youth." Then Jesus looked at him, kissed him, 
and said: "You lack one thing; go, sell all you 
have and give It to the poor, and you will have a 
treasure with God. Then follow me." But he was 
discouraged at this saying and went away sad, for 
he had much property. [Mark 10:17-22] 

Minister : He who has an ear to hear, let him hear 
what the Spirit says to the Church: Give it all 
away. For it is by men of strange lips that he 
speaks to this people. 

The Reproaches 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Second Reader: Because I brought you out of the 
land of oppression, and gave you manna forty years 
in the desert, and brought you into a land flowing 
with milk and honey, you have prepared a cross for 
your Liberator. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Third Reader: One American is worth a thousand 
gooks; kill them when they're little before they 
grow up. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Second Reader: 1 whipped Egypt with all her 
firstborn for your sake, and you have whipped me. 
I brought you out of Egypt through the Red Sea, 
and you delivered me to the chief priests. I 

A Lament for Victims and Exeautioners 153 

opened the sea before you, and you opened my side 
with a spear. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

Third Reader: Others he saved, himself he cannot 
save; we had to destroy the City in order to save 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Second Reader: I went before you in the pillar of 
cloud, and you brought me to the pillar of 
Pilate's judgment hall. I gave you the water of 
life to drink from the rock, and you gave me gall 
and vinegar. 

people: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Third Reader: I heard the sound of a B-29 engine; 
my little brother was putting out his hand to 
catch the red dragonfly on the wall, when sud- 
denly there came a flash. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Second Reader: I struck kings for your sake, and 
you struck my head with a reed, I gave you a 
royal sceptre, and you set on my head a crown of 
thorns. 1 raised you on high with great power, 
and you raised me on the gallows of the Cross. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Third Reader: The fillings from their teeth were 
neatly lined up on shelves. Their shoes were in 
another room, all the left shoes in one pile and 
the right shoes in another pile. 

15^ Guerrilla Liturgies 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Second Reader: Because I brought you across the 
great ocean, out of the house of bondage, and set 
you in this broad and fair land, you have extermi- 
nated the inhabitant of the land, and brought 
others into new bondage. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

Third Reader: This black kid was laying there in 
Springfield Avenue with a lot of holes in him; the 
place was sticky for several days. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

Second Reader: Because I brought you into the 
land of my Great Spirit, a land of many waters and 
deep forests, you have cut down the forests with 
your axes, and poisoned the air that my creatures 
breathe, the water they drink, the soil from which 
1 made you. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Third Reader: Can't stand in the way of progress; 
when you've seen one redwood tree you've seen them 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

First Reader: my people, what have I done to 
you, or how have I wearied you? Testify against 
me . 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us . 

Second Reader: Because I liberated you from the 

A Lament for Victims and Executioners 155 

oppressor overseas, and led you safely through a 
war of brothers, you have dropped fire from the 
sky upon the poorest of peoples, and locked up in 
your prisons the young men and women who spoke the 
words of my judgement against you. 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Third Reader: They was begging and saying. No. 
No. And the mothers was hugging their children, 
but we kept right on firing. Well, we kept right 
on firing. They was waving their arms and 

People: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, 
have mercy upon us. 

Reader: The Liberator suffered for the people, 
leaving us an example to follow his steps. He did 
no crime. No deception was found in his mouth. 
When he was insulted he. did not insult back. When 
he suffered he did not curse. He trusted the one 
just Judge. He lifted off our complicity in his 
body on the Tree, so that we might die to crime 
and live to justice. By his wound we are healed. 
We had wandered off like sheep; now we have re- 
turned to the shepherd and guardian of our lives. 

[1 Peter 2:21-25] 

Minister : Is it nothing to you, all you who pass 
by? Look and see if there is any sorrow like my 

156 Guerrilla Liturgies 

The Shepherd of the Friendless 

Tune: "Passion Chorale," Hassler-Bach I6OI (The 
Hymnal 1940 no. 75; 76.76.D.) 

1 The Shepherd of the friendless 

By dogs and wolves is torn; 
The King of pity endless 

Is diadem 'd with thorn. 
And must our liberation 

Be purchased at such loss : 
To nail the whole creation 

On an imperial cross? 

2 See there our Ground of being 

By law and order slain; 
The sun withdraws its seeing. 

The earth is moved in pain. 
Could not your love inherit 

Another end than this : 
Rejected for your merit. 

Arrested by a kiss? 

3 Your suff'ring is united 

To victims everywhere. 
By ghetto lords exploited 

Or scarred with fire from air; 
Although in our denying 

Our lives are little worth. 
We pledge a war undying 

Till justice rules on earth. 

4 Our Hero still is living 

In all oppressed lands. 
The righteous still forgiving 

Who pierce his feet and hands; 
A redwood arch is growing 

Above his final strife. 
From out his thirst are flowing 

The waters of our life. 

2. 'Si^^^OidUcH^i^^Uc'^c^t 

An Act of Disaffiliation 

Suitable for Ash Wednesday ^ March 16, August 6, 
and other times of penitence . 

I. The Preparation 

Spokesman for people: Friends, in the knowledge 
that demonic forces have infiltrated the institu- 
tions of our society, we have gathered here to 
disaffiliate ourselves from the powers of darkness 
and to enlist in the army of life. 

Minister : Already to the visionary eye, ragweed 
is growing in the streets of the great city Baby- 
lon and poison oak in its plazas; the vulture 
nests in its towers, the hyena growls from its 
alleys. At this time therefore we ask for the 
mountain air of the spirit to blow through our 
persons and our surroundings, so that we may have 
strength to say what must be said and do what must 
be done. Let us hear the words of the Power of 
history on the great city Babylon. 


Reader: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, 
that great city, because she made all nations 
drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. 

And 1 stood on the sand of the sea, and saw a 
beast rise up out of the sea, whose feet are like 
the feet of bears, and whose face is the face of a 
pig. And all the world wondered at the World Pig, 
saying, "Who is like this great beast? Who is 
able to make war against him?" And there was 
given unto it a mouth speaking great things and 
blasphemies. And authority was given it over all 
tribes and peoples and tongues and nations. And 
all that dwell upon the earth shall worship it, 
whose names are not written in the book of life of 
the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. 
And it causes all, both small and great, rich and 
poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their 
right hand, or in their forehead, so that no man 
may buy or sell, or travel to and fro, or walk 
freely in the streets of the city, unless he has 
by his hand the mark of the beast and the number 
of his name. 

158 Guerrilla Liturgies 

After this I beheld, and lo, an angel flying in 
the midst of the sky, having an everlasting gospel 
to preach to all those who live on the earth, say- 
ing: "Fear God, and give glory to him, for the 
hour of his judgement is come; and worship the one 
who made earth and sea and the fountains of wa- 
ters. And if any man has worshipped the beast and 
his image, or received his mark in his forehead or 
in his hand, let him repent himself, and take off 
from himself the number of the beast, and return 
it to the one that gave it." 

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is 
become the habitation of demons, and the hold of 
every foul spirit, and the cage of every unclean 
and hateful bird. 

Psalm 9^ 

Eternal God of vengeance, 

God of vengeance, send your lightning. 
Stand up, you Judge of the earth; 

Pay the exploiters their salary. 
How long, God, will the oppressors. 

How long will they pat their own backs? 
They pour out their lying words. 

The criminals praise their own motives. 
They smash your people, God, 

They oppress the folk of your covenant. 
Widows and minorities they shoot down; 

They murder the orphan children. 
And they say, "History will never notice; 

The God of Jacob is oblivious." 
Think it over, you dullest of people; 

When will you fools understand? 
Is the Maker of the ear hard of hearing? 

Will the planter of the eye fail to see 
That Power will not abandon his people; 

He never deserts his covenant. 
For justice is done to the struggling. 

But a pit is dug for the wicked. 
Who stands up for me against the wicked? 

Who takes my side against the violent? 
If God had not been my comrade. 

My life would have slept soon in darkness. 
Does God favor the rostrum of evil 

Which legislates murder by statute? 
They conspire against just men together; 

They pour out the blood of the innocent. 
But the Power of history is my fortress. 

My God is a rock of refuge. 

Burn Out the Mark of the Beast 159 

He will turn their injustice against them 
And wipe them out in their crimes. 

Minister : Hear also the words of the Liberator, 
what things must happen to us as to him, and what 
we must say. 

Reader: If a person recognizes me before men, the 
Son of Man will recognize him in the presence of 
the angels. If a person denies me before men, he 
is denied in the presence of the angels. Whoever 
speaks a word against the Son of Man is forgiven; 
but whoever blasphemes against the holy Spirit is 
not forgiven. And when they turn you over to mock 
trials, or arraign you before judges and magis- 
trates, do not worry how to defend yourself, or be 
anxious how you will speak, for the Spirit will 
teach you what to say in that hour. [Luke 12:8-12] 

Minister : Spirit of that God who ever lives, 
you have called us to speak out his will by slogan 
and action like the prophets before us; take away 
our hostility, and remove all defects of sight and 
hearing in those who confront us, so that if pos- 
sible we may be unharmed and your message may be 
received; through the Prophet of Nazareth who 
organized the first demonstration in God's Temple. 
Amen ; so may it be . 

II. Litany 

Shall I wear the beast's mark in my forehead? You 
cannot serve two masters. 

Shall I cut down the redwood forest? You cannot 
serve two masters. And so on. 

Shall I take the gun in my hand? 

Shall I drop down fire from the sky? 

Shall I advertise false products? 

Shall I follow the course of the stars? 

Shall I wait for another to lead me? 

Shall I drug my eyes into blindness? 

Shall I stop my ears to the poor man's cry? 

Shall I become chaplain to the violent? 

Shall I return to the bed of forgetf ulness? You 
cannot serve two masters. 

Shall I follow the way of the majority? You can- 
not serve two masters. 

What way is then left to walk in? Burn out the 

mark of the beast. 
Let another begin the action. Burn out the mark 

of the beast. And so on. 
I have no talent for leadership. 
What is the cry of nature? 

160 Guerrilla Liturgies 

What is the demand of the Power of History? 
My brothers, what do you plan to do? 
How shall we get the beast off our back? 
What shall we tell our brothers and sisters? Burn 
out the mark of the beast. 

III. The Making and Use of Ashes 

Minister : 

For three transgressions of Babylon and for 
1 will not turn away the punishment; 
Because they brought fire from heaven on 
women with child 
And sowed iron on their villages, 
1 shall turn the children of Babylon against 
her , 
And burn up her quarters with fire. 

Because she cut down the trees of her 
And spread poison upon his fields, 
1 send a spirit of madness upon her 

To cut down her forests with her own hand. 
To cast a seed of fire on her cornfields. 
To fill her air with the smoke of her 
And her waters with the refuse of her 
streets . 

Because Babylon has raised a levy of her 
To enlarge her borders in a distant land. 
Behold 1 raise up her subjects in her 
streets , 
And her young men shall resist her to her 
face . 
The lion has roared, who can but fear? 

The Power of History has spoken, who can 
but prophesy? 


First straight man: We found this man overthrow- 
ing our nation, and forbidding us to pay taxes to 
Nixon. [Luke 23:2] 

Second straight man: We have heard these men 
speak disrespectfully of motherhood and God. 

[Acts 6:11] 

First straight man: These men are disturbing our 
city; they advocate customs which it is illegal 

Burn Out the Mark of the Beast 161 

for us Americans to practice. [Aots 16:20-21] 

Second straight man: They are persuading men to 
worship God contrary to the law. [Acts 18:13] 

First straight man: Come and help us I These are 
the men who are teaching against the Law; they 
have brought unclean persons Into the temple, they 
have desecrated a holy place. [Aots 21:28] 

Second straight man: These men who turn the world 
upside down have come here also; they are all de- 
fying the orders of Nixon, saying there Is another 
President, Jesus. [Acts 17:6-7] 

First straight man: The men whom you put In pris- 
on are standing In the temple and teaching the 
people. [Acts 5:25] 

Reader: Then the sergeant with his men went and 
brought them, but without brutality, for they were 
afraid of being stoned by the people. And when 
they had brought them, they set them in the court- 
room. And the magistrate interrogated them, say- 
ing: "We issued a strict injunction that you 
should not teach in the name of Jesus, and here 
you have filled the city with this teaching." And 
Peter and the Apostles answered: 

All: We must obey God rather than men. 

[Acts 5:26-29] 

First straight man: You are all under arrest. 
Who is your leader? 

All: We have no leader but Jesus our Liberator. 

The Disaffiliation 

Then all who wish to disaffiliate from violence 
say as follows, either after the Minister or along 
with him: 

If my hand has consented to murder. 

Let my hand consent no longer. 
If I have shut my eyes to the poor. 

Today I take up their cause. 
If I exploited my brother. 

Today I ask his forgiveness. 
If I harmed the living planet. 

Today I do reparation. 
If I walled myself off with religion. 

Today I jump over the wall. 
If I invented private ecstasy, 

I accept communal suffering. 

162 Guerrilla Liturgies 

If ever I bore the mark of the beast, 
I will bear its mark no longer. 

If ever I carried its number, 

I will carry its number no longer. 

So help me God and his holy words. 

In the hearing of these my brothers. 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, a narrow door is 
set before us, which, we are told, not everyone 
will enter. We know that this universe had its 
beginning in fire, and we believe that to fire it 
will return. There are many things we cannot 
choose; but each of us has a choice v/hether that 
fire will be to him the burning love of his broth- 
ers, or the cancer of self-reproach. As the whole 
world is watching, in self-respect we have willed 
to burn those instruments which once affiliated us 
with an oppressive system. Today we affirm that 
some property has no right to exist . We propose 
this day to light in America such a candle as will 
never be put out . 

Then as each person burns the instruments of af- 
filiation he repeats : 

We must obey God rather than men. 


Reader: Hear an Epistle on holy disobedience from 
our brother Daniel Berrigan. 

Our apologies, good friends, for the fracture of 
good order, the burning of paper instead of child- 
ren, the angering of the orderlies in the front 
parlor of the charnel house. We could not, so 
help us God, do otherwise. For we are sick at 
heart, our hearts give us no rest for thinking of 
the Land of Burning Children. And for thinking of 
that other Child, of whom the poet Luke speaks. 
The infant was taken up in the arms of an old man, 
whose tongue grew resonant and vatic at the touch 
of that beauty. And the old man spoke; this child 
is set for the fall and rise of many in Israel, a 
sign that is spoken against. 

Small consolation; a child born to make trouble, 
and to die for it, the first Jew (not the last) to 
be subject of a "definitive solution." He sets up 
the cross and dies on it; in the Rose Garden of 
the executive mansion, on the D.C. Mall, in the 
courtyard of the Pentagon. We see the sign, we 
read the direction; you must bear with us, for His 

Burn Out the Mark of the Beast 163 

sake. Or if you will not, the consequences are 
our own. . . 

[For] we are no more, when the truth is told, than 
ignorant beset men, jockeying against all chance, 
at the hour of death, for a place at the right 
hand of the dying One... 

We stretch out our hands to our brothers through- 
out the world. We who are priests, to our fellow 
priests. All of us who act against the law, turn 
to the poor of the world, to the Vietnamese, to 
the victims, to the soldiers who kill and die; for 
no reason at all, because they were so ordered — by 
the authorities of that public order which is in 
effect a massive institutionalized disorder. 

We say killing is disorder; life and gentleness 
and community and unselfishness is the only order 
we recognize. For the sake of that order, we risk 
our liberty, our good name. The time is past when 
good men can remain silent, when obedience can 
segregate men from public risk, when the poor can 
die without defense. 

We ask our fellow Christians to consider in their 
hearts a question that has tortured us, night and 
day, since the war began. How many must die be- 
fore our voices are heard, how many must be tor- 
tured, dislocated, starved, maddened? How long 
must the world's resources be raped in the service 
of legalized murder? When, at what point, will 
you say no to this war? 

We have chosen to say, with the gift of our lib- 
erty, if necessary of our lives, the violence 
stops here, the death stops here, the suppression 
of the truth stops here, the war stops here. . . . 

Redeem the times I The times are inexpressibly 
evil. Christians pay conscious — indeed religious 
— tribute to Caesar and Mars ; by approval of over- 
kill tactics, by brinkmanship, by nuclear litur- 
gies, by racism, by support of genocide. They em- 
brace their society with all their heart, and 
abandon the cross. They pay lip service to Christ 
and military service to the powers of death. 

And yet, and yet, the times are inexhaustibly 
good, solaced by the courage and hope of many. 
The truth rules, Christ is not forsaken. In a 
time of death, some men — the resisters, those who 
work hardily for social change, those who preach 
and embrace the unpalatable truth — such men 

164 Guerrilla Liturgies 

overcome death, their lives are bathed in the 
light of the resurrection, the truth has set them 
free. In the jaws of death, of contumely, of good 
and ill report, they proclaim their love of the 

We think of such men, in the world, in our nation, 
in the churches; and the stone in our breast is 
dissolved; we take heart once more. 

Here ends the Epistle. 

Putting on Ashes 

Minister : Brothers and sisters, we know that the 
ultimate instrument of police brutality, scandal 
to the Jews and folly to the Greeks, has been 
transformed by the resistance of the Liberator 
into the means of our life and peace. And there- 
fore, Jesus, in solidarity with your nonvio- 
lence, we have cut out the mark of the beast from 
our forehead and burned his number to ashes. In 
their place, with penitence and hope, we accept 
the mark of the cross. 

The the Minister marks the ash from the burned 
papers on the foreheads of all who wish itj 
saying : 

Render unto Nixon that which is Nixon's and unto 
God that which is God's. 

Minister : Friends, as the Power of History called 
Abraham from his native city and led him a long 
journey through the world, we likewise are pil- 
grims and travelers here, with no permanent city. 
When the Son of Man comes, will faith be found on 
earth? We then take out naturalization papers in 
that land where out true citizenship lies. For 
sky and earth witness this day, that there have 
been set before us good and evil, blessing and 
curse, life and death. Which will you choose? 

People: We choose life, that we and our children 
may live. 

Minister: By that covenant of peace let us enlist 
in the army of the Liberator and hear the Apos- 
tle's charge to his new recruits. 

Reader: Be strong in the Liberator and in his 
power. Be dressed in God's complete set of armor, 
so that you can stand against the schemes of the 
World Beast. For our struggle is not against 
flesh and blood, but against demonic authorities. 

Burn Out the Mark of the Beast 165 

against the world-rulers of our Dark Age, against 
evil spiritual powers in high places. So take up 
the panoply of God, in order that you can offer 
resistance in the evil day, and stand with your 
work complete. Stand with the belt of truth 
around your waist, wear the breastplate of jus- 
tice, and put on the boots of those who announce 
the good news of peace. Over all lift up the 
shield of confidence, by which you can extinguish 
the scorching missiles of evil. And take up the 
helmet of liberation and the weapon of the Spirit, 
that is, the word of God. [Ephesians 6:10-17] 

1> . ^ccoiM^fy^lvyM^^o^: lie (\^z^ ol tic. litcu^io^ 

A form of words to aaaompany some action at a place 
which does not expect it. Especially suitable for 
Palm Sunday 3 Advent^ Reformation Sunday ^ and Pente- 

I . At the Staging Area 
Psalm 2 

Why are the nations In conspiracy? 

Why do presidents make empty plans? 
The rulers have consulted together 

Against the Power of history and the 
Liberator : 
"Let us break all their constraints; 

Let us throw all their laws from us." 
He who sits on the sky laughs them to scorn. 

The Ruler of nature mocks at them. 
Then he speaks to them in his anger. 

He routs them with his indignation: 
"Today I have set my King 

Upon Zion the hill of my holiness; 
I said to him, 'You are my Son, 

Today I have begotten you; 
I have made all peoples your inheritance. 

The ends of the earth your possession; 
Rule their kings with a rod of steel, 

Smash them like broken china.'" 
Now then you rulers understand this. 

Be warned, all judges of the earth; 
Serve the Power of history in fear. 

Bow down before him with trembling; 
If he is angry, your way is destroyed; 

And his anger is quickly aroused. 

Reader: Recognize what time it is: it is the 
hour for us to be waked out of sleep. For now our 
liberation is closer than when first we trusted. 
Night is far advanced, day is breaking. So we 
should throw off the works of darkness and get 
dressed in the armor of light. Since it is day, 
walk properly, not in folly and self-deception, 
not in anger and competition; get dressed in Jesus 
the Liberator, and pay no attention to the demands 
of the present Age. [Romans 13:11-14] 

Decontamination 167 


Minister : We interrupt this ser^vlce to bring you 
a special announcement. Brothers and sisters, we 
are told that the ruler and servant of this planet 
comes at an unspecified time, on his schedule, not 
ours. Not at a Presidential election but perhaps 
at a sentencing; not at a military victory but 
perhaps at a defeat; not announced in the media 
but perhaps in the ghetto. His budget is not as 
our budgets; his leadership is with the masses. 
Our calendars cannot compute his Advent; he has 
his own time-zones, he is his own air controller. 

Friends, be sober, be watchful, be vigilant; re- 
double your efforts; serve the Lord, serve the 
people. Any day we may see on our streets the 
political exile from every land, the universal 
people's organizer. Daylight saving may be an- 
nounced at any moment, be prepared to reset your 
watches. Elections may be cancelled; the Times 
may suspend publication indefinitely; the six 
o'clock news is in doubt. Sit loose to your 
calendars: at any time darkness may be turned to 
day; any week may be all Sundays; any February may 
get a thirtieth people's day. 

And some year the war will be over, won not by 
bombs but by bicycles, not by metal but by people, 
not by top-level negotiations but by the smuggled 
messages of political prisoners. We cannot say 
that this is the Year of our Liberator Nlneteen- 
Hundred-and-Something. For he is not dead but 
living; he came long ago and he comes today. His 
word has gone out to all lands; for the first time 
in world history it is God's right time for God's 
folk to triumph over Leviathan; World People car- 
ries off the victory over World Piggery. The 
clocks are ticking faster, fallout is falling, the 
great sea is sick, poison is building up to a 
critical level; but a new child is about to be 
born. Be alert, be analytical; it will be told in 
the streets when the war is over. 

Brothers and sisters, when God's acceptable year 
Is at hand, time no longer will be measured by the 
past, but by the future. The Second Millennium 
may not wait for the year Two Thousand. Tear up 
the perpetual calendars. Friends, before the mid- 
dle-aged in this audience grow old, before the 
young people are draft-eligible, before new apple 
trees bear fruit, the World Tree will bear the 
fruit that all men and women have been reaching 

168 Guerrilla Liturgies 

out for. Tear up the calendars. Many difficul- 
ties lie ahead but the Second Coming is at hand. 
History is sailing into a new Pacific Ocean; 
looming up we see the outlines of the Fortunate 
Islands. Shortly a prophet of the New Age will 

The Rainy Day of the Chil' 

Can be sung to St. James Infirmary and other 
tunes . 

That country don't come with watchin'. 

It spreads around you plain; 
The days are comin' you'll look for 

One day of this chil' in vain. 

When they cry, "See it out on the prairie," 

You better not to roam; 
When they whisper "There in the back room," 

You better keep to home. 

As it lightnin's from mountain to prairie 

Will be the day of this chil' 
But beforehand you'll see these people 

Harass him for a while. 

Like it was in the days of old Noah 

Will be this chil's day; 
For they was eatin' and drinkin' 

Marryin' and givin' away. 

Till the day he went up the gangplank 

And the rain dropped quietly; 
Like it was in the days of Sodom 

The day of this chil' will be. 

For they was buyin' and sellin' 
Plantin' corn and raisin' wall. 

Till the day Lot come out from Sodom 
And the cin'ers commenced to fall. 

In that day a man on the rooftop 

Had best not get his pack. 
Or a man in the field run home for 

A shirt to clothe his back. 

If you spare your life you lose it. 
And the loser his life will spare; 

Two men are plowin' together. 

They take one and leave one there. 

Two women at the oven bakin'. 

They take one and leave one go. 

But wherever the corpse is layin' 
Lights down the carrion crow. 

[Luke 17:20-37] 

Decontamination 169 


Reader: And it came to pass, when he drew near to 
Jericho, a blind man, the son of Timaeus , sat by 
the road begging. And when he heard the crowd go- 
ing along the way he asked what this might be, and 
they answered him, saying: 

People: Jesus of Nazareth is passing by 1 

[Luke 18:35-37] 

Straight man: Show us a sign! Show us a signl 
Show us a signl 

Reader: This is a wicked age; it asks for a 
sign, and no sign will be given it but the sign of 
Jonah. The way Jonah was a sign to the men of 
Nineveh, so will the Son of Man be to this age. 
The men of Nineveh will go to court with this age 
and condemn it; for they repented at the teaching 
of Jonah, and one greater than Jonah is here. 

[Luke 11:29-32] 

Straight man: Blasphemy, blasphemy, blasphemy I 
Who but God alone can forgive sins? 

Reader: Which is easier, to say, "Your sins are 
forgiven," or to say, "Pick up your bed and walk?" 

[Mark 2:7-9] 

Straight man: Why does he not wash his hands be- 
fore dinner? 

Reader: Why do you wash the outside of the cup, 
when your inside is full of exploitation and 
wickedness? [Luke 11:38-39] 

Straight man: Why does he eat with street girls 
and dealers? 

Reader: Sick people need a doctor, not well peo- 
ple; he did not come to call righteous but 
sinners. [Mark 2:16-17] 

Straight man: He is stealing grain from the 
fields; and doing it on Sunday I [Mark 2:24] 

Reader: Sunday was made for man, not man for Sun- 
day. A camel can go through a needle's eye quick- 
er than a rich man into the zone of liberation. 
You cannot serve God and Mammon. 

[Mark 2:27, 10:25; Luke 16:13] 

Straight man: If he were a prophet, he would know 
this woman for a sinner. [Luke 7:39] 

Reader: Her sins are forgiven, for she loved 

170 Guerrilla Liturgies 

much; he who loves little is forgiven little. 

[Luke 7:47] 

Straight man: Let me first go and bury my father. 

Reader: Let the dead bury their own dead. 

Straight man: Let me first say goodbye to my 

Reader: No one who puts his hand to the plow and 
looks back is fit for the Liberated Zone. 

[Luke 9:59-62] 

Straight man: We saw a man casting out demons in 
your name, but he does not follow us, so we for- 
bade him. 

Reader: He who is not against us is on our side. 

[Mark 9:38-40] 

Straight man: This man casts out demons by Beel- 
zebul Lord of the Mansion, the prince of demons. 

Reader : 

Any country is made desolate 

That is divided against itself; 
And any household will fall 

Divided against itself. 
If Satan is set against himself. 

How will his country stand? 
And if it is by Beelzebul 

That I drive out the demons. 
Who do your sons drive them out by? 

So they can be your judges. 
But if I by the finger of God drive them out. 

Then Liberation is upon you. 
When a strong man armed keeps his house. 

His property is in safety. 
But when one stronger comes to his house. 

Binding the strong one hand and foot. 
He takes the panoply that he trusted 

And distributes the spoil. 
When an unclean spirit leaves a man. 

He goes to the desert searching a home; 
And when he finds no home there he says, 

"1 go back to my house that I came from." 
And when he comes, he finds it vacant. 

Swept clean and neatly tidied. 
So he gets seven demons worse than himself 

And takes them with him to live there; 
And the last condition of that man 

Becomes worse than his first. 

[Luke 11:15-26] 

Decontamination 171 

Straight man: Are you he that is coming, or do we 
look for another? 

Reader : 

The blind receive their sight. 

Lame men are walking; 
Cancers fall from the skin. 

The deaf get back their hearing; 
Dead men are raised up. 

The poor hear a new preaching; 
And blessed is every one 

Who finds in me no stumbling. 

[Luke 7:20-23] 

Minister : We interrupt this service again for an- 
other special announcement. We have just received 
word that the Liberated Zone has been set up at N. 
Free water-fountains, free bread, wine without 
price. Entry permits now being issued, no formal- 
ities, no delay. First preference given to whores 
and dealers . 

II . The Procession 

Reader : 

Dance with joy, daughter of Zion; 

Sing out, daughter of Jerusalem. 
See your King is coming 

With justice and liberation; 
Gentle and riding on a donkey. 

On a colt the foal of a donkey. 
He cuts off the chariot from Babylon 

The cavalry from Sodom. 
The tool of battle is lopped off, 

He demands peace of the nations. 
He governs from sea to sea. 

From the River to the ends of the earth. 
And see daughter of Zion 

By the blood of his Covenant with you 
He frees your captives from the prisons. 

From the deserts where no water is. 
Return, you hopeful prisoners. 

To your hill-camps beside the stream; 
He restores to you today 

Double for all you endured. 

[Zechariah 9:9-12] 

172 Guerrilla Liturgies 

We Hope and Trust in Jesus 

Tune: "St. Theodulph," Teschner I615 {The Hymnal 
1940 no. 62; 76.76.D. ) 

Refrain : 

We hope and trust in Jesus 

Our Liberator King; 
To him the flower children 

Their gifts and incense bring. 

1 The Brother of humanity. 

He is the Prince of Peace; 
In God's name he is coming 

To make all warfare cease. Refrain. 

2 He rides along the avenue 

Upon the donkey's back; 
The powers of darkness stumble. 

And Caesar's stick will crack. Refrain. 

3 The children of the Hebrews 

With palms before him went; 
The hopes of the exploited 

Before him we present. Refrain. 

4 We burn the monster's number. 

His mark is off our brow; 
The day of liberation 

Is celebrated now. Refrain. 

5 We melt the guns to plowshares 

We sink the bombs off shore; 
The nations fight no longer 

And study war no more. Refrain. 

6 But lovers sit together 

Beneath their fig and vine. 
On whom the Sun of Justice 

With peace and love will shine. Refrain. 

7 In all his holy mountain 

They shall not harm again; 
The babies play in safety 

Upon the rattler's den. Refrain. 

8 Beside the mountain lion 

The sheep may safely graze; 
The paradise of Eden 

Is planted in our days. Refrain. 

9 The logger's axe no longer 

Shall cut the living tree; 
Our cedar and our redwood 

Stand green above the sea. Refrain. 

Decontamination 173 


Reader: And when they came near Jerusalem, by 
Bethany at the hill of olivetrees, he commissioned 
two of his companions: "Go to the village over 
there. When you enter it you will find a donkey 
that no man has yet sat on; untie it and bring it. 
If anybody asks you what you are doing, tell them 
its owner needs it, and they will let you have it 
immediately." So they went and found the donkey 
tied outside the door to a grapevine, and they un- 
tied it. And some people standing there asked 
them what they were doing, untying the donkey. 
And they answered as Jesus told them, and they let 
them go. And they brought the donkey to Jesus; 
they threw their cloaks on it, and he sat on it. 
And many people took off their cloaks and threw 
them on the street; and others cut palm branches 
from the fields and threw them on the street. And 
the crowd that went in front of him and behind him 
cried out, saying: [Mark 11:1-10] 


Leader and FeoipZe: 

Who is this riding among us? 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed is he who comes in the name of God. 
Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

Who is this riding the animal of peace? 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed be the coming Kingdom of David. 

Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

Who is the Liberator of Israel? 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed be the Liberated Zone he brings. 

Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

Who is this carrying the palm of peace? 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed be our leader the Prince of peace. 

Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

Who is this that destroys the weapons of war? 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 

Blessed is he who comes in the name of God. 
Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

Who is this that frees the oppressed from 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed is he that releases all captives. 

Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. 

17^ Guerrilla Liturgies 

Who is this that restores the Paradise of 

Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth. 
Blessed is the Maker of all the worlds. 

Hosanna, may his Way be victorious. And 

so on ad lib. 

Ill . At THE Destination 

Reader {in vox clerica) : Here beginneth the Les- 
son. So the supervisors and foremen of the people 
went out and said to the people, "Thus says Phar- 
aoh, I will give you no straw. Go out, get your- 
selves straw wherever you can find it; but your 
quota will not be decreased." So the people were 
spread out all over Egypt to get stubble for 
straw. And the supervisors bore down on them, 
saying, "Finish your daily quota as you did when 
you had straw." And the foremen of the children 
of Israel, who had been appointed by Pharaoh's 
supervisors, were beaten and interrogated: "Why 
have you not finished your quota of bricks today, 
as you did yesterday?" Here endeth the Lesson. 

[Exodus 5:10-14] 


If possible 3 sung to Anglican chant. 

Blessed art thou, Lord, / our Property; 

Praised and exalted above / all persons ' for 
Blessed art thou for the Name / of our Rights; 
Praised and exalted above / all persons * for 
Blessed art thou in the / temple of ' consumption; 
Praised and exalted above /all persons ' for 
Blessed art thou that beholdest the land values, 

and dwellest be/tween the brokers; 
Praised and exalted above / all persons * for- 
ever . 
Blessed art thou in the firmament / of the market; 
Praised and exalted above / all persons ' for- 

Decontamination 175 

Conversation in Darkness 

Minister : In the beginning the Energy of creation 
made heaven and earth and all that Is In them; and 
he looked at all he had made, and lo, they were 
very good. Today he looks in at them from outside 
space and time, and lo, they are very bad. For a 
demon of stupidity entered the heart of Adam, that 
he should increase and multiply and destroy beyond 
all limits, and pull down the roof of the sky on 
his own head. Now we are standing on land occu- 
pied by demonic powers, whose names are Beelzebul 
and Mammon. And the sons of man came to consult 
with the demons that live here, saying: 

Header: Teach us to saw down the cedar and fir, 
and tread the lilies into the mud; prepare poisons 
for us to kill the creeping things and whatever 
feeds on them; show us how to fill the air with 
waste products of asphalt, the birds that fly in 
it, the earth and its inhabitants, the waters and 
all who live in them; and give us your gold and 
silver, with which to buy the burning ash of 
death, that we may cast it on the heads of our 
enemies . 

Minister : And the lying demons said to them: 
"Here are the poisons; go and prosper, only make 
sure they touch not your own heads." Again a 
second time the sons of man came and said: 

Reader: It is too light a thing, that we have 
learned how to bend the earth to our will and 
yours. Teach us also to subdue the inhabitants of 
the land; help us bring people from all continents 
to be our hewers of wood and drawers of water, and 
wall them off in the quarters of our cities; show 
us how to destroy the woman with child and the 
young men in all places we wish to go; give us 
chains to bind all humanity to our desires. 

Minister : And the lying demons said: "Here are 
chains; go and bind them on all people, only be 
sure they touch not your own legs and arms." 
Again a third time the sons of men came and said: 

Reader: All these things we have done, and more; 
and now our own sons and daughters stand up 
against us. Give us therefore confused images to 
put before their eyes, empty sounds in their ears, 
and false books in their schools, so that they 
will not hear the words of the poets of GOD, and 
turn and overthrow us their parents. 

176 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Minister : And the lying demons said: "See, here 
are the words of confusion; go and turn them 
loose, only be careful to stop up your ears, so 
that you are not caught in your falsehoods, and 
ours . " 

But the demons could not deliver what they prom- 
ised, for they are lying demons, and weak. For 
the Word of the Power of history is an antidote to 
every poison, a two-edged sword to cut every 
chain, a light eclipsing every falsehood. ListenI 
At the heart of the place where the demons stand, 
a sound of struggle. 

Reader: Come out of the man you rotten spirit! 

Straight man: What is there between me and thee, 
Jesus thou Son of God most high? In the name of 
God I adjure thee, torment me not. 

Reader: What is your name? 

Straight man: American Legion is my name, for we 
are many. Send us not out of the country; send us 
into the swine that we may enter into them. 

Reader: May it be as you have spoken. 

Minister : And the rotten spirits came out and 
went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed over 
the cliff into the sea, about two thousand of 
them, and were drowned in the abyss. [Mark 5:7-13] 

Psalm 80:8-16 

You brought a vine from Egypt ; 

You drove out the foreigners and planted 
You cleared the ground for it; 

It struck down root and filled the land. 
The mountains were covered with its shadow. 

The cedars of God were under its branches. 
It spread its leaves to the Sea, 

And its shoots to the River. 
Why then did you break down its wall? 

Each passerby rips off its fruit. 
The Pig from the desert grubs it up. 

Each Beast from the wilderness feeds on 
Look down, God, from the heights 

On the vine which your right hand has 
planted . 
They have burned it with fire and smashed it; 

May they fall at the anger of your face! 

Decontamination 177 


On strike, shut it down, off the World Pig: On 
strike, shut it down, off the World Pig. 

When Pharaoh raised the brick quota, Moses and his 
people said: On strike, shut it down, off 
the World Pig. And so on. 

When Pharaoh offered concessions, Moses and his 
people said: 

When they ripped up women with child, the prophet 
Amos said: 

When kings sold the poor for sliver, the prophet 
Amos said: 

When they asked the priests to bless them, the 
prophet Amos said: 

When Athens shut eyes to murder, Socrates stood up 
and said: 

When they busted him for corrupting youth, the 
youth stood up and said: 

When Jesus disrupted the Temple, all his followers 
said : 

When he broke up sacred monopoly, all his follow- 
ers said: 

When they handed out Incense for Caesar, all the 
Christians said: 

When the Pope put the keys In his pocket, Martin 
Luther said: 

When they put a gun In his hand, George Fox stood 
up and said: 

When they told him to stop his preaching, Wesley 
stood up and said: 

When they slapped on a war surtax, Thoreau sat 
down and said: 

When the British licensed sea-salt, Mahatma Gandhi 

When Hitler said Bow down and worship, Franz 
Jaegerstaetter said: 

When Hitler said Don't ask questions, Dietrich 
Bonhoeffer said: 

When the Kremlin bugged the typewriters, Boris 
Pasternak said: 

178 Guerrilla Liturgies 

When the Kremlin tanks rolled in, Jan Palach sat 
down and said: 

When the helicopters came over, Che stood up and 
said : 

When the orange toadstool pushed up, Abraham Muste 
said : 

When the church said Keep your mouth shut, Norman 
Morrison said: 

When they exempted clergy, the Berrigan brothers 

When the Dow recruiters came round, the D.C. Nine 
all said: 

When a white man gagged a black man, Dave Dellin- 
ger stood up and said: 

When they break the farmworkers ' heads , we stand 
up and say : 

When they build the detention centers, we stand up 
and say: 

When the Blue Meanies come on the Avenue, we stand 
up and say: 

When they turn off the microphone, we stand up and 
say : 

When the chainsaw hits the redwoods, we stand up 
and say : 

When the captain says Babies also, we stand up and 
say: On strike, shut it down, off the World 

When murderers speak of gradualism, we stand up 
and say: On strike, shut it down, off the 
World Pig. 


Minister : So a fourth and last time the sons of 
men came to the demons and said: 

Reader: You have given us poisons to cast on the 
earth, and chains to cast on the limbs of men, and 
lies to cast in the ears of our sons and daugh- 
ters. But intolerable words still ring in our own 
ears; give us, we pray, some device by which we 
may stop our ears against the witness of the 
prophets of the power of history. 

Minister : And the lying demons said: "Take the 
words given to those prophets by that Energy whom 

Decontamination 179 

we despise and acknowledge; write the words in a 
book; build a tower to reach the sky; put the book 
in the tower, and set a priest of unclean lips to 
reading it for a people of unclean lips. Then at 
last you will have rest from the word which you 

And the people did as the lying demons commanded 
them: they wrote the book, and built the tower, 
and put the book in the tower; and set a priest of 
unclean lips reading it to a people of unclean 
lips; and they called the name of that tower 
CHURCH. And in every age it came to pass as the 
demons said. Over our heads rises the tombstone 
of God, we stand in the cemetery administered by 
the prince of the demons, whose name is RELIGION. 
But in every age it came to pass also (for the 
demons are lying demons, and weak) that a fountain 
of living waters broke through the rock on which 
the tower stood, and there were found men and wo- 
men to drink the water, and hear the word spoken 
there at the command of the demons, and it is for 
them a fountain of youth. 

Worthy is the Lamb which was slaini For the gates 
of Hell have done their worst against his people 
and not prevailed; the Lion of Judah is victorious 
over Sin and Death. In true recollection, over- 
coming the smog of amnesia, we declare today that 
the place of confusion, the tower of Babel, is the 
place of the breath of God. As the cloven tongues 
of flame descend on us, the demonic powers are 
dispersed like autumn leaves. Through the libera- 
tion brought in by Jesus, the victim who refused 
complicity, the high priest who rejected exploita- 
tion, we are no longer either victims or accom- 
plices, but with him priests to the Power of na- 
ture and servants to humankind. In his name I de- 
clare this place DECONTAMINATED from the fallout 
of religion and pride and fear, and RECONSECRATED 
to hope and life and love. The demons have re- 
turned to the nothingness from where they came. 
EarthI Waterl Air'. Firel Witness our libera- 
tion! Brothers and sisters: Plant seeds in 
earthi Wash bloodstains off stone'. Fill air with 
vibrating tongues of love I Burn instruments of 
demonic affiliation.' Repeat to ends of earth vic- 
tory slogans: 

Here are repeated the Affirmations God is not dead 
etc. from p. 123. 

180 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Then the act of liberation (posting theses^ wash- 
ing flags y etc.) is carried out ^ while there is 

Reader: And Jesus went into the Sanctuary, and 
started pushing out all who were buying and sell- 
ing in the Sanctuary; and he overturned the tables 
of the money-changers, and the booths of those who 
sold doves; and he demanded that nobody carry of- 
fering plates through the Sanctuary. And he edu- 
cated them, saying: "Does it not stand written: 
My house shall be called a house of prayer for all 
races? But you have made it a cave of murderers." 
The ministers and the elders heard him, and tried 
to find a way to destroy him; but they were afraid 
of him, for the whole people was carried along 
with his teaching. [Mark 11:15-18] 

tf . T^e ^M^civ^^ td Pe^icc 

An order to mark out a sanctuary for refugees ^ 
either symbolic (Mary and Joseph, war-victims ) or 
real (political resisters ) . Especially suitable 
for Christmas and Epiphany . 

I . At the Refugee Center 

The refugees arrive singing liberation songs: 

Psalm W7:1-6 

It is a good thing to praise our God; 

A celebration song is proper. 
For he builds up Jerusalem, 

He gathers the exploited of Israel; 
He heals all broken in heart. 

And bandages their wounds. 
He prescribes the number of the stars. 

He calls them all by their names; 
Great is our God, great his power; 

There is no limit to his wisdom. 
God raises up the oppressed. 

And throws criminals to the ground. 

Psalm 126 

When God brought back the refugees to Zion, 

We were like those who dream; 
Our mouth was filled with laughing. 

And joy was on our tongue. 
Then it was said among the nations, 

God has done a great thing among them. 
Restore our refugees, Liberator, 

Like the rivers in the desert. 
May all who sow their seed with tears 

Gather up its fruit with joy. 
Surely whoever goes out with tears, 

Carrying his seed in his garment. 
He will come home with shouts of joy. 

Bringing in his sheaves with him. 

The refugees ask for a sanctuary appropriate to 
their situation. 

Reader : 

See my servant, I hold him straight; 

I am pleased with the man of my choice. 
I have laid the spirit of my breath on him; 

He gives justice to all nations. 
He does not shout or raise his voice. 

Or make it heard in public places; 

182 Guerrilla Liturgies 

A bruised grassblade he will not break. 

Or blow out the feeble flame. 
He announces justice with truth. 

He does not give up or lose heart; 
Until he builds community on earth. 

The continents wait for his liberation. 

[Isaiah 42:1-4] 

Minister: Brothers and sisters, today these 
things are fulfilled in your ears. The World 
Architect has taken justice as his blueprint, and 
is laying a precious cornerstone — the pearl of 
great price, whose finder buys it for all he has. 
The stone rejected by the builders, the rock of 
stumbling has become the sanctuary of the poor. 
Into that sanctuary the liberated of God flow in 
with singing, the desert is covered with the cam- 
els of refugees, bringing their precious things. 
Friends, the sword will not again go through your 
land; here and in Sill homes of God's people sanc- 
tuary is to be found. In these our last days, God 
has done his new thing. The Liberator has ap- 
peared in every land, under many incognitos, but 
always himself. 

The Sun and the Moon 

Buddha is the Moon; Christ is the Sun. 

Buddha is the Mother; Christ is the Father. 

Buddha is Pity; Christ is Justice. 

Buddha retires to the mountain to keep himself 
spotless and pure; Christ goes forth to the world 
to fight the battles of faith. 

Buddha weeps for the sins of the world; Christ 
fights to redress the wrong. 

We love and admire Buddha, but we worship Christ: 
worship him not with rosaries and prayerbooks, but 
with heroic deeds he claims from his worshippers. 

God made two great lights; the greater light to 
rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the 
night . 

We love the Moon and we love the night; but as the 
night is far spent and the day is at hand, we now 
love the Sun more than we love the Moon. 

And we know that the love of the Moon is included 
in the love of the Sun, and that he who loves the 
Sun loves the Moon also. [Kanzo Uahimura] 

The Sanctuary of Peaoe 183 


Reader: Now Judas Maccabeus and his men liberated 
the temple and the city, for God was going before 
them. They dismantled the altars built in the 
business district by foreigners, and tore down 
their chapels. They reconsecrated the sanctuary 
and built another altar of sacrifice. Then they 
struck fire from flints, and resumed the sacri- 
fices; they burned incense, lighted lamps, and set 
out the bread of life. Then they prostrated them- 
selves, and prayed God that they should never 
again fall into such complicity; and if they did 
do wrong, that he should discipline them gently, 
and not hand them over into the power of obscene 
and uncivilized races. Now it happened that the 
reconsecration of the sanctuary took place on the 
same day it had been defiled. They celebrated it 
for eight days with great joy, as at the Feast of 
Tabernacles, remembering how not long before they 
had celebrated the feast living like animals in 
the mountains and caves out of their guerrilla en- 
campments. They held up the thyrsus, green 
branches and palm fronds, and raised loud music in 
honor of the one who had guided them to reconse- 
crate his sanctuary. [2 Maccabees 10-1:7] 

Psalm 72 

God, make the king your judge. 

And set your justice on the son of David; 
Let him judge your people with fairness. 

And your exploited ones in truth. 
Let mountains raise up peace for the people 

And the hills bear justice. 
May he liberate the sons of the poor 

And smash every oppressor. 
May his days endure with the sun; 

May his age be as long as the moon. 
May he fall like rain on the grass. 

Like showers that water the earth. 
May justice grow green in his days, 

And peace rule while the moon remains . 
May he rule from the sea to the sea. 

From the River to the ends of the earth. 
May the continents kneel before him 

And exploiters lick the dust. 
May all kings fall down before him. 

All countries do his service. 
For he answers the poor in his crying. 

He lifts up the needy and helpless; 

l84 Guerrilla Liturgies 

He is sorry for the weak and poor. 

He liberates the life of the exploited. 
He ransoms their life from violence; 

Precious is their blood in his sight. 
Long may he live honored with gifts; 

Let the gold of Sheba be brought him. 
Let prayer in his name be constant. 

His blessings be pronounced daily. 
May the land be covered with grain; 

May it wave on the tops of the hills. 
Blessed is his working forever; 

May his name endure with the sun. 
May all men bless themselves in him; 

All nations acknowledge his splendor. 

II . The Procession 

Minister : Let us go forth in peace. As the tab- 
ernacle of peace moves through the desert of vio- 
lence, may the Spirit of God accompany it in a 
pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night. 
Take stakes and cords, build a moving sanctuary; 
even so the splendor of Being was seen by 
Ezekiel, rolling above his people wherever they 
went. Build the peace temple. 


All refugees and resisters from all countries: 
Build the peace temple. 

Refugees from Biafra, starved by the affluent: 
Build the peace temple. And so on. 

Refugees from Palestine in your relocation camps: 

Refugees of Viet Nam in your strategic hamlets: 

Refugees from the American wilderness in your 
reservations : 

Refugees from Africa in urban ghettos: 

All chemists who have gone out from the poison 
factories : 

All who have gone out from the global police 
forces : 

All who have deserted the underground command 
posts : 

All who have given up counterinsurgency : 

All who have left off shuffling papers: 

All who have resigned from strip-mining crews: 

All who throw nails in the blades of chainsaws: 

The Sanctuary of Peaoe 185 

All who shut down the chimneys of death: 

Prophets and poets fired by the Churches: 
Scholars and wise men fired by the Colleges: 
Honest reporters fired by the papers : 
Honest biologists fired by Industry: 
Reformers and fighters fired by government: 
Children who plant flowers and play with kittens: 
Children who plant rice and play with beercans : 
Woman who plant gardens and bear male children: 

People united against repression: 
Lovers and craftsmen, farmers and builders: 
Organizers for peace and justice: 
Political prisoners beside us In spirit : 
Planters of parks, sowers of seeds: 

Induction refusers, martyrs to Caesar: 

Mahatma Gandhi, world conscience: 

Abraham Muste, walking beside us: 

Martin Luther King, walking beside us: 

Francis our friend, walking beside us: 

Isaiah and Mlcah, prophets of the new Age: 

Simeon and Anna, who found the Liberator: 

Mary the mother who bore the Liberator: Build the 
peace temple. 

Jesus our brother who became the Liberator: Build 
the peace temple. 

Ill . At THE Church 

Minister : 

Lift up your heads, you gates. 

People : 

Open up, you everlasting doors, 

For the King of splendor to come in. 

Minister : 

Who is this King of splendor? 

People : 

Our God strong and mighty. 

The Power beyond all armies. 

186 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Minister : 

Lift up your heads, you gates. 

Teop le : 

Open up, you everlasting doors, 

For the King of splendor to come in. 

Minister : 

Who is this King of splendor? 

People : 

The Power beyond all armies, 
He is the King of splendor. 

[Psalm 24:7-10 

Psalm ^6 

Or the metrical version on p. 116. 

God is our fortress and guard. 

In oppression our sure supporter. 
We will not be afraid of earthquake. 

Though the mountain slides into the sea. 
Though the great wave rolls white. 

Though hills are cracked by its crying. 
A Power above armies is with us. 

Our castle the Helper of Jacob. 

A stream makes happy his city. 

The sacred home of the Highest; 
He stays in her, she cannot stumble; 

He defends her in the first dawning. 
When nations fall into violence 

By his mouth their dominions are melted. 
A Power above armies is with us, 

Our castle the Helper of Jacob. 

Come and see his astounding acts: 

He stops war to the ends of the world; 
The bow is smashed, the steel blunted; 

The armored cars melt in his flames. 
Be still and see, he is your God, 

Controlling all peoples and countries. 
A Power beyond armies is with us, 

Our castle the Helper of Jacob. 


straight man: Since we like to think of this our 
sanctuary as a House of Prayer for all people, be- 
sides welcoming our courageous defenders to this 
service, we are happy also to greet your little 
delegation. It gives me great pleasure to intro- 
duce our three Directors of Refugee Work. 

The Sanctuary of Peace 187 

Dollar-Sign Star lights up over the altar as Three 
Kings enter singing We three Kings of affluence 
are, etc. 

First King: We have seen the Dollar of his Star 
in the east and are come to worship him; all na- 
tions come to this light, they bring gold to the 
brightness of his rising. And what we bring to 
the baby Jesus we bring to all mankind: mold-cast 
Infant Jesus of Pragues, convertible six percent 
debentures, crocheted kneelers, wall-to-wall car- 
peting, quickfrozen crepes suzette, taperecorded 
lifesize Barbie dolls, prepaid moon vacations, 
plasticized diocesan administrators. Give us (in 
the words of Lady Liberty) your tired, your poor. 
Under the plexiglass firmament of America, has 
anyone yet asked for bread and been given a stone? 
They need only command their stones to be made 

Minister : Man shall not live by bread alone, but 
by every word proceeding out of the mouth of God. 

Second King: We have heard the threat of Herod 
the atheist and are come to protect the newly 
born, in the name of the Lord of Hosts, And the 
shield of defense, the sweet frankincense of se- 
curity we hold over the baby Jesus we hold over 
all mankind: a nuclear umbrella, tariff quotas, 
black capitalism, law and order, work-welfare pro- 
grams, anti-riot legislation, counterinsurgency , 
aid to underdeveloped countries, chaplains, 
search-and-hold missions, rehabilitation programs, 
and computerized baptismal social security regis- 
tration. Has the Lord of Hosts ever yet failed to 
help and defend those who trust in him? Only give 
up your ethnic peculiarities, put your whole con- 
fidence in us your well-wishers; throw yourself 
down from the pinnacle of this temple into our 
melting pot. He will give his angels charge of 
you, to keep you in all your ways; they will bear 
you in their hands, lest at any time you dash your 
foot against a stone. 

Minister : Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. 

Third King: We have seen the obscureness of his 
birth, and are come to of fer. him publicity. And 
the permanence of message, the embalming as by 
myrrh, that we offer to the baby Jesus we offer to 
the world: multi-media exposure, missionary out- 
reach, prime time. Life and Time y a plug-in to our 
ecumenical ghetto and refugee strategy program. 

188 Guerrilla Liturgies 

To the poor and oppressed we say: all the king- 
doms of the world can be shown your plight in a 
moment of time, for they have been given to Media, 
and Media gives them to whom it will; all these it 
will give you, if you fall down and worship Media. 

Minister : Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, 
and him only shalt thou serve . 

Benedictus II 

Reader: See, this child is set for the falling 
and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that 
will be spoken against. [Luke 2:34] 

And you, child, are called a prophet of the 
Highest ; 
You precede the Great One to prepare his 
To give knowledge of liberation to his people 
Through the cancelling of their 
complicity ; 
By the gentle pity of our God, 

In which the Dawn from on high will spread 
over us , 
Shining to all that sit in the shadow of 
To direct our feet into the way of peace. 

[Luke 1:76-79] 

The Consecration 

Minister : God has made a covenant of peace with 
us; it shall be a covenant of all ages; he will 
bless us and set his sanctuary in the middle of us 
forever. For only see: the tabernacle of God is 
with men; he will live with them, and they will be 
his people. He will wipe away every tear from 
their eyes, and death shall be no more, nor will 
there be mourning and pain again, for old things 
have passed away. 

[Ezekiel 37:26-27; Revelation 21:3-4] 

Then the bearers of stakes and oords form them- 
selves into a square^ and install the refugees 
in their midst. 

Let the circuit here marked out enclose an area 
forever free from oppression and violence. Let no 
weapon be brought into it; nor any uniform be worn 
in it, except the linen of those who have made it 
white in the blood of the Lamb. Let every person 
who takes refuge in this sanctuary, whether sinner 
or saint, be welcomed for the sake of the Liber- 
ator whom he bears. And for that purpose, let 

The Sanctuary of Peace 189 

this community dedicate itself to preserve our 
sanctuary inviolate; let their bodies become the 
sanctuary of God's spirit, a home of nonviolence 
and peace. 

The Kiss of Peace 

Minister and People: 

Peace on earth to men of God's pleasing: Peace on 
earth to men of his pleasing. 

Shalom, the peace of God be with all men: Peace 
on earth to men of his pleasing. And so on. 

Peace in the hatreds of the Holy Land, Salaam^ the 
peace of God: 

Peace in India, land of Mahatma, Shantih, the 
peace of God: 

Peace to Russia, our sister, Mir ^ the peace of 

Peace to oppressed Prague, Miru^ the peace of God: 

Peace for the poor of Latin America, la PaZj the 
peace of God: 

Peace in Viet Nam, land of Buddha, Hoa Binh^ the 
peace of God: 

Peace to the whole creation, Eirene, the peace of 
God: Peace on earth to men of his pleasing. 

Peace in all lands to all men, the peace of God: 
Peace on earth to men of his pleasing. 

There is no peace without freedom: There is no 
peace without freedom. 

We shall overcome: We shall overcome. 

Venceremos : Venceremos. 

Jesus has overcome: Jesus has overcome. 

Shalom, my brothers and sisters, the peace of our 
Liberator be with you all, Shalom. 

Here if there is still opportunity the familiar 
nativity story from Luke can be read, while (for 
example ) the figures in the creche are replaced 
with Vietnamese figures . Or there can be read the 


Now when the cry of the trumpet sounds, it assem- 
bles soldiers and announces war. Shall then the 
Liberator, who has sung a melody of peace to the 

190 Guerrilla Liturgies 

ends of the earth, not assemble his own soldiers 
of peace? For he has drawn together, Humanity, 
by his blood and word, an army that sheds no 
blood, and entrusted to them the zone of his lib- 
eration. He has sounded the trumpet of his mes- 
sage, and we have heard it. So let us arm our- 
selves for peace, putting on the breastplate of 
justice, taking up the shield of trustfulness, 
placing on our head the helmet of liberation; and 
let us sharpen the sword of the Spirit, which is 
the word of God. So peaceably does the Apostle 
array us for battle: these are our invulnerable 
arms, in their panoply we may stand in the lines 
to resist the Evil One. 

[Clement of Alexandria] 

s. e^Mi^d^Md 

A form for consecrating a park 

Suitable also at Easter, 
Rogation time , Thanksgiving . 

I . At the Staging Area 

Repeated by the Crowd after the leader. 

Plant the world park. 

Let the earth live. 

Give grass a chance. 

Liberate the park of your choice. 

Support your local garden. 

Dig up all asphalt. 

Break all carburetors. 

Pulverize plastic. 

Smash insecticides. 

Destroy vinyl flowers. 

Stamp out astroturf. 

Pass out the pill. 

Make chalnsaws illegal. 

Chop down telephone poles. 

Eliminate defoliants. 

Exterminate fallout. 

Neutralize napalm. 

Segregate all arsenals. 

Zap sonic boom. 

Chain self to redwoods. 

Bust poison factories. 

Butterflies are people. 

Protect pelicans' rights. 

Support all carnivores. 

Trees are gods. 

Fair play for deer. 

Squirrels have feelings. 

Decent housing for hermit crabs . 

Safeguard hummingbird culture . 

Power to the plankton. 

Reparations for robins. 

Equal protection for shellfish. 

Green is beautiful. 

Recycle all garbage. 
Live invisible. 
Make love not war. 
Weave the great web. 

192 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Replace wheels by feet . 
Smash consumer culture. 
Shut down machines. 
On strike shut it down. 
Planet on strike. 
Planet on strike. 
Planet on strike. 
Plant the world park. 

Leader : 

1 saw the earth, and it was waste and void; 

And the sky, and it had no light. 
I saw the mountains, and they shook back and 
And all the hills were quaking. 
1 saw, and behold, there was no man; 

And every bird of the air had gone. 
1 saw, and behold, the garden was a desert; 
And all its cities were ruined. 

[Jeremiah 4:23-26 

Hail and fire mixed with blood fell on the 
And a third of the earth and the trees 
were burned. 
And all the green grass was burned. 
A burning mountain of fire was thrown into 
the sea; 
And a third of the sea was turned into 
blood , 
And a third of the sea creatures died. 
And a great star named Wormwood fell on the 
rivers and springs ; 
And a third of the waters became bitter. 
And many men died from drinking them. 
And a third part of the sun was dimmed, 
A third part of the moon and stars. 
And a third of the day lost its 

shining. [Revelation 8:7-12^ 

The Law of Life 

Leader : 

Hear the great law of life from the prophet 
William Blake. 
A robin redbreast in a cage 

Puts all Heaven in a rage. 
A dog starved at his master's gate 
Predicts the ruin of the State. 
Each outcry of the hunted hare 

A fibre from the brain does tear. 
A skylark wounded in the wing, 
A cherubim does cease to sing. 

Earth Rebirth 193 

He who shall hurt the little wren 

Shall never be beloved by men. 
He who the ox to wrath has moved 

Shall never be by woman loved. 
Kill not the moth nor butterfly, 

For the Last Judgement draweth nigh. 
He who mocks the infant's faith 

Shall be mocked in age and death. 
He who shall teach the child to doubt 

The rotting grave shall ne'er get out. 
The beggar's rags, fluttering in air. 

Does to rags the heavens tear. 
The poor man's farthing is worth more 

Than all the gold on Afric's shore. 
One mite wrung from the labourer's hands 

Shall buy and sell the miser's lands. 
The soldier, armed with sword and gun. 

Palsied strikes the summer sun. 
The strongest poison ever known 

Came from Caesar's laurel crown. 
Nought can deform the human race 

Like to the armor's iron brace. 
The whore and gambler, by the State 

Licensed, build that nation's fate. 
The harlot's cry from street to street 

Shall weave old England's winding- 
sheet . 


straight man: Hear ye, hear ye, the district 
court of the Great Chain of Being is now in ses- 
sion, the Honorable the Great Spirit presiding. 
All stand please. The defendants at the bar have 
heard the appropriate sections from the statute 
book of life. How do they plead? 

The Crowd repeats line by line after the leader: 

Your Honor, we enter a plea of Guilty 

In the court of the Great Spirit 

To first-degree murder of redwoods. 

To grand larceny of grasslands. 

To statutory rape of minor woodlands. 

To unnatural acts of urban living. 

To wilful arson of forests. 

To unwarranted seizure of ricecrops. 

To mutilation of the human form divine. 

To misappropriation of natural resources. 

To wilful violation of the Pure Pood and 

Drug Act, 
To genocide against herbivores. 
To drunken driving across continents. 

194 Guerrilla Liturgies 

To improper combustion of fossil fuels. 

To lewd and lascivious waterproofing of the 

To unlawful possession of insecticides. 
To writing blank checks on the future. 
To unauthorized handling of fissionable 

materials , 
To illegal dumping of detergents. 
To illegal manufacture of garbage. 
To trespassing on private property of 

animals , 
To trespassing on the private property of 

the Great Spirit, 
To rape and murder of the air. 
To rape and murder of the water. 
To rape and murder of the earth. 
To rape and murder of flora. 
To rape and murder of fauna. 
To rape and murder of black men. 
To rape and murder of red men. 
To rape and murder of yellow men, 
To repeated public acts of self-abuse; 
We enter a plea of Guilty 
To constant adult delinquency; 
We accept the penalty prescribed 
By the inflexible laws of nature. 
And we ask the Power of Being 
To change our mind for the future. 

Leader: Air, blow the smog of false desires out 
of our lungs and replace it with the west wind of 
the Spirit. Amen. 

Ocean and all waters, wash the synthetics out of 
our blood and replace them with our own true chem- 
istry. Amen. 

Earth of decay and rebirth, break down the chlori- 
nated hydro-carbons in our flesh and let us live 
together with all other flesh. Amen. 

Fire of the sun, blunt the needles of radiation in 
all our biosphere and replace them with the desire 
of life. Amen. 

Brothers and sisters, let us take up the loads of 
our common task. As we shake off from our feet 
the dust of the City of Destruction, let us turn 
our eyes to the New Jerusalem, and consecrate that 
Temple whose pillars have come alive as the forest 
cathedral. Let us be on our way, off the road, to 
the City whose street is a river of living waters, 
where the tree of life is blooming, and its leaves 
are for the healing of the nations. 

Earth Rebirth 195 


How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange 

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a world of 

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a house of 

How shall we sing the Lord's song with a gun in 

our hands? 
How shall we sing the Lord's song on burned-over 

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a land of 

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange 


Leader: All the days of the earth, seedtime and 
harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and 
night shall not cease . 

II, Litany in Procession 

At streetoorners J when held up by copSy eto.^ it 
would be good to rehearse the original Slogans 

Restore our earth household: Restore our 
earth househol d . 

All powers of being, restore our earth house- 
hold: Restore our earth 
househol d . 

Sea of Air, blowing out the smog of our 
self -poisoning: 

Snow and rain, washing down the poisons of 
our combustion: 

Salts of the sea, decomposing the life- 
killing chemicals: 

Fire and light, breaking down the products 
of our industry: 

Crabgrass and dandelion, cracking the water- 
proofed surface: 

Worms and woodlice, reconverting all foreign 
materials : 

Rust and decay, restoring all metals to 
earthloam : 

Plankton of the deep, feeding the great 
whales : 

196 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Streams and rivers, purifying the land's 
body : 

Termites and rot, levelling old settlements: 

Squirrels and all rodents, distributing 
acorns : 

Deer and buffalo In cooperation with grass- 
lands : 

Bear and hawk and all carnivores, completing 
the cycle: 

Insurgent Red Men, restoring the land to its 
Spirit : 

Insurgent Black Men, putting a new song in 
our mouth: 

Insurgent Brown Men, taking over the vine- 
yards : 

Insurgent Yellow Men, resisting patented 
poisons : 

Children who take to the streets with picket 
signs : 

Hippies who fly kites at helicopters: 

Biologists who sit down in front of 
bulldozers : 

Women who stop being breeding-machines : 

Students that plant flowers in the face of 
teargas : 

Mothers pushing strollers past the line of 
gasmasks : 

Spirit of James Rector, martyr in Berkeley, 
marching beside us: 

Spirit of John Muir, keeper of the garden, 
marching beside us: 

Spirit of Johnny Appleseed, planter of Eden, 
marching beside us: 

Yin and Yang, male and female principles of 
creation : 

Buddha the compassionate, surviving the cycle 
of dying: 

Adam and Eve, first parents in the paradise 
of Eden: 

Earth Rebirth 197 

Angels and guardian spirits, watching over 
this planet : 

Seeds of life In the sun. In the space be- 
tween stars: 

Our galactic mother, enfolding the planet In 
her spiral arms : 

Bllllon-year heartbeat of the cosmic 

Nameless Energy upholding the space-time 
manifold : 

Eternal principle of nonviolence, letting 
each do Its own thing: 

Jesus our loving brother, nonviolence In our 
own flesh: 

All the world's rejects, bums and hoboes, 
wlnos and freaks : 

Hippies and street people, blacks and 

Chlcanos, women and children: 

Victims of genocide, Blafrans and Vietnamese, 
named and nameless: 

Refugees In the blackened ruins of the 

doomed city: Restore our earth 
househol d . 

All who build a new world on the vacant 

lots of the old: Restore our 
earth household. 

III. At THE Park 

Leader : 

The wilderness and arid land shall be glad. 

The desert is smiling and blossoming. 
It flowers all over with the crocus; 

It rejoices with happiness and song. 
The crown of Lebanon will grow in It, 

The trees of Carmel and Sharon. 
Springs are bursting through in the 
wilderness , 
And rivers in the desert. 
The burning sand becomes lakes. 

And the thirsty ground pools of water. 

{Isaiah 35:1-2, 6-7] 


First straight man: Young people, I am very happy 
to address you future consumers on the occasion of 

198 Guerrilla Liturgies 

this ecological conference. The teaching of the 
Judeo-Christian tradition has been that we should 
not let nature go on in her old wasteful way, but 
by our own skills improve on her. And what has 
been the greatest source of improvement in world 
history but the inventive genius and capital of 
our own nation? As a simple businessman, who in a 
small way has shared in guiding this country's 
destiny, I should like to make one addition to 
your slogans: What's good for the military-indus- 
trial complex is good for you. 

Seaond straight man: I am sure you agree with me, 
that the great enemy does not only live in some 
overseas capital; it is also right here, in the 
heart of each unproductive individual who has been 
tricked by an international conspiracy. Never 
forget that such meetings as this are only pos- 
sible by the nuclear shield over our skies forged 
by our own native talents. Technology is neither 
good nor bad in itself; its dangers can be con- 
trolled by better technology. And only that tech- 
nology stands between us and the creeping cancer 
from abroad. I am a refugee from that system, I 
know whereof I speak. Your own leader has said, 
"Be watchful, for you know not what hour of the 
night the thief is coming." Only by constant 
testing can we trust our defenses; physical dis- 
comfort is a small price to pay for that guarantee 
of our freedom. I also should like to give you a 
slogan: Thank God for fallout. 

Third straight man: You have heard the parable of 
the foolish virgins who had no oil for their 
lamps, and so missed the coming of the bridegroom. 
Shall this happen to us? The New Age is on our 
threshhold; shall we turn it away in our folly? 
The earth was made for man: as Paul says, "Does 
God care for oxen? Is he concerned for seagulls?" 
Our great commuter cities rely on oil; the oil- 
depletion allowance permits our most public- 
spirited citizens to go on serving us; by oil the 
Liberator is recognized. I would like to add one 
more slogan: Oil brings in the Kingdom. 

Fourth straight man: In view of the reception you 
have given the other speakers on this platform, I 
have no recourse but to inform you that you are 
trespassing on private property. By order of the 
governor of this State, in five minutes you will 
all be arrested. This vacant lot has been sur- 
rounded. If anybody resists arrest, a chemical 

Earth Rebirth 199 

agent will be sprayed on this area by helicopter. 
Please obey the orders of the officers with blue 
armbands. While you are lining up, let me remind 
you that your chief executive must look to the in- 
terest of all citizens, not just small pressure 
groups. When the sentiments of a few birdwatchers 
conflict with the expressed will of an expanding 
population, which should give way? On your scenic 
bus trip to the county rehabilitation center, re- 
member this: When you've seen one redwood you've 
seen them all. 

All four straight men together : 

What's good for the military-industrial 

complex is good for you. 
Thank God for fallout. 
Oil brings in the Kingdom. 
When you've seen one redwood you've seen 

them all. 

Leader: You fools, when you see a cloud rising in 
the West, you say. The rain is coming; and so it 
happens. When you see the south wind blowing, you 
say, it will come on hot; and so it happens. 
Pools and hypocrites: you that can discern the 
signs of earth and heaven, can you not discern the 
signs of the times? [Luke 12:54-56] 

He then arrests the four straight men, and the 
Crowd makes a circuit of the park, repeating the 
Slogans . 

The Covenant 

Leader: Brothers and sisters, hear the words of 
the Covenant of Peace which the Power of Being has 
made with all life on this planet, in the words of 
the poet and prophet Ezekiel: 

Assistant : I will seal with them a covenant of 
peace, and I will remove all violent life from 
their land; they will live safely in the great 
wilderness and sleep in the forests. And I shall 
make all places round about my mountain a bless- 
ing. I shall bring down the rain in its season; 
there will be showers of blessing. All the wild 
trees will bear fruit; the land will give its in- 
crease, and all people will be secure in their own 
land. They will know that I am the Master of his- 
tory when I break the bars of their yoke, and lib- 
erate them from all their exploiters . No longer 
will they be a prey to foreign nations, nor will 
Violent life destroy them; they will live se- 
curely, and nobody will terrify them. 

[Ezekiel 34:25-28] 

200 Guerrilla Liturgies 

Leader: I call sky and earth to witness, that the 
Power of Being has set before us this day good and 
evil, blessing and curse, life and death. Which 
will you choose? 

Crowd: We choose life, that we and our children 
may live. 


You that turn justice to wormwood. 

Seek for the Power of Being and live. 

He who made the Pleiades and Orion 
And pours waters out on the earth. 

[Amos 5:6-8] 

Psalm 65:9-13 

You visit the earth and water it. 

You make it blessed in abundance; 
Your river is full of water. 

And thus you ensure their grain. 
You water its furrows deeply. 

You soften it and bless its growth. 
You crown the year with your goodness. 

Your wagon tracks flow with oil. 
The upland pastures are moist. 

The hills dress themselves with happiness; 
The meadows are clothed with sheep. 

The valleys are wearing corn. 
Together they laugh and sing. 


Here are buried in the earth old Christmas trees^ 
cartons 3 eggshells ^ coffeegrounds^ comic books ^ 
Sunday supplements, etc. Genuine organic matter 
is shredded for a mulch pile while the leader 
says : 

We proclaim liberty to the land and its inhabit- 
ants. As we all travail together in the covenant 
of peace, on this ground consecrated to the life 
of the earth, we remove all wastes, blotting out 
the years that the locust has eaten. We bury all 
organic life, all that can be decomposed; we re- 
move and recycle all metal, everything useful; we 
break up and dispose whatever is neither organic 
nor useful. 

From earth you were taken. 

And to earth you will return; 
Her life comes to dying. 

And in her the dead is reborn. 

Earth Rebirth 201 

The seed we sow is not quickened 

Unless first it passes through death. 

In this ground all shall be well 

And all manner of thing shall be well. 

Then new living things are planted during the fol- 
lowing Homily. 

We see the cycle only in part, and we prophesy in 
part; we are children picking up pebbles on the 
shore while the great waves roll unnoticed. But 
what we do see we testify: when we stand on our 
own earth, we lose our fear of alienation, of our 
neighbor, of death, of doing wrong, of ourselves. 
As our City is decontaminated, the plagues of civ- 
ilization recede: the thistles find their proper 
niche, the slum rat becomes a healthy field ro- 
dent, synthetic bread gives way to bread, chemical 
ecstasy is replaced by ecstasy of play. The land- 
slide makes way for new forest; from the cracks of 
the earthquake the sycamore sprouts; in the fresh 
lava the fireweed is blooming; the rise and fall 
of the seas, the melting and freezing of icecaps 
are seen as recirculation of the planet's blood. 
We move naturally to death as a shock of wheat, 
old and full of days, when we know that our grand- 
children will continue our work on the land we 
were loaned, eating apples and olives from the 
trees we planted. We hail as our brother Smokey 
the Bear, "Wrathful but Calm, Austere but Comic," 
set in the skies and untouched by any bath in 
Ocean, "bearing in his right paw the Shovel that 
digs to the truth beneath appearances, cuts the 
roots of useless attachments, and flings damp sand 
on the fires of greed and war"; disappearing in 
winter and rising in spring to eat earth's sweet- 
est product, the honey of life perpetual. In his 
name we declare this land freed in eternity from 
all usurpation, and henceforth CONSECRATED TO THE 
WORLD PARK, the exclusive property of children, 
animals, trees, blackberries, and the Great 
Spirit . 

Risen Bear, type of the Liberator, our Brother 
who eats the honeycomb; take in your paw the hands 
of all foresters, gardeners, biologists, and farm- 
ers; accept them as your assistants to tend the 
paradise of this emerald planet, in the splendor 
of the Great Spirit. Amen; so may it be. 

202 Guerrilla Liturgies 


May the long time sun shine upon you. 
All love surround you. 

And the pure light within you guide 
you all the way on. 

The Song of Francis 

All-High, All-Strong, good Master 
Yours is all praise, all splendor. 
Each honor and each blessing. 
You alone, All-High, deserve them. 
No man can hope to name you. 

Be praised by all your creatures; 
And first by Sun our Brother 
In whom you make our daytime. 
He is fair with great brightness; 
You, Highest, are his meaning. 

Be praised by Moon our Sister, 

By Stars you made as jewels. 

Be praised by Wind our Brother, 

By Cloud and every Weather, 

Through which you feed your creatures. 

Be praised by Sister Water, 
Chaste, precious, and most useful. 
Be praised by Brother Fire, 
In whom our night is brightened. 
Handsome and strong and jocund. 

Be praised by Earth our Mother, 
Who upholds and maintains us. 
Bears fruits with colored flowers. 
Be praised by all who pardon. 
And suffer in harassment. 

Blessed are all who witness. 
In peace their lives conducting. 
For you. Most High, will crown them. 
Be praised by Death our Sister, 
None living will escape her. 

Woe to all that die in violence; 
But blessed, all in your pleasing. 
No second death will touch them. 
Praise the Maker, all his creatures. 
And build the world he shows you. 

twU)^ U ^'kUXcA, Icct^^o/M' 

Many of the new translations ov paraphrases in The 
Covenant of Peace are suitable for use as lessons 
or oantioles outside the contexts of the services 
in which they occur. The following index is a 
guide to the longer or more important of these texts 
Page numbers are printed in italics . 

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T^ C?<^V^4^^^4^ td P^^^cc 

As the bleeding witnesses to peace and liberation multiply, 
we feel an overwhelming urgency once again, for our time, to 
put together texts that will point a wandering Church back to- 
ward its pole star. We can't help it if the message we're com- 
mitted to is the two-edged sword of the God who is a consuming 
fire. We are in conscience bound to warn users that they are play- 
ing with fire; but also that in the end we will all, whether by 
decisive act or by repeated indecision, fall into the hands of the 
living God. 

—from the Preface. 

The Covenant of Peace "retains the dignity of liturgy, the 
music of the word, the arching phrase; it also touches earth 
reassuringly, from time to time, becomes specific, tastes dirt, 
senses anger, like the Psalms themselves. 

"It catches the rhythm of today's music, the songs of the 
marches, for justice and peace. It lifts up the glory of these times 
without sentimentality. It reminds us of the horror of these times 
without hopelessness. 

"It is good liturgy, sound theologically, prepared by a scholar 
who has been on the streets. It points the way to the liturgical 

—Paul Moore, jr.. 
Bishop Coadjuter of New York 

Hc^ie^^yUiZ'EMteyW Co.